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    Character » Captain Britain appears in 1936 issues.

    Chosen by Merlyn, Brian Braddock became Captain Britain: protector of Great Britain and the Omniverse. He is a founding member and leader of Excalibur, twin brother of the X-Man Psylocke, an agent of MI:13, and is currently Captain Avalon.

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    Born and raised in the quaint English town of Maldon in Essex, Brian Braddock lived a quiet life with his family. He has two siblings, elder brother Jamie Braddock and twin sister Betsy Braddock. After his parents' death in what appeared to be a lab accident (but was later revealed to be their murder by the sentient computer Sir James Braddock had built), Brian left his family home to study at the Thames University in London. During a term break Brian worked at Darkmoor Nuclear Research Facility. Whist working at Darkmoor the facility is attacked by a villain know as the Reaver, intent on kidnapping the scientists to sell to various dictatorships. Brian escaped and tried to reach help on his motorcycle but the Reaver, who wanted the authorities to believe the scientists had died in a reactor accident, ran Brian off the road. He crashed down the side of a cliff, and was fatally wounded, but woke to find himself faced by the image of the magician Merlyn and his daughter, Roma (then calling herself the Lady of the Northern Skies).

    This mystical pair offer him the chance to save his life. As the Reaver and his men closed in to finish Brian off, the two mages gave Brian a choice between the ' Amulet of Right' and the ' Sword of Might'. Deciding he wasn't much of a fighter, he selected the amulet and was transformed into Captain Britain, easily defeating the Reaver's men. The Reaver grabbed the sword and was likewise transformed, but despite this Brian still managed to defeat him and rescue Darkmoor's scientist. From then on, whenever Brian wanted or needed to be Captain Britain, all he had to do was touch the Amulet of Right.


    Captain Britain was created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe.

    Character Evolution

    Whilst still new to being Captain Britain, Brian juggled his university course (studying physics) with some crime fighting on the side. After becoming more established due to stopping a string of bank robberies he was named "Britain's first Super Hero". This unsurprisingly brought him to the attention of his first powered adversary named Hurricane, who had, unknown to Hurricane, been empowered by Merlyn's foes, the Nethergods. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to stop the Hurricane Brian managed to capture him.

    Major Story Arcs


    The police, especially the anti-superhero Dai Thomas, didn't like Brian's work as Captain Britain and hated the idea of heroes working in Britain at all. Not long after he become Captain Britain, Brian discovered that his parents were not killed in the manner he previously believed, but by their sentient computer Mastermind. Captain Britain later worked with many other heroes and organizations such as Captain America, SHIELD and the British equivalent, STRIKE, Brian also battled Captain America's nemesis the Red Skull. Brian had many encounters with STRIKE, an agency his sister would later become associated with. STRIKE, however, was later infiltrated by the criminal Vixen's organisation, leading to its eventual shut down.

    Once, whilst being treated by STRIKE for serious injuries, Brian was transported to another realm by Merlyn. In this realm, Merlyn transformed Brian's staff into the Star Sceptre which greatly increased his powers. This new staff kept Brian's original energy blast and force shield related powers but also allowed him to fly. Brian later studied abroad at Empire State University, where he roomed with Peter Parker; though Peter swiftly realised that his British roommate was also the British hero who had turned up in Manhattan, Brian remained none the wiser about Peter's alternate super identity.


    On his way back from America, Captain Britain was mentally attacked by the Nethergods, causing him to jump out a plane and disappear for some time. He was eventually found living as a hermit in Cornwall by the Black Knight, who had been sent to look for him by Merlyn, but Brian was amnesiac. Merlyn instructed him to find and defeat Necromon, whose armies were threatening to invade Otherworld, with only Camelot standing in their way. Shortly after, though, Captain Britain was killed by the White Rider, but Merlyn restored him back to life including his formerly lost memories. Brian worked with Black Knight, elves including Moondog and Jackdaw, a resurrected King Arthur and Otherworld heroes such as Vortigen to successfully defend Otherworld.

