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Joining the X-Men
Joining the X-Men

Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake was born in Long Island, New York. When he reached puberty his mutant powers first began manifesting, he was constantly cold and trembling, until he managed to keep it under control. Once when he was on a date, the town bully pushed him away and tried to make a move on Bobby's date, he became enraged and encased him in a block of ice. His date, instead of being grateful, was more scared of the fact that he was a mutant and ran away in fear.

The people of the town soon heard of the incident and went to Bobby's house, where they started to beat him, the sheriff stopped the mob and imprisoned Bobby. Later Cyclops broke into Bobby's cell and offered him a spot in the newly formed team of young mutants, he refused and began a fight with Scott, the mob returned, and began attacking both of the young mutants. Professor X stopped the mob using his mental abilities, and offered the spot once more to Bobby, who this time said yes. Bobby became Iceman, the second member of the newly formed X-Men.


Iceman was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and first appeared in The X-Men #1 (1963).

Major Story Arcs

The X-Men

Original snowy form
Original snowy form

As a part of the original X-Men, he was the "class clown" often making jokes; this and the fact that he was the youngest member, led for the rest to often under appreciate him. He soon developed a tight friendship with his fellow X-Men Hank McCoy and both began dating Zelda and Vera Cantor respectively; Zelda worked in Café-A-Go-Go, that was usually the place were the four spent their time, listening to Bernard The Poet. They always got in trouble with Zelda and Vera because they had to keep their identities secret to them and were always running from their dates to fight villains.

At first Bobby when turning to Iceman, he had an snow like exterior, but with the help of Cyclops he learned to increase the temperature and turn to the icy form we all know. As the original X-Men, Iceman, Beast, Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl they fought the likes of: Magneto, Vanisher, Blob, Unus, Juggernaut, The Sentinels, The Brotherhood, Locust, Grotesk, Lucifer, Mimic, The Living Monolith, Sauron and many more.

The Champions

With The Champions
With The Champions

After he left the X-Men, Professor X got him a scholarship in UCLA. One day where he was chatting with his fellow former X-Man, Warren Worthington III (Angel), some harpies attacked the school claiming that they were looking for Venus. Both soon got into action and Warren revealed to him that he decided to keep his identity secret no more. Black Widow who was applying for a job there also got involved in the fight and began protecting Venus (who was in disguise), Ghost Rider and Hercules, who happened to just be around, began fighting the enemies who were looking for Venus as well. After she revealed his identity, Pluto appeared and said that he was the one behind it all, he managed to capture Hercules and Venus, so the rest of them managed to find a way to go to Olympus and rescue them. After that Venus decided to stay and Hercules went with the others, so The Champions of LA were formed.

After several fights with the Champions, Bobby began to think it was time for him to retire and focus on his future, also he was not feeling too comfortable with the life of a super hero. He then risked his life saving Darkstar (who had also joined the Champions) from an attack of the Stranger, she didn't seem to give him the proper thanks. Bobby found himself very attracted to Darkstar but his feelings were not returned. This triggers in him a certain anger, the fact that he had always been treated like a kid, by the X-Men, the Champions, and now even Darkstar, so he decided to make himself a new costume.

After an apparent return of the Sentinels, who were under the control of The Vanisher, the team soon disbanded, mostly because of the irregularity of the characters.


The New Defenders
The New Defenders

After some time he was attending sophomore classes in college and was finishing a paper when he was contacted by Professor X to assist some people who were kidnapped and kept in Murderworld. The X-Men were busy fighting Doctor Doom, and were unavailable. He joined Havok, Polaris and Banshee. It was here that Bobby realized that he still had feelings for Lorna, but accepted that the one she will ever only care for is Alex (Havok). He then decided to visit his old friend Hank McCoy AKA the Beast who was at that time associated with the Defenders, Hank wanted to make the Defenders a more stable group and soon convinced Bobby to join the team, shortly after Angel also joined the team. Bobby was once again trapped in a one way sentimental interest, this time with his teammate Cloud who suddenly turned into a male, Bobby couldn't stand being around Cloud when she was male, although he truly cared for her. Later it was revealed that she/he was actually an space being who took the form of a couple who died in a car accident, it apologized to Bobby for all the pain it caused to him.

