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The most unusual heroes of all star in this new SHOWCASE PRESENTS volume, collecting MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80-87, DOOM PATROL #88-101 and CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #48.


The Doom Patrol

The Nightmare Maker

Three Against the Earth!

The Night Negative Man Went Berserk

The Return of General Immortus

The Furies from 4,000 Miles Below

The Brotherhood of Evil

The Terrible Secret of Negative Man

Robotman Fights Alone

The Incredible Origin of the Chief

The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Menace

The Private War of Elasti-Girl

The Enemy Within the Doom Patrol

Mento - The Man Who Split the Doom Patrol

The Sinister Secret of Dr. Tyme

Showdown on Nightmare Road

The Nightmare Fighters

The Chief "Stands" Alone

Menace of The Turnabout Heroes

The Day the World Went Mad

The War Against the Mind Slaves

The Death of the Doom Patrol

60 Sinister Seconds

The Deadly Sting of the Bug Man

The Fantastic Origin of Beast-Boy

Robotman - Wanted Dead or Alive

I, Kranus, Robot Emperor!

The Lonely Giant


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