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    Kiba is a character from the manga/anime Naruto. He is a member of team 8 along with Hinata and Shino and their teacher is Kurenai. He is always seen with his pet dog and best friend Akamaru. He is a member of the Inuzuka clan and is a Leaf Chunin.

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    Kiba during his time in the Ninja Academy.
    Kiba during his time in the Ninja Academy.

    He is one of the original 12 genin and uses Akamaru in a variety of Jutsu. One jutsu is the Man Beast Clone, in which Kiba transforms Akamaru into a beast like clone to confuse his enemy. This can then be used in a variety of jutsu (like the Fang Over Fang, where both Kiba and Akamaru spin in high speed and leap towards their opponent). Kiba and Hinata have a strong friendship.

    Kiba's sister is a veterinarian. His mom trains dogs so they can help ninja like Kiba.

    Chunin Exams

    Kiba along, with Hinata and Shino take the Chunin Exams. The first part was a test. If you were to be caught cheating you would be disqualified along with your other two teammates. Luckily that didn't matter because as long as you stayed to answer the 10th question of the test you passed. They passed along with many others.

    The next part of the Chunin Exams took part in the Forest of Death. The task of this mission was to grab another scroll out of two. One was a Heaven Scroll and one was an Earth Scroll. He barely got away from Gaara. Kiba and his team passed.

    The next part of the exams was a tournament. But first because of the large amount of people they had to go through preliminaries. When its his turn Kiba has to fight Naruto. Kiba thought this would be an easy fight, but he thought wrong. After first Kiba and Akamaru were winning by using his Garouga jutsu where a transformed Akamaru and Kiba spiral around the opponent and attack When he does this again Naruto transforms into a Kiba clone. Kiba attacks a Kiba but it turns out to be Akamaru. But when he attacks the other Kiba he actually attacked Akamaru. The first one was actually a disguised Naruto. When Kiba comes into an attack from behind Naruto stuns him by farting (well, actually he was trying to use the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu but farted due to the effort) since Kiba has enhanced senses. Naruto does the Naruto Uzumaki Barrage and wins the fight. At the end of the fight, Hinata helps Kiba, who advices her to give up if she was to fight either Gaara or Neji, showing great concern towards her.

    Later turning the tournament, he Kabuto knocked him and Akamaru out.

    Sasuke Retrieval

    When Shikamaru is assigned to get Sasuke from the Sound Four by Tsunade he recruits Kiba, due to his enhanced senses, which would give the team advantage in pursuing the Sound Four. Along with the two are Choji, Neji, and Naruto. When they fight Jirobou of the Sound Four they are trapped in a rock dome. Shikamaru tells him to use his Garouga Jutsu (Fang Over Fang). He makes plenty of hole but they all recover. He used this so he can see where the dome is recovering the slowest. He then told Neji to use his Byakugan to see the weakest point in the dome so he can see the weakest point of the dome. Choji then uses his Human Boulder Jutsu to break them free. The four leave so they can go after the three other Sound Four while Choji fights Jirobou.

    Kiba getting ready to go after Sasuke.
    Kiba getting ready to go after Sasuke.

    Shikamaru transforms into Jirobou and tries to get Sasuke who is sealed in a container from the Sound Four but fails. Kidomaur of the Four stay behind and the other two move on. Everybody tries to attack but they all get caught in his webs. After a surprise attack from Naruto Neji gets them all free and Kiba and Akamaru, Shikamaru, and Naruto leave Neji to fight the six armed Kidomaru while they go after the last two of the Sound Four.

    As night falls Shikamaru decides to attack them in the morning. If they were to attack at night they wouldn't be able to see that well. In the morning they catch up to them. When they arrive Sakon attacks them. Kiba and Shikamaru attack but quickly go down by a barrage of punche while Naruto makes the Rasengan. He attacks but his arm is caught. Kiba comes from behind doing his Tunneling Fang going through Naruto who was a shadow clone then at Sakon but he ducks dodging the attack. But he was aiming for Tayuya, the girl of the Sound Four who's with the coffin sealed Sasuke. Shikamaru does the Shadow Possession jutsu on Tayuya as Kiba grabs the coffin sealed Sasuke. He throws it to Naruto as they start to run away.