Unfortunately a terrible accident happened, involving Moondragon, who was possessed and apparently killed most of the members, the remaining ones, obviously disbanded since continuing after that was impossible. Other events happened in Bobby's life, like continuing his career and having an adventure in the past that helped him in his relation with his parents.



Later Warren called Bobby and Hank, to join his new team. Jean Grey, who was believed dead until then, was actually alive. Her concern for mutantkind and the current state of the X-Men was what motivated the creation of X-Factor. Cyclops was also called to lead the group, and the original X-Men were once again reunited and formed the original X-Factor.

The original idea for the group was to pose as humans hunting mutants, but in secret, they helped them. Two teams were formed (both consisting of the five of them), the super powered X-Factor (the mutants helping mutants) and the X-Terminators (the "humans" hunting mutants).

After some big fights including the likes of Apocalypse, Bobby was captured by Loki to fight against Thor. His plan was to use Iceman's powers on the Frost Giants to fight Thor, for Bobby to reach the necessary power level he needed he was submitted to a machine that maximized his abilities to the point of no control. When he returned to the side of his teammates he couldn't control his ice powers, and Leech was always used to cancel them. Bobby began using an inhibitor belt to keep his powers at a controllable level.

Using the inhibitor belt
Using the inhibitor belt

He began dating a mutant named Infectia who was actually tricking him, her ability was to induce a mutation in a living being through a kiss, but all of the subjects exploded after a while, she was intrigued as to what would happen if she used her powers in a mutant, Beast was suspicious of her, but Iceman paid no attention to him and even got angry with him, when she tried to kiss him. Hank got in the way and received the kiss for him, it was here that he recovered his furry beastly form.

Bobby met Opal Tanaka and soon began dating her, she was aware of his identity, so the relation evolved a little better than his previous ones. She was Japanese and was captured by the Yakusa clan and was forced to marry Hiro, Iceman followed her to Japan and challenged Hiro, he returned with Opal to the U.S. After the Muir Island Saga, Iceman rejoined the X-Men along with the rest of X-Factor.

Returning to the X-Men

X-Men's Gold Team
X-Men's Gold Team

Leaving X-Factor to rejoin the X-Men, Iceman believed he had gained full control over his powers as he no longer required the use of his inhibitor belt. With so many members of the X-Men, they were split into two groups, and Iceman became part of Storm's Gold Team. Iceman continued to see Opal, one day he took her to dinner with his parents, and his dad humiliated her because of her Japanese heritage. They were soon attacked by the Yakuza clan again, Hiro sacrificed himself in order to save Opal and Iceman, their relation was never the same again after this. After weeks of not seeing each other she broke up with him. When he came across Mikhail Rasputin he used his mutant abilities on him and it was at that moment when Iceman discovered that his potential was still a long way from perfection. He realized how to turn his whole body into ice, not just cover it, he could turn into new shapes and use his powers to a greater extent.

Iceman went to check on the comatose Emma Frost (who was left in that state after a Sentinel attack) when she possessed his mind. Free to move about in Iceman's body she utilized his powers in ways that Iceman had never imagined. With Emma Frost in control of his body, Iceman managed to freeze a whole river and travel through the water. Emma Frost abandoned Iceman's body after the discovery that her students, the Hellions, had been killed in the attack which left her comatose.

Discovering new ways to use his powers
Discovering new ways to use his powers

While accompanying Rogue on a road trip, he visited with his parents. His father also disapproved of him being with Rogue, because she was a mutant. Iceman had enough and left the house after telling his father that he should just accept the fact that he is a mutant and he would never fit the definition he has of normal. He was pretty upset about Emma being able to control his powers more than he ever could.

A short time after returning to the mansion, Iceman (along with Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine) was kidnapped by Post,a servant of Onslaught, who was testing them for his master. Post had shattered his chest, leaving him unable to return to his normal state. He contacted Emma Frost who had previously showed him his full potential. She telepathically made him fight his insecurities, so that he was able to refresh his body and turn back to normal.