    Captain Britain's powers were once again increased when Merlyn merged the powers of the Star Sceptre and the amulet of right into a new uniform. This new uniform gave Brian a permanent full-body force shield as well as the ability to sustain unaided flight. Captain Britain was transported to a parallel Earth, Earth-238, where he fought to save the world from the reality warping powers of Mad Jim Jaspers who had succeeded in killing all the superheroes in that dimension. Brian failed in this task to defeat Jaspers and was killed by the Fury, a highly advanced superhero-killing machine made by Jaspers. Merlyn secured Brian's remains and rebuilt his body, then resurrected him back on his native Earth-616 to fight his own Earth's Mad Jim Jaspers. Merlyn's plan all along was to prepare Brian for the fight that lay ahead in his own dimension and Earth. This preparation included witnessing the annihilation of the 238 Universe in order to hopefully stop Jaspers' reality warp from spreading across the Multiverse. At this time Brian also discovered that he was one of the many Captain Britains created by Merlyn to protect the Multiverse and later met members of the pan-dimensional Captain Britain Corps.

    After winning an election based almost entirely on a anti-superhero campaign Jaspers became Prime Minister and began to warp London. Captain Britain and his associates fought against Jaspers reign but were losing. Unknown to Brian however the Fury of 238, having sensed Brian's resurrection, adapted itself to travel across dimensions in order to seek him out. On arrival, the Fury attacked and killed the Mad Jim Jaspers of that Earth. The Fury was weakened from this battle and was later destroyed by Captain UK - the Captain Britain of Earth-238, the world the Fury came from. After this battle, Brian continued his adventures as Captain Britain until he met his future lover Meggan, a shapeshifter. The two continued to fight evil for awhile but eventually Brian decided to hang up his costume and try to retire for a while and live in peace with Meggan.

    Betsy Braddock as Captain Britain

    Captain Britain: Betsy Braddock
    Captain Britain: Betsy Braddock

    R.C.X. - the new organization that had replaced STRIKE - asked Brian's twin sister Betsy Braddock to take up his role as Captain Britain. Betsy was given her own Captain Britain suit that enhanced her strength and gave her the ability to fly. This suit together with her mutant psychic powers and training made Betsy a good superhero. She lasted as Captain Britain for quite awhile and fought a lot of Brian's former foes, including Vixen and Slaymaster. Slaymaster, however proved to be one step too far for Betsy and she was mercilessly beaten and blinded by him. Betsy only survived because she telepathically called out to Brian who managed to rescue her.

    Brian then reclaimed the role of Captain Britain and his sister spent time abroad recuperating before joining the X-Men. Brian continued his hero work separate from the government feeling they they couldn't be trusted, due mainly to what happened to Betsy. Brian later discovers that Betsy died whilst fighting with the X-Men causing him to become depressed and briefly turn to drink. (Betsy later return to join the X-Men as Psylocke.)



    Meggan contacted the X-Men in an effort to help Brian away from this self destructive path. A connection is formed between Captain Britain's and the X-Men. In the aftermath of the "death" of the original X-Men team, groups of mutants formed new teams to carry on their legacy. Brian, as Captain Britain, along with Meggan, Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Marvel Girl), Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) and Lockheed formed Excalibur based in Great Britain under Brian's leadership. It was later revealed that Merlyn manipulated events in Brian's life to lead to the forming of Excalibur. This plan was to aid an attempt to merge the Omniverse and to take control of the power created by the event.


    Excalibur stopped the scheme and saved all the realities before restoring them to their rightful places in the Omniverse. Brian afterward left the team and asked Meggan to marry him, which she immediately said yes to. Brian later rejoined Excalibur to help Rachel Summers save the future. While attempting to return to their correct time, Brian became lost in the time stream; Brian was left trapped in the time period which Rachel Summers comes from. Upon returning to his proper time he rejoined Excalibur, but his powers and attitude were altered. At this time, Brian changed his superhero alias to Britannic; using his new alias, Brian took on a number of darker and altogether more sinister missions before defeating the Phalanx. After defeating the Phalanx, it was revealed that they were the cause of Brian's weird behaviour; upon their defeat, he returned to normal. He then once again took a time out from Excalibur in order to concentrate on more academic tasks.

