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The Global Guardians Rebirth

The Global Guardians are a World Wide Team who fights crime . They are also a Training ground and Proving ground for the Heroes of the World . Just starting out in Crime Fighting and need a Helping or Guiding hand The Global Guardians are here.

Are you getting to elderly to be a super hero but still want to fight the good fight . Then join The Global Guardians you can be a Teacher our team can benefit from your years as a Super Hero . Did you get hurt while out on patrol and now your base city is without a hero. Then join The Global Guardians be a Member with our help you and your city will stay safe.

Together We Can

The Global Guardians are here with a vast and dazzling line up of Heroes ready to go . We also have Cadet Heroes just waiting to be trained for the super hero role .With our State of the Art Dome Headquarters, Knowable Teachers , Accomplished Members, Honorable Cadets and Expert Staff .

The Global Guardians and You Can !

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