During Graydon Creed's Presidential campaign Bobby was chosen to infiltrate and keep tabs on him. During one speech, Bobby's father stood out in a crowd and spoke in favor of the mutants, which surprised him, but made him proud at the same time. His father's connection with Bobby was discovered, so the people that worked for Graydon captured him and almost beat him up to death. Bobby took a leave of absence from the X-Men for a while to be with his dad. During Operation: Zero Tolerance, Iceman found and helped a mutant surgeon named Cecilia Reyes who was trying to keep her mutation a secret. They joined with Charlotte Jones and the Morlock Marrow. After Bastion was defeated, he took Cecilia and Marrow to the mansion, and soon left the X-Men again for a while to be with his parents.

Iceman was one of The Twelve and was captured by Deathbird who was serving as Apocalypse's horseman War at the time and taken to Egypt with other mutants so that Apocalypse could put his plans into motion. He was eventually defeated when Cyclops sacrificed himself to stop him.

In Black

Secondary mutation
Secondary mutation

Iceman was recruited by the living ship Prosh, along with other mutants, like Jean Grey, Mystique, Toad and Juggernaut, their mission was to preserve evolution and save it. It was at this time Iceman developed his powers even further, which gave him the courage to face the natural course of his powers and returned to the X-Men. Sometime later, he joined a new team of X-Men, consisting of Angel, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Chamber, he was using his powers in a whole new way now, he was able to freeze part of his body, without turning his body into ice.

After a heated battle with a recently evolved Black Tom, he received a chest wound, but after returning to normal his chest didn't fully recovered and some parts of it remained icy, he was unable to return them to normal, he became afraid of it and it made him gain a new attitude in life, even rude at some times. Nurse Annie accused him of being a racist, that he was so afraid of what was happening to him because he enjoys to be a mutant and be able to say he is a mutant, but also a one who loves to be able to pass as human any time he wants, soon this developed into a relation but it really was just a way for them to escape from the reality, that Havok and Polaris were soon to be married, Bobby still had feelings for Lorna, and Annie loved Alex. Havok decided to break the marriage and started a relation with nurse Annie, she immediately left Bobby, and him and Lorna began a relation that didn't last.


Iceman was believed to be depowered by the effects of the House of M storyline, but it was actually him repressing them, he got them back when the Leper Queen was about to shoot him and Emma Frost "unlocked" his powers from his mind, this allowed him to once again turn from his icy form to his normal form like he used to, his chest wound also vanished with this. After that, Polaris who was truly depowered left the X-Men, Havok went with her to protect her, Bobby was still fighting for her affection and tried to chase them, Cyclops convinced him to stay with the X-Men, where he was truly needed and appreciated.

Rogue's Team

Rogue's Team
Rogue's Team

Cyclops decided to have Rogue assemble a team and Iceman was picked by her to be a part of it, along with Cannonball, Mystique, and Sabretooth the team was formed. Their first mission was to take a new threat called the Children of the Vault that Sabretooth told them about, during this mission Iceman discovered that he can reassemble himself after being destroyed, he can turn from steam, to ice, to flesh, the first time he did this it took all the power out of him, and found himself unable to breath, Mystique that was the one who found him, gave him mouth-to-mouth, but it looked like she enjoyed it. Soon Cable, Lady Mastermind and Omega Sentinel also joined the team and all of them were able to put a stop to the menace of the Children of the Vault.

A man called Pandemic infected Rogue with a virus called Strain 88. Pandemic's goal was to absorb Rogue's power and add it to it's own. He obviously failed and was defeated, but still, he managed to infect Rogue. The team took Rogue to Cable's island, a new threat appeared called the Hecatomb, while they were fighting it Iceman shared a real kiss with Mystique, and a relationship soon grew, it was also implied that the two of them shared an intimate sexual moment. After Rogue was healed, they look for a shelter in Mystique's house, it was then that Mystique revealed to actually be an infiltrated spy working for Sinister, they were attacked by the Marauders, Iceman and Cannonball were trying to escape and were attacked by Sunfire, the two of them managed to defeated him and learned what was Sinister plans. He shared a last moment with Mystique, where she told him that he was going to be the only X-Men to get a warning or a choice. After that the two of them went to attack the Marauders, Sinister captured Cannonball and wanted to erase his memory, but Iceman attacked him, and the two X-Men managed to escape.