    In Brian's time away from being a super hero, Brian infiltrated the London branch of the Hellfire Club of which his father had been a member. Taking up the position of Black Rook, Brian was able to discover their scheme to seize control of the United Kingdom, Brian informed Excalibur and joined them once again as Captain Britain in preventing their plans. Brian wasn't back with the team long before he was drained of his powers fighting the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn. Powerless, Brian again left the team and his mantle as Captain Britain only returning to marry Meggan. After the wedding Excalibur disbands and Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Lockheed return to the X-Men whilst Brian and Meggan stay in England.


    Captain Britain: King of Otherworld
    Captain Britain: King of Otherworld

    Brian as no longer a hero decided to take up a real job and begins working in the Darkmoor research facility where he had been working as previously before he became Captain Britain. Whilst conducting research on the equipment of the Black Knight, the facility was attacked by a group warriors fighting in the name of Roma. With the help of Psylocke, Meggan and Black Knight, Brian was able to fight off the attackers and follow them to Otherworld. When in the Otherworld they discover that Roma is attempting to find the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right to recreate the cosmos. It is also revealed that Roma has destroyed the entire Captain Britain Corps bar two survivors, Captain UK and Crusader X in order to minimize resistance. These two remaining corps members join Brian and his friends to help fight against Roma (actually Mastermind, having secretly deposed and captured Roma, then assumed her identity). Whilst searching for the sword Brian finds a cave in which a computer system has been left by his father, James Braddock. Brian activates this device and a holographic projection of his father appears to explains that Brian is the rightful heir to the thrown of Otherworld, and the has innate right to wield the fabled sword Excalibur. Brian uses the sword and his new powers to defeat Mastermind.

    After defeating what they where led to believe was Roma it is revealed that it was in fact a trick orchestrated by Mastermind. Having disguised itself as Roma in order to try and obtain the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might and use their powers to become ruler of the Omniverse. Mastermind was, however, defeated and the real Roma offered Brian the position of Guardian of the Omniverse and King of Otherworld which he accepted with Meggan as his Queen. During Brian's time as king of the Omniverse the evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay attempts to kill Braddock on several occasions, believing that his death would mean the destruction of Great Britain. Captain Britain later appeared to Kelsey Leigh after her death at the hands of the Wrecking Crew whilst protecting her children. Showing great courage, like Brian had all those years ago, he offered her the same choice he had before he first became Captain Britain. Unlike Brian however, Kelsey chose the sword, and became the heroine Lionheart. Brian having now shared his powers with another severed his ties with the universe of 616 and thus foiled Morgan Le Fay's plans.

    The New Excalibur

    New Excalibur
    New Excalibur

    Due to the reality shifting events of the House of M disaster, Brian returned to his earth in order to quash the threat that could possibly destroy all the dimensions in the Omniverse. After dealing with this disaster, Brian is unable to travel back to Otherworld and can no longer sense the Omniverse. Believing his wife Meggan had died during to the event Brian once again retakes the mantle of Captain Britain and forms a new Excalibur team. The New Excalibur team consists of old members, such as Kitty Pryde and Lockheed as well as new members Pete Wisdom, Juggernaut, Dazzler, Nocturne and Sage this was the main team that managed to clean up Britain in the aftermath of the House of M disaster.

    This new version of Excalibur protected the country from a collection of villains who had somehow arrived on their earth due to the merging of the Omniverse. These villains include Professor Xavier from a dimension where had been taken control of by the Shadow King and had trained his students into a highly powerful evil mutant team. The Shadow King was confronted and defeated by Psylocke whilst Brian fought the rest of his Excalibur team who had fallen under the Shadow King's influence. Psylocke once again appeared to die during this confrontation, and Brian was traumatized at having lost his sister once more. Excalibur also faced Albion, an alternate Captain Britain who had chosen the Sword of Might instead when offered the choice by Merlyn and Roma in his dimension. Albion had formed his own Captain Britain style Corps with all members having chosen the Sword over the Amulet. Using this team, Albion lead them through the omniverse invading other universes, killing Captain Britains as they went.

