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Supermen of the Omniverse.

Because everyone wants their own Superman, here is my own Superman Doppelgangers/homages/parodies/evil twins/copycats/heirs/desecendants/legacy list!! Basically fit into the Superman Archetype from DC and other universes.

To be in this list, the character requieres to have at least some of these characteristics. Not necessarily exclusionary:

  • Preferably, an alien origin. (If close to the original, better. Twists will be acceptable).
  • The standart super powers set (F.I.S.S.) plus vision powers.
  • Preferably powers not from suits or magic rings.
  • Similar clothes set (cape, briefs, boots)
  • Big chest symbol
  • Secret identity.
  • Big contexture.
  • Being inspirational (Being the first or the better of his world).

List items