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Current Events

During the events of Forever Evil, Negative Woman, Karma, and Scott Fischer were killed by Johnny Quick and Atomica of the Crime Syndicate while Celsius and Joshua Clay were mentioned to be missing in action. The team's demise inspired Niles Caulder to reassemble a new Doom Patrol.


An incredibly brilliant but unorthodox young scientific researcher, Niles Caulder accepted the aid of a mystery benefactor in financing his biological experiments. His curiosity led him to investigate this unknown philanthropist, only to discover himself to be a pawn of General Immortus, a criminal mastermind striving to recreate an immortality elixir that had kept him alive for centuries. To guarantee Caulder's loyalty, Immortus had a bomb inserted in the scientist's chest which only Immortus could safely remove while Caulder lived. Caulder, however, tricked the General into shooting him, then, having reprogrammed his robot assistant, he had the mechanical surgeon operate to remove the bomb after he was clinically "dead." The operation was only a partial success. Niles Caulder lived, but lost the use of his legs, becoming confined to a wheelchair. Destroying his lab and all his notes to prevent Immortus from discovering the secret he sought, Caulder seemingly vanished, and even the ancient overlord of crime could not find him.

Only after Niles Caulder's death would Immortus learn that, during his researches, the scientist had served as a Red Cross volunteer in India, where he met and later married a young woman named Arani, who became the first and only beneficiary of the Immortality serum. After going into hiding to escape Immortus, Caulder never returned to his new bride, fearing reprisals from his enemy. He surfaced only twice more before settling permanently in the brownstone combination laboratory/living quarters in Midway City that was to become the headquarters of the Doom Patrol.

First, he created a special radiation-proof fabric which was used to allow Larry Trainor, Negative Man, to walk the streets after he became permanently radioactive. Then, he became the first surgeon to transplant a human brain into a mechanical body when he saved Cliff Steele's life by transforming him into Robotman. Finally, using the codename "The Chief" to protect his real identity, he brought together Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, and Cliff Steele, and formed the team of adventurers whom the media dubbed "Doom Patrol."


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The first appearance of the team was in My Greatest Adventure #80 when the adventure anthology series was being converted to a superhero series. The team was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani. The team consisted originally of the team's leader, The Chief, who created the team in attempt to encourage superpowered beings regarded as freaks to do good with their powers. The original team consisted of actress turned height-changer, Elasti-Girl, pilot inhabited by a negative spirit, Negative Man, and race car driver whose body was so destroyed after an accident leaving a robot body his only hope for surviving, Robotman.

After 5 issues My Greatest Adventure was rebranded as the Doom Patrol. The book went on to add more members such as millionaire turned hero, Mento, who was constantly trying to catch the attention of Elasti-Girl, and the young and green shape changer, Beast Boy, who would later go onto to receive more popularity with the Teen Titans.

The book could have inspired Stan Lee with the creation of the X-Men who appeared three months later as both books featured outcast superheroes lead by their wheelchair-bound genius leader while the Doom Patrol itself may have drawn inspiration from Marvel's popular superhero team, Fantastic Four.

After declining sales the team's writer, Arnold Drake, decided to end the team's adventures with the killing of all the original members. The only members to survive were Mento and Beast Boy. Beast Boy went on to be featured the Teen Titans book eventually becoming one of their most popular and mainstay members. Mento went on to be chosen by John Constantine to be one of the many to help fight back a battle happening in hell. The demonic forces left Mento insane and lashing out to his step son, Beast Boy. Mento became a foe of the Titans until Raven cured him of his insanity.

Since the demise of the original Doom Patrol there have been many revivals the Doom Patrol and eventually all the original members came back from the dead. Robotman is the one constant in every Doom Patrol team.

Team Evolution

Throughout the publication history of the team, they have attempted to maintain the same edginess as the original team. This has meant that the membership of the team often reflects what is considered edgy in contemporary culture.

Major Story Arcs

General Immortus quickly deduced the Chief's true identity and became one of the Doom Patrol's most persistent foes, but the general public remained unaware of the background of the red-bearded genius in the wheelchair until much later in the team's career.

Although Rita Farr was initially attracted to fellow teammate Negative Man, she eventually lost her heart to a self-aggrandizing billionaire named Steve Dayton who went so far as to adopt the super-hero identity Mento in order to impress her. After their marriage, Rita continued her association with the Doom Patrol despite Dayton's open antagonism towards them. Together, Steve and Rita adopted orphan Garfield Logan, the teen-age hero called Beast Boy (who would eventually become the New Titan known as Changeling).

After a series of adventures, the four original members were trapped on their island base by Madame Rouge and her ally, Captain Zahl, and given an ultimatum: either they would allow ZahI to blow up the island and destroy them, or he would detonate another bomb which would wipe out a fishing village of fourteen inhabitants. Heroes to the end, the Doom Patrol voted to sacrifice themselves, and Zahl triggered his explosive, seemingly killing the entire quartet.

Two other regular characters in Doom Patrol, one who became a part-time member of the team and the other a non-member ally, lived on after the destruction of the original group. Beast Boy, later known as the Changeling, became a member of both Titans West and the New Teen Titans. Meanwhile, Steve Dayton continued to perfect his Mento helmet; Dayton vowed vengeance and spent much time and money in search of his wife's killers only to be captured by them. Several months after Dayton's disappearance, Gar Logan, now Changeling, asked Robotman to help him find Mento. The two old friends, plus Gar's new friends, the Teen Titans, rescued Mento from General Zahl and Madame Rouge; both villains died in the ensuing battle.