    Albion then came to Earth 616 to find and kill Braddock because he was the leader of the Captain Britain Corps and the true Guardian of the Multiverse. Albion invaded England and drew Brian into a final battle. New Excalibur teamed with the other-dimensional X-Men who were now free of the Shadow King's control to defeat Albion and his army. In the final confrontation Brian was able to distract Albion whilst Jean Gray used her telepathy to find a way of defeating the army and halting the invasion. With this information the team of Excalibur and X-Men where able to defeat Albion and his forces. Excalibur's next adventure was one that reunited Brian with Betsy again. Psylocke had not really died but had been working secretly alongside the Exiles. Betsy came to see Brian and told him what she had been up to and informed him they were attacked by Rouge-Mort and a group of associates. Rouge-Mort later stabbed Captain Britain fatally wounding him. Excalibur and Psylocke fought back, but were forced to retreat and escape to Roma's Star Citadel where Sage managed to stabilize Brian's condition. During this time in the Citadel, Mad Jim Jaspers from Earth-616 had made a deal with Merlyn and the two attacked the Captain Britain Corps in an attempt to kill Roma. New Excalibur, along with the Exiles and the Corps fight back whilst Brian is healing.

    Brian is later revived just in time to defeat Jaspers and his new Furies, but Merlyn flees with a fragment of the Fury embedded inside him after managing to kill Roma. Brian is then replaced as leader of the Captain Britain Corps by Albion who had reformed by helping Brian in the final battle against Jaspers. Brian is then advised to watch over Earth since it is considered to be too dangerous to be left without a full-time supervisor.

    Death and Rebirth

    Captain Britain: Reborn
    Captain Britain: Reborn

    During the Secret Invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, Britain was targeted due to its great magical resources. Captain Britain joined a government-run team of superheroes known as MI:13 commanded by Pete Wisdom. MI:13, including John and Spitfire, fought against the Skrulls attacking Britain and protected the Siege Perilous, the source of the magic and a gateway to Otherworld. During this battle defending the gate, the team makes contact with Tink, the fairy liaison between Otherworld and Earth. However, the battle results with Captain Britain being destroyed along with the Siege Perilous.

    Pete Wisdom manages to free Merlyn from his prison within Otherworld and banish the Skrulls. Merlyn resurrects Brian as Captain Britain once more and again enhances his powers. Brian is no longer powered by a magical item or even his suit, Captain Britain's powers now draw directly from his willpower and the spirit of Britain itself. Brian, with these new powers and armed with Excalibur, is able to defeat the new magically enhanced Super Skrull leading the invasion forces and forces the Skrulls to withdraw. Captain Britain discards Excalibur after his battle with the magically powered Super Skrull before it is taken up by it's new wielder, Faiza Hussain, who joins Captain Britain on MI:13.

    Captain Britain and MI:13


    Defeating the Skrull forces came at a large cost however, since Merlyn had been released along with all the magical and paranormal evils that had been imprisoned with in Otherworld.Brian joined MI:13 to help protect Great Britain from these new threats. In his most recent adventure fighting against Plokta, a duke of hell released along with Merlyn, Brian found that Meggan may still be alive somewhere between dimensions. Plokta shows Brian an image of Meggan in his dream corridor. Brian rushes in to save her, but finds the images to be an illusion created by Plokta. After Brian escapes from Plokta's dream corridor and Plokta is defeated by himself and MI:13 they are confronted with their largest threat yet. A vampire invasion of Britain lead by Dracula himself. During Dracula's first assault on the heroes of Britain it is revealed the Captain Britain is able to "see" magic as part of his new powers.