    Sakon activates his curse mark as the two sound ninja go after them. As Sakon quickly catches up Akamaru quickly set bombs. Sakon is hit but quickly recovers and traps Akamaru with string as a bomb is about to explode. Kiba goes after Akamaru. As the bomb explodes Kiba grabs Akamaru as they and Sakon fall down a canyon.

    Sakon and Ukon vs. Kiba and Akamaru

    When they recover Kiba circles around Sakon and jumps behind for an attack but is knocked down sliding into the river nearby. He sits up and tries to figure what happened as Akamaru comes to him. Kiba and Akamaru do Fang Over Fang from both sides but they are both stopped when Sakon and his twin Ukon who in his body grabs there hands. Kiba tries to kick them but his foot is stopped with a foot coming out of the body. He then punches Akamaru into a rock and comes out of his transformation. The other figures out the real one and quickly punches him into a rock. He dodges a punch but his pinned to the rock with another arm as they go in to the first cursed seal form. Sakon explains that his brother Ukon come out of any part of his body to attack or defend. He sees Akamaru running towards them and does the multiple legs barrage kicking Kiba with three legs at Akamaru. Both of them goes into their second Cursed Seal Form where they grows one horn each, their skin is red, and their hair becomes white and longer.

    Kiba attacking Sakon and Ukon while in Two-Headed Wolf form.
    Kiba attacking Sakon and Ukon while in Two-Headed Wolf form.

    Kiba knows that his chakra increased ten-fold as soon as Ukon appeared. He thinks he's done for when Akamaru wants to try a new technique. He tells Akamaru that it will use up the last of their chakra but Akamaru bites him. As Sakon and Ukon run in for an attack Akamaru runs behind them as Kiba takes a punch from them. Kiba grabs their arm and Akamaru jumps above them using a liquid for his Dynamic Marking. Kiba quickly jumps into the air and they do the Inuzuka Style: Man Beast Transformation Combo. Smoke comes and Akamaru and Kiba form a giant two headed wolf. They do the Wolf Fang Over Fang in which they spiral towards Sakon and Ukon. they miss the first time just leaving a cut but comes back drilling into them and splitting the two sound ninja twins apart. Both Sakon and Ukon grow an armored arm and leg and get up. They use Wolf Fang Over Fang again but they both hide. Even though they can't see them can use the Dynamic Air Marking to smell where they are. As Kiba and Akamaru come for the attack Sakon and Ukon summon a giant door called Rashoman. They make a huge dent in it but fall to the ground. As the two come in for an attack Akamaru sprays one with an acid spray in the eyes but is punched down by the other one. Kiba tries to figure out where the other one went and sees him attached to him with his head coming from his shoulder. He tries to punch him but the Sound ninja grabs his arm with his own hand.He tells Kiba that their chakra network is interwoven with their organs. He can manipulate the cells so he can break down into particles and seep into their body and bring out their own body within and tells him they are slowly fusing together. Kiba then stabs himself with a kunai which hurts him and the brother. Ukon screams in pain and wonders what happened, while Kiba just smiled. Kiba figured if they share the same body they feel the same pain. Kiba stabs himself again and the brother comes out of Kiba's body. He throws the kunai at Ukon but he blocks it with his armored arm and throws two smokebombs at him.

    As the smoke clears Kiba has disappeared. Ukon sees Akamaru and walks over to him thinking he was abandoned. But shortly he explodes into kunai shooting in every direction. Kiba sees that a trail of blood is leading to him but smells something and wonders why they would be here. Ukon goes into Sakon to rest as he comes upon the trail of blood. They go after him but see only his jacket. He has traveled in the river and stops at waist high water. He tries to give Akamaru food pills but he doesn't take them. He puts them on his head and keeps moving on.

    They come onto ground and Kiba grinds up some herbs and rubs them onto Akamaru. He smells "them" from earlier again and runs back into the river. As they're in the river Kiba hides with a branch. Later he gots out of the water. He knows that he can't stay in the water with the wound from earlier and starts walking. He hides behind a tree as Sakon slowly walks towards him seeing the trail of water. When Sakon looks at a tree Ukon appears. He says that he was hiding in his jacket as he takes a kunai out. As he comes in for a stab. a puppet appears in front of Kiba protecting him and Kankuro appears. Kiba smells Sakon and quickly warns Kankuro as he blocks Sakon's punch. He tries to bond with Kankuro but it was merely a puppet and pops out of the coffin. He uses another puppet "The Black Ant' which has blades in it's six arms and "hugs" Sakon. The arms let go and he falls to the ground. Ukon goes into his Second Cursed Seal Form and absorbs Sakon and reverts back. Kankuro shoots kunai's at him but they are dodges. The Black comes in and forms a coffin and traps Ukon. His Crow puppet comes above the Black Ant and disassembles. His arms, legs, and head have daggers come out and go into the coffin and screams are heard.

