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Characters I've never Debated with........but want/need to!!!!

For all of you that love Battle Forums, debates, CaV's, tourney's ETC............this list is for us!!!!

Just thinking of all the characters that I LOVE, yet have never used them in a debate! Here's some off the top of my head, and sometimes the reason why I want to use them......

Anybody have any comments on characters they want to use? Maybe you'll want to do a CaV with me based off of some of the people I want to use!


Challengers most welcome!!!

List items

  • i have never used Adam. One of my fave Marvel Cosmics (along with Surfer, Nova, Quasar, Black Bolt, Mar-vell, Super Skrull, etc...)

  • using a bad guy is fun, especially when they're packin power like Magus.....

  • UPDATE> using him now.

  • As a team. Bee wanting to do this for awhile, just like my next pick.......

  • right Kidman and Bosche?

  • been dyin for this one........somebody please, PLEASE tell me that they think they can beat me using Erik. bring it.

  • highly underrated. Just not a ton of showings for material. Kinda like Graviton (lack of material) but what he has is substantial.

  • yup, that's right....Shiro. Don't know why......

  • i love me some cosmic marvel. Have never showcased BB though.....yet. any takers?

  • in general. and Hyperion (all incarnations)

  • UPDATE> using her now

  • just for fun. but fear it will be a lackluster thread........

  • quite possibly one of my top 5 faves of all time. Have started to use him in some matches just never finished. Would love to use him in a mid-tier brick match.

  • had an opportunity once against Wyldsong using Phil, got cut short. I really wanna let loose and represent the badassness of Solar, Man of the Atom