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Not as bad as the cynics say... 0

Sure, John Byrne's internet personality had emerged, making him a very disliked person by many, but that kind of thing should never effect one's enjoyment of the work.  Hulk Chapter One is a 1999 modern retelling of the Hulk's origin, and it works great up until the time that that Igor is revealed to really have been a Skull. That was just an unneeded addition that served no purpose other than change for the sake of change. (something Byrne should be above doing)  The part of the origin with the...

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A Great Conclusion To One Of The Best Spidey Stories Ever! 0

Part/Round two begins with the hunt in full force, as Firelord races through the city looking for Spider-Man.  It's a great tension filled hunt, and when they collide, the tension goes even higher.  You can feel the desperation in Spidey as he tries everything he can to beat the much more powerful foe. The fight and the eventual knockout is one of the most memorable comic fights in history.  It was great incorperating the Avengers in the story, and Avengers #258 also showed the Spidey/Firelord t...

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Not a Bad 2 Parter At All! 0

David Michelinie's first Spidey story for Web of Spider-Man was really solid, and this second part gave a glimpse of the writer who would soon guide Spider-Man through nearly 100 issues.  This issue starts off very much like the first part of the story, but this time, Ludlow Grimes is the one shown being affected by the meteor, which had split in two.  Ludlow is a simpleton, mad with rage and confusion, as he is determined to kill Fred Hopkins in a jealous fit because he was admired for his powe...

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The Greatest Superhero Story Ever Told! 0

Revenge of the Living Monolith should be required reading for anybody who reads and writes comic books. It's Good Comics 101.  It has everything present that is required for an exciting comic book superhero adventure. Great heroes?You bet!  This story features prominent roles by Captain America, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the Invisible Woman. It also features a small, but significant, role for Thor. Great villian?Again, most definitely.  It was billed as a "creatur...

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David Michelinie's Start As Spider-Man's Writer! 0

Web of Spider-Man #8 was Michelinie's first foray into the world of being a regular Spider-Man writer, even though he didn't officially start writing the series until #14. It is a very simple story, and has plenty of nods to Superman along the way. It's a very entertaining small town story, featuring Peter Parker as a visiting city slicker.Michelinie, for my money, wrote the best non Stan Lee version of Spider-Man.  He just gets the character and the way a Spidey comic should be paced, and the t...

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Another Stellar Issue!!! 0

With 3 issues of such high entertainment value in the books, Byrne was well on his way to establishing Hulk mythos that looked and read far better than anything that had come before, and issue 316 was probably the best of the 3, as it features one of the best Hulk slugfests ever, with Iron Man, Namor, Hercules, and Wonder Man, all trying to take the mindless behemoth down.  Doc Samson's new duds and ponytail were interesting enough, though I definitely prefer classic Doc Samson.  She-Hulk has a ...

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A Second Issue That's As Strong As The First! 0

After the boring Crossroads storyline, Byrne's back the basic approach scored big with it's first issue, and the second offering was every bit as good as it could have been. No let down. The Hulk has been captured by Samson, and he successfully seperates Banner from the Hulk.  Byrne uses SHIELD, Samson, and the mindless Hulk to great effect, creating an interesting setting and style that completely works as a defining Hulk style.John Byrne inks his own work this time, and I found his Hulk inks t...

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The Best Hulk Ever? 1

It could have been, if Byrne's run on the series wasn't cut short.  This issue was everything the Hulk is supposed to be and more, and it couldn't come at a better time than hot on the heels of the Crossroads storyline, which dealt with different aspects of the Hulk.  Superstar writer/artist John Byrne had been writing and drawing the enormously popular Alpha Flight for a few years and wanted a change, so he arranged a creative team switch with the team on the Hulk, Bill Mantlo, Mike Mignola, an...

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An Instant Classic! 0

Captain America had always been a great character, but the character had suffered from inconsistant  direction, art, and overall quality for a long time.  Along comes Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting to relaunch the character, and the hit on a perfect note that one can only hope will be the blueprint for all future Cap writers. This issue has it all! From it's opening scenes in Russia with General Lukin and the Red Skull 5 years earlier, to the final shocking scene in the Red Skull's New York City p...

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