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Ahmet Abdol, scorned as a child for his belief that he is a direct descendant of the ancient pharoahs grows up and makes a startling discovery. Through his research he determines that the ancient pharoahs were mutants! Branded as a heretic and chased through the streets of Cairo, Abdol's wife Filene is killed in a fiery car crash. This accident coupled with Abdol's anger at the loss of his wife causes his mutant powers to manifest themselves. Abdol learns that he IS a direct descendant of the Pharoahs and that a religious sect has been waiting for years for a sign that the pharoahs have returned. Abdol's powers are the sign they were waiting for and he leaves with his new followers to begin a quest for world domination.

Sometime later, a mysterious woman shows up outside the Fantastic Four headquarters, pursued by Abdol's Egyptian goon squad. She is saved by the Human Torch, and he takes her to Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, but she betrays the FF, as she is actually working for her father, Abdol, and they capture Reed, Sue, and Johnny and channel their powers into the energy needed to give Abdol the power of the Living Monolith.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk (a member of the FF at the time) contacts Captain America and tells him what happened , and the two, in turn, contact Spider-Man, as they set out to save the Fantastic Four, and stop the Living Monolith from destroying the city.


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The Greatest Superhero Story Ever Told! 0

Revenge of the Living Monolith should be required reading for anybody who reads and writes comic books. It's Good Comics 101.  It has everything present that is required for an exciting comic book superhero adventure. Great heroes?You bet!  This story features prominent roles by Captain America, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the Invisible Woman. It also features a small, but significant, role for Thor. Great villian?Again, most definitely.  It was billed as a "creatur...

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