Iruka Umino

    Character » Iruka Umino appears in 319 issues.

    Iruka is an instructor at the Ninja Academy and is a Chunin-rank leaf shinobi.

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    Iruka Umino is a teacher at the Ninja Academy. He has a permanent scar on his face. When he was younger his parents were killed my Mime-Tails. He doesn't hate Naruto for that because he sealed it up inside of himself afterwards. Iruka is one of the first people to stop being mean to Naruto, and can relate to Naruto needing attention. Iruka can relate to how feels growing up without your mother or father. He can also relate to being ignored and kind of hated when he was growing up. When Naruto was in the academy he was always failing and making immature jokes, which always make Iruka mad. When Naruto finally graduates the Academy, Iruka starts to underestimate him. Iruka becomes overprotective of him, but then he soon realizes that Naruto will be a great ninja, even better than himself one day.

    Iruka Umino is a mild kind of ninja. His name is supposed to mean Dolphin. He is also a kind of sensitive ninja. He was also the first to ever be beaten by Naruto's sexy jutsu, also called harem jutsu. He is a ninja teacher and a cadet to the village. He is also very skilled in shurikens and favors the giant shuriken.


    His race is human, and his sex is male. He is 22-23 years old. He was born on May, 26. In shippuden he is 25 years old. His hair is brown, his eyes are black. His height is 5'10', and he weighs 145.9 lbs. His blood type is O. His status is that of a chuunin ninja and he is a teacher at the ninja academy.


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