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    Mumin is both a race (Moomin in English) and a character (Moomintroll) from Finn authors Tove Jansson's and Lars Janssons stories.

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    Moomintroll is the main character of the Mumin/Moomin series and lives in Moominvalley with Moominmamma and Moominpappa, along with other young creatures who are brought into the family. He is a friend of young Sniff, the Snork and his sister the Snork Maiden, the nomadic and mysterious Snuffkin, and many other creatures. Moomintroll is young, both adventurous and easily frightened, and has a crush on the Snork Maiden.

    The Mumin/Moomin are a race of plump and big-nosed creatures who like a comfortable family life. They hibernate in winter after a last meal of pine needles. 
    Moomintrolls were first created as a characters for a series of children´s novels by Tove Janson in 1945. She also illustrated these novels and later started to draw moomin comics with her brother Lars Janson. 
    Moomins have also been adapted to a number of animated series and movies. In Finland the creator of Moomins, Tove Janson and moomins themself are viewed as a national culture treasure.


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