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She was first seen, when her tail was caught by a crab. Moomintroll came to rescue, and smashed the crab (snif). After this incident, they started to get interested in each other.

Later in the evening, they kissed in the beach.

She attended a beauty contest and won the first prize, which was 5000 markkaa (Finnish money at the time). But she spent it on jewelry.

She started to live with Moomin troll after this.

Later, when Moomin troll found his parents and they went missing, Snork Maiden helped him find them. They did, and there was a happy ending.

Moomin-familys next adventure happened when they traveleed to French Riviera. There, she had her first, guite meaningless little crush, when she "fell in love" to a slick man. This crush didn`t last long. The Moomi-family spent a little more time in Riviera, and returned to Moominvalley.

After this, she has been part of hundreds of adventures, and will also be in the future.


She`s an attractive female. If not by human, then by Moomin standards.

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