Favorite Comic book movie

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  • One of my favorite movie of all time, with Batman and Joker facing off with wonderful performance all around. With an amazing performance by Heath Ledger, and great lines cinematography and themes. Bale nail his role helping the contrast between chaos and order, and the tragedy of being an icon. Just a brilliant movie.

  • I love this movie more then the comic. It took everything I like about the comic, minus the stuff I wasn't fond of like the alien plot, the silly costume, and the annoying sub plot with the comic which was god damn annoying. Also Rosarch was perfect, the actor not only nailed his roled, but made the final scene that much powerful as he brought a damage psychopath, and the tragedy with it that much impact. The amount of commentary from the perversion of superhero, to the cold war, justice, prejudice my gosh is this an amazing movie.Also the visual is outstanding in this movie and love the added scene in the beginning and the action scene were nice. That being said Silk Specter was hit or miss, granted she was not that great in the comic, but she was more flesh out in it, as opposed to the movie due to having to cut things. Also the actor was not the best to be honest, she was okay and had some good moment, but some bad one also. Granted again the source material did her no favor. Also the movie does have the flaw of being a bit long which make it a bit boring at times. Other then that an excellent movie.

  • A comic movie that brought the comic to live with outstanding action scene, long story telling, great characters with each of them having enough screen time. Just an excellent movie, that is hard to think how they pull that off. That being said the villain was forgettable, and not a huge fan of the ending even though the battle between Tony and Cap was emotional and the revenge arc with Black Panther was done brilliantly, I sort of hate that all came from it was the secret avenger, and felt like a typical marvel movie. Otherwise an excellent movie.

  • One of DC best animated movie in my opinion with top notch animation, capturing the horror that happened to Robin with a compelling drama and nice action. It test Batman moral, and is a bitter movie in the end. Is what DC animated film strive to be and is the gold standard.

  • Fun space movie, with fun characters, yet able to feel for them in their sorrow despite how ridiculous the characters are. It has so much fun with the space and comic aspect with great action, and sound track. Granted Ronan was forgettable, but it was a thrilling movie till the end.