Robotman decided to forgo super-heroics and to mourn his friends, but was brought out of retirement by a new Doom Patrol organized by a woman claiming to be Caulder's widow. Steele joined their short-lived team until it disbanded, then went into service a third time when evidence was unearthed that led to the discovery of the still-living Negative Man. Eventually, Niles Caulder resurfaced as well and talked Steele into staying on as the core of the fourth incarnation of the Doom Patrol.

When Superboy-Prime pounded on the vibrational barrier that once separated the multiverse, reality fractured and splintered. From its wake, a new Doom Patrol emerged in present day, seemingly wiping out the history of the first team. In this new reality, the wheelchair-bound Chief gathered Elasti-Girl, Robotman and Negative Man - who were soon joined by new members Grunt, Nudge and Vortex.

When the Infinite Crisis struck, the members of the Doom Patrol - as well as Beast Boy - began to remember their original histories. When Beast Boy reunited with his foster mother, Rita Farr, time began to realign itself. The myriad histories of the Doom Patrol began to merge into a whole, combined history. As a result, The Doom Patrol's history was restored.

Former Titans Bumblebee and Herald joined the newest version of the Doom Patrol during the lost year after Infinite Crisis.

Steve Dayton is again using the Mento helmet and he is mentally unstable; however, he remembers his time as the Crimelord. The Chief appears to be manipulating the Doom Patrol members once again; he claims to wish to return them to normal, so "maybe one day they won't be freaks anymore." After the Doom Patrol encounters the Titans, the Chief tells them that Kid Devil should be a member of the Doom Patrol instead of the Titans, since his unique appearance and nature will always separate him from others. However, Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl and Mento all stood up to the Chief and forced him to step down as the Doom Patrol's leader.

Another twist is that while fighting the Titans and the Doom Patrol, the Brain claimed that he had been the Chief's lab assistant, his body destroyed in an explosion Caulder caused and that he was to be Robotman.

The New 52


A short lived incarnation of the Doom Patrol appeared during Forever Evil. Containing characters from Paul Kupperberg's brief run on the series; Karma, Scorch, and Negative Woman are shown and Tempest and Celsius are mentioned as members. Again, similar to the end of Kupperberg's run, these characters are all killed off (this time by Johnny Quick and Atomica of the Crime Syndicate) and, much like the opening of Grant Morrison's subsequent run, the Chief is faced with having to rebuild his team following their deaths. This happens concurrently with the reintroduction of the Metal Men and their creator Will Magnus, who built founding member Robotman's second synthetic body.

Niles eventually reassembles a new team consisting of Negative Man, Robotman, Elasti-Girl, as well Element Woman (whom the Chief convinced to be on the team instead of the Justice League which she was formerly a part of). They attempt to go after the new Power Ring who has taken control of a woman named Jessica Cruz.

DC Rebirth

With much of the DC Universe resetting back to the way it was before the Flashpoint, the Doom Patrol appeared to be lost in the shuffle. Their members were spread out across the universe missing elements of themselves. Machination would start to bring them back together because their old friend, Danny the Street, now Dannyland (and Danny the Ambulance) needs their protection. An alien empire known as Vectra has been taking advantage of Danny's new found ability to create life in order to create people for their meat manufacturing.

Other Media

Teen Titans

Doom Patrol in Teen Titans
Doom Patrol in Teen Titans

The Doom Patrol made an appearance on the Teen Titans animated series' two-part episode "Homecoming".

The members that appeared were Negative Man, Robotman, Mento, and Elasti-Girl, this Doom Patrol was captured by the Brotherhood of Evil, with only Robotman free to save his comrades. After Robotman successfully sought out former Doom Patroller Beast Boy, he and the Teen Titans teamed up to rescue the Doom Patrol. In flashbacks to Beast Boy's Doom Patrol days, it is clear that Mento and Elasti-Girl play parental roles toward the young masked hero. When Beast Boy has to make the choice to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil or save his friends in both teams, he elects to save his friends, a decision denounced by Mento and lauded by the Titans. Mento acts in the series as the team leader, as their is no Chief on the team.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The Doom Patrol team up with [[Batman]] in the episode "The Last Patrol". In this series, the team is made up of Niles Caulder, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Robotman.

A clip at the beginning of the show explain the history of the group and their popularity with the teens. After an incident with Captain Zahl at Paris, they end up breaking up. When the episode begins, the team has broken up and it's members are trying to live a normal life. Through out the episode, various Monsieur Mallah, Brain, Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man, Arsenal, and Mutant Master attack members the Doom Patrol. Niles Caulder was first. Afterward, he and Batman teamed up to reunite the Doom Patrol.

However, it was all a ploy by Captain Zahl to get the team back together. He forces Niles Caulder to tell the world that he allowed a woman to be shot when he defeated Zahl at Paris. The Doom Patrol was then placed on an island rigged with explosives and given the choice to save their selves or an fourteen innocents on a similar island. They chose to sacrifice themselves. Batman tried to stop Zahl from activating the explosives, but was too late.

Justice League: The New Frontier

The Doom Patrol makes a cameo appearance in Justice League: The New Frontier.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is the subject of a live action DC streaming service. They are a group of misfit science projects by Niles Caulder who begrudgingly accept the call to action when Caulder is kidnapped by a reality warping superhuman. After learning the truth about their origins, the team struggles to stick together, reevaluating their purpose as a group and individually.


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