    Brian played an integral part in the defeat of Dracula's army, most notably Lilith and during the heroes' final assault against the vampires, Meggan is able to return from hell to join Brian in their defeat. Meggan and Brian return to their life together as husband and wife as Meggan joins MI:13 and fights for Britain by Brian's side. Some time after the defeat of Dracula, Brian was called to protect the uncovered lair of the deceased Slaymaster as the assassin Jasper Bateman tries to steal his advanced weaponry and technology and become the new Slaymaster. In a bizarre team up Deadpool and Captain Britain accidentally swap cultural identities before the pair defeat the assassin.

    Captain Britain an Avenger

    In the wake of the Siege event in America, a diplomatic conference is called by the resurrected former Captain America , Steve Rogers where Captain Britain and MI:13 are recognized for their hero-government relationship. In a surprise request by Steve Rogers, Brian is asked to join the Avengers of America which Brian accepts whilst staying committed to MI:13 as well. How often Brian will fight along side the other Avengers is yet to be seen, but he is an official member of the newly reformed team.

    Trial of Fantomex

    For further information: Uncanny X-Force

    Captain Britain arrives with his corp at Cavern X to take Fantomex and Psylocke back to Otherworld. Psylocke's power boost from Jean Grey during the Dark Angel Saga reconnected her and Brian's psychic link. This informed Brian of Betsy's work in X-Force. As Brian expresses his disapproval of her actions he shows her the current raging battle in Otherworld against the demonic goat hoards of Horoam'ce. Brian tells Betsy she needs to be here with her family and return to her mantle as Lady Britain. He also tells her that Fantomex will be put on trial and executed for the murder of the child Apocalypse. Betsy frees Fantomex as they flee the palace. Captain Britain is told of the possible loss of his beloved Meggan as his corps continues to fall against the goat army. Horoam'ce uses the Orb of Necromancy to reanimate members of the Captain Britain Corps to fight against Brian.

    Uncanny X-Force's Nightcrawler arrives at the palace with Meggan as they fight alongside Brian, Jamie and the Corps. Psylocke connects with Brian's mind and tells him that the demon Horoam'ce is possessing Jamie in the future and in order to stop him from taking the Tower of the Omniverse, Brian must kill Jamie. Brian pleads that he cannot bring himself to do it as Betsy takes control of his body and snaps Jamie's neck. Once they reunite Brian tells Betsy there could have been another way.

    Excalibur again

    Brian (now as Captain Avalon) recently rejoined Excalibur, led by his sister Besty (currently Captain Britain).

    Powers and Abilities

    Captain Britain's powers have changed over time from his first encounter with Merlyn to his present-day abilities. Originally his powers were derived from power items such as the Amulet of Right but have evolved and changed to become the innate magic based abilities that he has today.

    When Brian touched the Amulet of Right he was instantly transformed into Captain Britain. This gave him super strength, stamina and agility as well as manifested his staff that possessed the ability to create a force shield and project powerful energy blasts.

    The Star Sceptre was created by Merlyn from the original staff. Retaining it's other abilities it also increased Captain Britain's strength and granted him the ability to fly for 15 minute periods. The Sceptre would also elongate so that it could be used as a staff weapon.

    In later iterations of the character, Captain Britain's costume served to draw and retaini the magical energies that fuel his superhuman abilities. He possesses the ability fly at a consistent speed of 770mph (MACH 1), and his strength was enhanced to a level allowing him to lift/carry around 90 tons. He is also given high degree of invulnerability/durability, allowing him to fall from great heights to get hit with bazooka missiles. As well, he gets heightened agility, senses, and reflexes.

    When Merlyn resurrected Captain Britain during the Skrull invasion, he remade him with new powers. Captain Britain is now created from Magic and his power comes from the friction between dimensions. His strength, speed, stamina and reflexes are still enhanced to superhuman levels but he does not possess any power items. The new Captain Britain is still near invulnerable and able fly unaided. His power levels now depend on his confidence and willpower and his full power is as yet unknown. He also has a very powerful unconscious mind making him near immune to mind control abilities. How powerful Captain Britain now is is still unknown but it is said that he is at least as powerful as he was before his resurrection.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6' 4"
    • Weight: 250 lbs (122 kg)
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blonde

    Alternate Earths

    Captain Britain has various alternate reality counterparts, of which many have already been shown (either in depth, or as cameos). Many of them are members of Captain Britain Corps.