Moving To San Francisco

After he recovered from Mystique's toxins
After he recovered from Mystique's toxins

After the events of Messiah Complex and the mansion was destroyed, several X-Men went to San Francisco and got stuck in an illusion created by Martinique Jason that consisted in a world living still in the 60's, Iceman was one of these and went by the name of "Frosty", Cyclops and Emma managed to break the illusion and free the X-Men, one of the people they rescued was the mayor of SF, so they were offered a spot in the city and moved there.

When he was on his way to the new X-Men base in SF he decided to visit Opal Tanaka on the way, he was having problems controlling his powers once again, she advised him to call Beast and ask him about it. Beast said that it may be the neural inhibitor toxins that Mystique used on him months ago. Later, the both of them got on a plane and a bomb exploded in the plane, at that moment Opal revealed to really be Mystique, she shot him and threw him out of the plane. Then she followed him to the hospital and injected him with more neural inhibitor, this time enough to kill him, Bobby managed to find a way to use his powers to counter the effect of the toxins and he arose "good as new". He again confronted her, where they exchanged a passionate conversation, Mystique cried and realized she actually did care about Bobby and then threw herself off a bridge seemingly killing herself. Bobby realized what she meant with "kill or cure" and was grateful. After he was settled in SF he helped in some of the big fights, like helping repelling the Skrulls in the Secret Invasion, or fighting the Mimic of Norman Osborn's Dark X-Men.

Utopia/Nation X

Since the X-Men moved to Utopia, Iceman had the labor of providing water to the population. He attempted to use humor to keep everyone's spirits up even though he believed that the situation was helpless and that the X-Men were living in the last days of mutantkind. Bobby then helped defeat Predator X and also helped stop Selene's resurrected army's invasion of Utopia.

Second Coming

When the Nimrods attacked Utopia he received some serious burns, that passed through his ice form and forced him to turn back into his normal human state. However, shortly thereafter, Bobby re-entered his ice form and healed the burns, then assisting Psylocke to take down a Nimrod. He only had minor scarring.

Five Lights and Post Second Coming

When Cerebro picked up the new mutant signatures, Cyclops sent X-Men to watch the the them until Hope could reach them. Iceman and Angel were sent to watch over the Light in Canada, Laurie. The transformation into a mutant was a painful experience and Bobby couldn't stand to listen to the girl in such agony. It was when the girl was about to kill herself that Hope arrived and was able to fully activate her powers. Bobby was sent to talk to a super hero public relations official. During the meeting she told him that she needed full disclosure of any of the X-Men secrets. Bobby hesitantly told her that Magneto was back and staying with the X-Men. The woman than asked it Worthington was funding them still, Bobby told her yes and asked why she wanted to know, she said because she was going to have a lot of overtime.


After the effects of Schism, Iceman was the first person asked by Wolverine to join the School in Westchester. He officially is the bookkeeper of the School and teaches algebra and art of Ice Sculpture. During the first attack on the new school, Bobby stepped up like Logan wanted him to and became a big factor in defeating the Hellfire Club.

All-New X-Men and Openly Gay

Iceman meets his time-displaced younger self
Iceman meets his time-displaced younger self

Beast later bring the original five X-Men from the past to the present. Iceman meets his sixteen year old self, and is a little freaked out by the experience. Iceman later dates Kitty Pryde for a short time, but they break up after the events of Battle of the Atom. After the younger version of Iceman comes to terms with him being homosexual, he talks to the older Iceman about it where he admits that he is also homosexual. He admits that since he was already being persecuted for being a mutant, he didn't want to be persecuted for being gay too. He claims to of hid that part of himself away for all these years, but because of the younger version of himself coming to terms with it, he decides to be open about it as well.


The famous ice slide
The famous ice slide

Originally Iceman could lower the temperature of his body and encase himself in an icy armor of varying shape and consistency. He has since gained the ability to turn his entire body into a flexible form of organic ice. He can also freeze the moisture in the air and can create objects such as slides, ladders, and projectiles. He can reform any part of his body in his ice form, and can augment his shape and size. He has demonstrated the ability to animate ice forms by creating figures and through rapid freezing and unfreezing of their structure, and thus creating movement. These figures do not gain intelligence, and he is still in the developmental stage of this ability as it requires much concentration.

