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A Second Issue That's As Strong As The First!

After the boring Crossroads storyline, Byrne's back the basic approach scored big with it's first issue, and the second offering was every bit as good as it could have been. No let down. The Hulk has been captured by Samson, and he successfully seperates Banner from the Hulk.  Byrne uses SHIELD, Samson, and the mindless Hulk to great effect, creating an interesting setting and style that completely works as a defining Hulk style.

John Byrne inks his own work this time, and I found his Hulk inks to be his best and most detailed work ever. Keith Williams is credited with an inking assist, but I never knew what he did, exactly.  I assumed that he inked the backgrounds and anywhere indicated for heavy black.

This was another tremendous issue of a Hulk version that could have been more defining than what Peter David did if it was allowed to continue.

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