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He started drawing comics seriously from the young age of 15, after he saw a copy of “The Uncanny X-Men #272” featuring Jim Lee's artwork. From that point on he had his heart set on drawing comics for a living. In 2005 while attending the San Diego Comic Con, Freddie submitted a portfolio for the DC Talent Search. A few months later he received a call be a fill in artist for Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2, 3 and 4, as well as a fill in artist for Aquaman #39, from there he was selected to be the monthly artist for Robin starting with issue #149.

Freddie has also done fill in issues and other work for several other DC, Image, Palladium and Independent Comic companies books including "52" #31 – Robin origin, Blue Beetle #15, Firestorm #31, Outsiders #45 & #46, Invincible #32, Noble Causes #12 - 18 & 25, Chance of a Lifetime, Wargod, Project Eon, Lonebow, and Shocking Gun Tales. For a full list of Freddie's work, please check out his website checklist page. Over the years Freddie worked in various art jobs honing his PC skills and learning to work via Photoshop and Illustrator. He had worked traditionally for years with blue line pro art board, non-repro blue pencils and inking pens and figured after what he knew maybe he would combine his love of comics with new technology. He now works completely digitally, only commission pieces and maybe a few pages of his choice from monthly issues are done traditionally. Freddie is currently the artist of the D.C .Comics series, "The Flash".

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