When in ice form he is generally translucent, and his appearance ranges from human-like to jagged and geometric. He is also known to add additional ice mass to his shoulders and knuckles (often jagged and sharp) for a fight. In addition to altering his appearance and shape, Bobby can also augment his size(an ability he has used to grow to heights of over 100 feet) A side effect of this alteration is superhuman strength to match his larger form.

With unexpected aid from Mystique (after she laced his blood with a potent concentration of chemicals) Bobby learned that by using his power to "ice up" and draw the moisture out of the air around him, he could turn himself into his own form of air filter, allowing him to let the poison molecules dissipate into vapor, effectively swapping his cells each time he released the ice and return to his flesh form or as he put it "A body swap, done one piece, one cell at a time".

Growing in size and strength
Growing in size and strength

If damaged, he can reform damaged or missing body parts. While physically and mentally taxing, this ability can be used to reform his entire body if necessary, as he has been able to reform himself to ice from sentient water vapor. This ability was taken even farther when he was under Emma Frost's control and he was able to turn himself into sentient liquid, travel in this form through a body of water, and return back to his organic ice form. He has not been able to replicate this ability, however it does suggest that with practice he could shift through any phase of water. For a time he was stuck permanently in ice form, however since M-Day has regained his ability to return to human form. Bobby also was at one time a Certified Public Accountant.

During the Curse of the Mutants story arc Iceman had himself blessed to make his ice into 'Holy water' to give him an advantage against the vampire attackers.

Iceman has demonstrated the ability to control chemical reactions involving heat exchange and can prevent people with fire based abilities from using their powers.

Creating Multiple Ice Clones
Creating Multiple Ice Clones

As with all the X-Men, Bobby has been trained in unarmed combat, tactics, and resisting mental attacks. During (and after) the " Age of Apocalypse" storyline, it was revealed that Iceman's potential powers included the ability to, in essence, teleport via reverse-freezing molecules, meaning he theoretically can travel instantaneously across oceans when in full control of his abilities. However this method of teleportation has been described as extremely painful for anyone potentially traveling with Bobby.

During the run of Wolverine and the X-Men, Bobby demonstrated the ability of creating multiple Ice clones. He is also able to control them but they are not self aware. This act tired him greatly afterwards. He managed to use the ice clones without tiring in a bout against the Red Hulk. However, they were in a snowy setting which may have contributed to Bobby not wearing down.


Similar to energy manipulators as Magneto, Bobby Drakes mutant abilities are dependent on his physical condition. If he is extremely tired or has been mentally taxed his powers begin to become dysfunctional . Iceman is able to use his powers constantly for up to 5 hours before he taxes his powers to their limit and needs to rest. While in his human form Iceman still needs to eat,breathe, and sleep like normal human beings. His powers are also dependent on the level of moisture that is in his current vicinity. But while on Earth he has access to almost an unlimited amount even in a desert like area.


Full Display of Bobby's Powers
Full Display of Bobby's Powers

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown


Known Relatives: William Robert Drake (father), Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake (mother), Mary (cousin), Joel (cousin), Anne (aunt)

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Place of Birth: Port Washington, Long Island, New York

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Adventurer, formerly teacher, accountant, student

Education: College degree, Certified Practicing Accountant accreditation

Alternate Realities


In this reality, Iceman is still a member of the X-Men and is good friends with Mimic, a member of the Exiles.

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse, it was not Xavier but Magneto who founded and trained the X-Men, Bobby being among the first mutants he located. Magneto pushed the boy much harder than Xavier would have, making the youngster drop his humorous attitude and tap into his full potential. He is one of the main members of Rogue´s amazing X-Men. He is more savage killing people when needed. He remained loyal to Magneto´s team and hanged on for years in Erick´s dream, but a decade later of Apocalypse fallen a group of mutants of Earth 616 (Wolverine´s X-Force) arrived to Earth 295 trying to find the life seed in order to rescue Archangel from Apocalypse influence. During the Gateway´s rescue mission, Drake left the group and fleed. Later is revealed that Iceman was convinced by Archangel to serve to his cause and live in a paradise with the condition to kill the X-Force mercenaries. Drake was tired to fight for years and see how his most loved friends die so he accepted the deal and became part of mutants of AoA who traveled to Earth 616 in the new Age of Archangel. He battled Deadpool and managed to froze him and shattered him in thousands pieces. Using thousands of clones, he battled X-Force until Sunfire found his real body and incinerated it. Weakened, injured, but alive, Drake retreated along with Dark Beast and the rest of Archangel's forces.

