Jillian Jackson

    Character » Jillian Jackson appears in 48 issues.

    Gar's Ex-Girlfriend.

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    While at school, Gar Logan was picked on for his green skin and hair,while Jillian was the only one who was nice to him with the two even beginning to date.However their romance was cut short with the death of the Doom Patrol.After the Doom Patrol's death his old enemy Arsenal return to kill Gar,although he failed his show ended up canceled.While unemployed, Gar was reunited with Jillian,where they began to date again. However her father was less then pleased due to Gar's different apparence.

    Then Arsenal came back and kidnapped Jillian. Gar found out that the Arsenal was actually his former guardian, Galtry, and he was the one to hire the original Arsenal to destroy the Doom Patrol. He was holding Jillian hostage to regain the money he had lost when Gar's guardianship was taken from him.Gar called Vernon Questor, who was in charge of Steve Dayton's finances while Mento searched for who killed the Doom Patrol. He couldn't get the money for the ransom.Galtry then put Beast Boy in an airtight room while he tried to get the money from Jillian's father. Beast boy escaped and defeated Galtry.After that, Jillian's father sent her to Britian to continue her education. He did this to keep Jillian and Gar apart. She entered a rebellion stage,where she dyed her hair pink.

    After the betrayal and death of Terra, Jillian returned,where she was able to heal some of the hurt Gar was feeling after Terra. They began to date once again.

    A conflict with the Wildebeast Society turned the Titans upside down when a new girl came along. Her name was Terra and she looked just like the original. Athough, Gar was startled by her, he felt an undeniable attraction to her. This put a strain on her and Gar's relationship. After many attempts to save their relationship, Gar and Jillian's romance dissolved.


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