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    Apparently the son of a JSA hero called Regal, who married the current Judomaster. Both he and his father were apparently written out of history.

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    The Prince was written off as a schizophrenic who suffers from delusions of being a superhero as well as a member of the All-Stars. The real All Stars head toward Thomas High Security Metahuman Psychiatric Hospital where they discover the remain of the Prince's cell. Power Girl's super vision allows her to see the decaying tachyon particles that still resonate from the Prince's cell. The Prince arrives at the All Stars' ranch headquarters in upstate New York to confront Judomaster about recent developments. The Prince professes his love for Judomaster but she thinks the Prince is just raving like a lunatic. The Prince explains himself by going back to the beginning by starting off with his family heritage.

    Dr. Muriel Hass is the Prince's mother and she seduced Martin Jefferson, the Prince's father who at one time was the near-omnipotent being known as Regal. Before Hitler invaded Poland, Regal got his powers during a hiking trip where he was struck by a burst of tachyon energy from the future. The energy probably came from Per Degaton when he first came into conflict with the JSA. Regal raised the Prince away from Dr. Hass and the Prince would later marry Judomaster. Regal eventually died during the Final Crisis when he went up against Darkseid. However, Dr. Hass has altered the past in order to erase Regal from existence yet the Prince still exists.

    The cause of this anomaly might be due to the unstable branes' decay or condensation brought on by a zero-point energy manipulator. Dr. Hass has contracted a zero-point energy manipulator from a splinter group of HIVE. The manipulator causes photons to interact with one another to reach total convergence thereby altering the point in time when Regal was transformed by a quantum process. The Prince heads toward Dr. Hass' secluded island to undo his mother's interference.

    Power Girl pins the Prince on the rooftop of Hass' lab. Doctor Hass introduces herself to the JSA All Stars and explains the true origin of the Prince. The Prince of New Earth is completely different from the Prince of an alternate reality. The Prince is Dr. Hass' son but on New Earth, the Prince never knew his actual father and Dr. Hass' work in quantum mechanics distracted her from her son's mental instability. When the Prince turned nineteen, his schizophrenic behavior became more apparent to Dr. Hass so she had him committed. However, Dr. Hass began to hypothesize that the Prince's delusions might be his metagenetic powers out of control.

    The Prince's powers have caught him in some kind of quantum discrepancy. The Prince's powers act on a subatomic level in which he can see the outcome of quantum events from alternate realities. This would explain the Prince's current crisis of reality because he believes after seeing an cataclysmic event from an alternate reality, that his father Regal has been erased from existence and Judomaster was killed. Dr. Hass presents the possibility of a bifurcation where on New Earth, Martin Jefferson led an ordinary life after meeting Dr. Hass but in an alternate reality, Regal was born because Dr. Hass' zero-point energy manipulator sent the quantum pulse into Regal's reality to create Regal thereby creating an alternate reality by herself. This revelation caused the Prince's schizophrenic behavior to go out of control so in retaliation, the Prince uses his laser eye beams to incinerate Dr. Hass' head thus killing her.


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