    No Caption Provided

    In the Ultimate universe Captain Britain is a member of the European Defense Initiative. His powers are derived from a special exosuit rather than any magical source. He later succumbs to cancer and is succeeded by his brother Jamie.


    In the Earth X reality Brian is King Britain, and married to Medusa of the Inhumans.


    In the reality known as Age of Apocalypse Brian Braddock never becomes Captain Britain. He is a member of the Human High Council. Besides Braddock Industries is responsible of manufacturing the sentinels, the ultimate resource of human resistance against Apocalypse forces. Donald Pierce reveals that Apocalypse manages to implant an organic implant in Braddock´s brain that forces him to betray the human council providing vital information to Apocalypse. At the end Braddock as an act of redemption tries to kill Pierce shooting him but Pierce stabs him with his technorganic claw, Emma Frost accompanied him in his dying breaths.

    What If...? Age of Apocalypse

    In an alternate scenario of the Age of Apocalypse arc where Legion killed both Professor X and Magneto, Captain Britain is part of that world's primary superhero team the Defenders. After learning the truth of their reality from Dr. Strange's sacrifice, the Defenders swore not to change the past but to defeat Apocalypse in the present.

    In this reality, Captain Britain wears an early version of the Iron Man armor, custom-painted with his trademark Union Jack stripes.


    On Earth-794 Byron Bra-Dhok is Kaptain Briton. See: Kaptain Briton.


    In this reality Brian Braddock is known as Hauptmann Englande. He is a Nazi and the leader of the Lightning Force. He also fought the Earth-616 counterpart of himself. See: Hauptmann Englande.


    Home reality of a Captain Britain who chose both The Sword of Might and The Amulet of Right.

    Earth 2149

    In this reality Captain Britain like most heroes have been zombified he was killed by the cosmic zombies.

    Unknown Earths

    There have been some appearances from alternate Earths where the reality has been undisclosed. These include:


    Albion, a counterpart of Brian Braddock from an unnamed reality that chose The Sword of Might instead of The Amulet of Right. He is determined to kill every member of the Captain Britain corps.

    Crusader X

    Another counterpart from an as of yet unnamed reality is Crusader X who died when a bomb exploded while he was trying to save the magic realm.

    In Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    No Caption Provided

    Captain Britain was seen in the episode "The Starjammers," (The Phoenix Saga Part 4, Episode 32).

    The Superhero Squad Show

    No Caption Provided

    Captain Britain appears in the episode "O Captain, My Captain!" He's a part of the All Captains Squad and helps fight Plantman. He was voiced by Charlie Adler.

    X-Men: The Anime

    No Caption Provided

    Captain Britain makes a cameo in the final episode.

    Video Games

    Avengers Academy
    Avengers Academy
    • Marvel Avengers Alliance - Captain Britain is a playable character in the Facebook game, and can be bought for 90 Command Point. Captain Britain's powers include Flying, The Lion of Avalon, Heir to the Otherworld, and Roar of Valor. His attacks are Right is Might, Save the Queen, Smashing, and Britanic.
    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Captain Britain appeared as a playable character, voiced by J.B. Blanc.
    • Lego Marvel's Avengers - Captain Britain is a playable character, voiced by Travis Willingham.

    • Marvel Avengers Academy - Captain Britain appears as a playable character in the game.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Captain Britain was featured in ToyBiz's Modern Age line as a Previews exclusive.
    • Captain Britain was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part of the Giant-Man Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Diamond Select released a Captain Britain bust.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Captain Marvel statue.
    • Captain Britain was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Captain Britain was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Captain Britain was featured in a K-Mart exclusive Hasbro box set that also included Captain America and Red Guardian.
    • Captain Britain was featured in Eaglemoss Publications' Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
    • A Captain Britain figure was included in the line for Captain America: The First Avenger, though he does not appear in the actual film.
    • Hasbro released a Captain Britain figure as part of the Marvel Legends Abomination Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A classic Captain Britain was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Excalibur box set.

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