Drake immersed himself in a life of hedonism in Madripoor, believing himself to have deserved the chance to enjoy life. He was tracked down by his former friend Nightcrawler, Kurt Darkholme. Nightcrawler had chosen to remain in Earth 616 to take his revenge against the criminals and traitors who had escaped from the Age of Apocalypse, and had joined X-Force to help accomplish this mission. Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Deadpool attacked an unsuspecting Drake. Drake's immense powers almost saved him until Nightcrawler teleported them both to inside a smelting plant. The intense heat kept Drake from using his powers. No powers, no weapons, the two former friends fought until Nightcrawler proved victorious. Nightcrawler threw a pleading Drake into a furnace, and watched as the Sinister Iceman burned to death.

Powers of this version

Iceman could alter his shape while in his frozen form, and merge with any body of water, moisture or ice, and re-emerge from it at some other points even miles away, within the matter of seconds. When Bobby’s ice-form was damaged or shattered, he could easily pull himself back together. On top of that, he was able to take people along by a process referred to as "moisture molecular inversion", but it was rather unpleasant for the passenger. However, as he seemed to become less human and more and more unstable, his teammates somewhat retreated from Bobby.His large and ridged form provided super strength. He has huge control over his powers making him invulnerable to Psychic attacks hidden his consciousness from telepathy, he is able to multiply his body and create several clones of him of variable sizes.

Earth-311: 1602

A time-traveling experiment gone wrong created another divergent timeline, one in which present day heroes already emerged in the 17th century, the year 1602 to be precise. Mutants were referred to as “witchbreed” and, as such, feared and hunted. The counterpart of Iceman was called Robert Trefusis and, despite his young age, he showed a great control over his power. For example, he managed to encase an entire sailing ship in a block of ice and was able to turn rain into an ice-storm. Robert also claimed to have served as the cabin boy of the famous Sir Francis Drake, who happened to be his uncle.


In this reality, Iceman is a member of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants.

Earth-1298: Mutant X

Earth-1298: Mutant X
Earth-1298: Mutant X

In the Mutant X reality Iceman's powers were amplified by Loki and spun out of control. He found himself stuck in his ice-form at sub-zero temperatures, preventing him to ever touch another human being for it would have instantly killed them. Still, Bobby Drake, kept his optimism and his sense of humor, and he was part of a team called The Six, that world’s equivalent to X-Factor, who had split off from the X-Men when the school was taken over by Magneto. Eventually, after having lived several years with boosted abilities, his friend and teammate Hank McCoy found a way to undo Loki’s changes, and Ice-Man was restored to his regular power level.

Earth-1610: Ultimate

Ultimate Iceman
Ultimate Iceman

In the Ultimate Marvel continuity, Bobby Drake is the youngest founding member of the X-Men. He ran away from his family at the peak of government-supported Sentinel attacks, fearing his family would be killed in such an attack. He is found by the X-Men on their first mission, where he himself ends up saving the day when he freezes a sentinel, preventing it from falling on and killing innocent bystanders.

Ultimate Iceman never had the snowman look of his counter-part, instead generating a flexible ice armor from the beginning and still does so to this day, Bobby establishes himself as a valuable asset, single-handedly taking out the Ultimates once with a gigantic ice wall, as well as single-handedly halting an invasion by Colonel Wraith ( Kestrel) and Weapon X. He was only able to be stopped by Rogue, who was in temporary possession of Marvel Girl's telepathy. Professor X has stated that Bobby is one of the three most powerful X-Men. During the World Tour arc, after enlarging his armor to form a gigantic ice troll, Bobby is greatly injured by Proteus, which resulted in a lawsuit issued by his parents against Xavier. Bobby eventually rebels against his parents, and later returns to the X-Men. In Ultimate Iceman, Bobby appears as a class clown and ladies man.