    Naruto Shippuden

    In Naruto Shippuden Kiba is two and a half years older. Akamaru has grown large enough for Kiba to ride on. He along with others see Naruto as he comes back from his training with Jiraiya. Naruto sees how large Akamaru has become but Kiba tells him he hasn't noticed, since they were together all the time.

    The Search for Itachi

    Kiba, with Team 8, alongside Team 7.
    Kiba, with Team 8, alongside Team 7.

    Later on the series, a team is formed to search for Itachi, since Sasuke was also prusuing him and would eventually cross paths with whoever was chasing his brother. The team is called "Eight-Man Squad" and is composed of the members of Team Kakashi (former team 7) and Team Kurenai (former team 8). However, since Kurenai is pregnant, she was replaced by Yamato. Team Kurenai was in the squad because of their tracking ability and their compatibility with team Kakashi. As the mission progresses, Kiba, Akamaru and Kakashi's Nin-dogs are able to track Sasuke himself. However, as they arrive where the smell was leading, they find only a crater (it was the place where Sasuke and Deidara fought). As Sasuke's smell couldn't be tracked anymore, Kakashi suggests that they suspend the mission and Yamato says that Sasuke either used a space-time jutsu or was killed. Kiba is then shown focusing and right after says that Sasuke indeed used a space-time jutsu. As the team is somewhat shocked that Kiba's able to continue tracking Sasuke, while Akamaru and the Nin-dogs could not, Kiba tells them that nowadays his sense of smell is better than any dog on Konoha. He then guides them to where Sasuke is.

    While searching for Sasuke, the team is intercepted by Tobi. Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru try to use a combination of jutsu on Tobi (Naruto uses the Rasengan while Kiba and his dog use Fang over Fang) but simply pass through him. After some conversation, Tobi simply vanishes. As the team wonders how Tobi could disappear and become intangible without using handseals Kiba appears above Tobi (who was hiding from the others) and uses his Piercing Fang Jutsu, screaming that Tobi couldn't hide from his nose. Tobi comments that Kiba is fast, but Kiba simply passes through him again, as Sakura tells him to not try attacking Tobi on his own.

    As they aren't able to track Sasuke anymore, the Konoha ninjas go back home.

    Pain's Attack

    The Inuzuka clan was amongst the groups that were assigned to fight Pain's six bodies that were attacking Konoha. Kiba and his clan fought the Preta Path, the body of Pain who was able to absorb chakra-based attacks. They were winning the fight, but suddenly Pain shot a blast that destroyed Konoha and left many injured and dead. Kiba was hurt, although not fatally. When Naruto comes back from his fight with Pain, Kiba is already recovered and is among the people who receive Naruto as he comes back to the village.

    Kages' Meeting

    Just after Konoha's destruction, Danzo is made the Sixth Hokage and called to a Kages' meeting. Naruto discovers that Sasuke was responsible for the death of a jinchuuriki like him, but doesn't want Sasuke to be harmed (in fact, Sasuke was considered a murderer - although the jinchuuriki was not really dead - and a member of Akatsuki). While Naruto is searching for Raikage (who is the brother of the aforementioned jinchuuriki) to ask him to forgive Sasuke, Shikamaru gathers the members of team 8, 9 and 10 (except for their leaders). Although it is not clear from the start, when Shikamaru tells Sakura that he agrees with Sai (when he says that people rely too much on Naruto), Shikamaru reveals that they (team 8, 9 and 10, except for Ino) are about to do something about Sasuke. Shikamaru invites Sai to come along.

    Sakura, Sai, Lee and Kiba go after Naruto so Sakura can speak with him. When Naruto refuses to listen what Sakura has to say, she decides to take Sasuke down herself and the others go with her, but when Kiba senses they are getting near Sasuke she knocks them all out.

    When the fight is over Kiba is seen with the other chunin asking Naruto why didn't he killed Sasuke during the fight. He states that with the amount of power Naruto has now he could defeat both Sasuke and Madara alone.


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