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Favorite Naruto Characters

My favorite ninja of the series. Descriptions will be added later

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  • Was there ever any doubt? Kakashi is by far one of the best characters in the manga/anime. His journey of damnation and redemption, zen-like personality, relationships with various characters, and badass jutsus is what makes Kakashi cool.

  • He came from being a knucklehead ninja to a skilled warrior to eventually a defender of peace. Naruto represents the ideals and dreams of many characters throughout the series. It is his learning and understanding of everything around him that gives him a great amount of personality.

  • A villain who was once a peacemaker who fell from grace. Pain is a very fascinating character. His loss of faith would eventually lead to his redemption thanks most of all to Naruto

  • Sure Tsunade (or Sakura) should be on top of this list, but honestly Hinata works for me. I believe she is the most developed female character throughout this entire series.

  • The Glorious (albeit Perverted) Toad Sage of Mount Myaboku! He's the great Sanin that helped inspire hope for the ninja world. His encounters with various characters of the series brought forth great heroes and villains. It's a shame he never lived to see his dream of peace fulfilled but amazing to know that his legacy lives on through Naruto.

  • Iruka is my favorite because he gives Naruto a reason to become the hero he is destined to be. His caring and understanding of Naruto is makes the character one of the best in my opinion.

  • Honorable mention. Springtime of Youth doesn't get any better than the illustrious Rock Lee!

  • Honorable mention. She is one of the toughest female characters with a powerful backstory. Though she doesn't do much in later parts of the series she did have some great fight scenes.

  • Honorable mention. An crazily awesome mentor to go with a crazily awesome student! The POWER of YOUTH!!!

  • Honorable mention. Sure Orochimaru should be on this list but honestly, I prefer Madara Uchiha. He one of those characters that makes being a villain so hardcore and badass.