Favorite anime Movie

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  • Visually amazing, great score and focus on my favorite character with a great twist and character development. Love they mysterious atmosphere along with the visual that makes it genuinely creepy at times. The action was great, and love how it embraced the magical girl side unlike the anime, and remind me of Watchmen versus the movie, where the comic seem to be totally negative on Superheroes, while the movie embraced it a bit more. It was an amazing experience overall, and love that I was able to see all the changes to Homura character and her being parallel to Madoka with them switching place so she can protect her. Aside from the fact that after the twist it feels like a trailer for the next movie, this was basically a perfect movie that just got drag out a bit in the end.

    Love how Homura was a normal girl, then turn to a badass magical girl with Madoka being the normal girl instead, to becoming a god in Homura place. Also Homura all the way, get your happy ending. Seriously great development and epic twist.

  • FMA has always been great, but the last movie it was involved with was rather split. This movie however, is fantastic. The story is fantastic with twist and turn, with great surrealism to the situation. The place feels real, and you can see the clear parallel between the injustice and the real world. While Ed and Alphonse are great as usual, they feel like spectator, just watching this people trying to fight for their freedom no matter what. The action is great, along with a nice, but different animation from the anime. Is definetely a movie worth to watch for fan of the anime.

  • Magical is best way to describe this movie. With it's whimsical and creative visual that filled the movie and capture the fun and majestic world. The story does a great job showing the struggle of the girl, but show with great kindness and determination, that one can overcome their obstacle. With memorable sound track to go with the breath taking animation and possible the best studio ghibli movie, this has definetely earn all it's praise and awards.

  • Often in Miyazaki movie they never seem to be able to focus on the plot with various of subplot. This movie probably does the best to stay focus and is matured on how it look on war and show both side. Is a great commentary on deforestation and manage to have amazing animation and matured theme. Is a movie that also have a satisfying strong ending which again most miyazaki movie have problem doing. Just a fantastic movie.

  • It was this or Grave of the Firefly, this had better music LOL.