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In the wake of last issue's gut-wrenching ending, Logan has turned his back on humanity and retreated once again to the Canadian wilderness. Is this the end of Wolverine as we know him? Or the beginning of an all-new era for the ole' Canucklehead? Or perhaps even both.

Wolverine is coming off of the revalation that he has done some treible things, and decided to live in the woods, alone. While out there he is adopted by a pack of wolves. Then one night his pack is attacked by some hunters. Half of the wolves are drugged and taken away the other half is killed, including Wolverine. Lucky his healing factor kicks in, and after seeing what these men had done he tracks after them.

He finds them in a warehouse type building preparing a dog fight, and before they know what hits them Wolverine kills them all. He lets his pack go, but before he leaves the building he smells more humans. It turns out the men were going to video tape the wolves attack and kill some children. Wolverine rescues them and takes them to a local town, then heads back into the wilderness, where Melita surprises him.

She came out to find him and brought all his friends to tell him they missed him. Wolverine with out any show of emotion understands and goes back to being a hero.

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