Ult. Iceman & Rogue

Before Bobby joined the X-Men he had a girlfriend, but Professor Xavier erased all memories of her from Bobby's head when he told her too much about the X-Men (he presumably also erased the girl's memories). Upon her acceptance into the X-Men, Bobby begins to date Rogue. The pair date for a considerable amount of time, but eventually break up due to Bobby's growing infatuation with Kitty Pryde and Rogue's feelings for Gambit. Eventually Rogue leaves, and Bobby starts to date Kitty until she dumps him after finding Bobby was still emailing Rogue. When Rogue returned to the X-Men, her original powers had been replaced with those of Gambit's and, now being able to touch each other, Bobby and Rogue rekindle their relationship. With Rogue now having Gambit's powers, she can finally live her life with Bobby as a normal couple since she can now touch people without hurting them. However, this does not last long and Rogue's powers eventually return.

Robert Drake & Shadowcat
Robert Drake & Shadowcat

Though Ultimate Iceman is still somewhat clumsy at present, the Ultimate version of Hammer, who hailed from the future, exclaimed upon meeting and subsequently battling him: "Bobby Drake, huh? The Legend! I can't believe you're so inept at this point in your life! It's been an honor to kick your..." only for Wolverine to interrupt him. Bishop, too, hinted to Bobby that he has a lot of potential, but Iceman shrugs off the acknowledgment.

It should also be noted that Bishop has made the hint that this version of Iceman has a different source for his freezing ability. In Ultimate X-Men #80 Bishop talks to Bobby about his potential and comments "With minimal effort you are taking moisture out of the air and slowing water molecules down to make them cold. What else can you slow down?" He also asks Bobby about exploring the possibilities with his powers. He is shrugged off, however, while Bobby continues to play his videogame.

After Ultimatum, Bobby was kicked out of his house by his mom for being a mutant. Turning to Kitty Pryde for help, she introduced him to Peter Parker, and had Bobby move in with Peter.

Iceman and the Human Tourch both stay with Peter. Bobby cuts his hair and starts attending school as Peter's cousin. Iceman is there when Peter dies. He fights at his side against Norman Osborn, Sandman, Kraven, and Electro. They are eventually overwhelmed and Peter dies. After Peter's funeral, along with The Human Tourch and Kitty Pryde, Iceman reforms the X-Men.

Earth-TRN240 (Possibly Earth-616's Past)

This is the Iceman that was sent to the future with the other original five X-Men by Beast. Initially, Bobby was easily spooked when seeing his older self. This version of Iceman seemed to learn about the extents to his powers at a much faster pace then the original. Bobby is one of the X-Men who voted to stay and try and help make that future a better place. In the event, Battle of the Atom, Iceman meets a even older version of himself. Later on when transported to Earth-1610, Bobby meets that universe’s version of himself as well. There Bobby didn't really get along with himself very well. It is later revealed by Jean that this Iceman was gay. Bobby comes to terms with himself and accepts who he is. Currently, Iceman is still in the mainstream universe with his comrades.

Earth-2301: Mangaverse

Iceman is part of a group formed by Pyro and Emma.


In this reality Iceman works together with Spider-Man and Firestar as the Amazing-Friends.

Earth-9602: Amalgam

Iceberg was a member of the JLX during the Amalgam crossover. She is a combination of Iceman (Marvel) and Ice (DC).

See Iceberg

Earth-9997: Earth X

Bobby Drake of Earth X shared a somewhat similar fate to that of the Mutant X reality, His powers, having mutated at one point and led to him being stuck in his ice-form, though with a different result. Bobby had to remain in a cold environment, or else he would have melted, and he went north to the arctic regions where he created a wonderland of ice for himself and the Inuit living nearby. Only after Earth’s climate changed, due to the planet’s mass having been altered and Earth leaving its regular orbit, was he able to return to the United States. Once there, Iceman joined several other heroes in an attempt to overpower Mephisto’s followers, though unfortunately he perished in that battle.

Earth-58163: House of M

Earth-58163 House of M

In the House of M reality, Iceman is a member of Horsemen of Apocalypse. When Apocalypse set out for Wakanda to kill Black Panther, Iceman helped his master by freezing Namor and Storm, but he was severely injured by Sunfire.

X-Factor Forever

X-Factor Forever
X-Factor Forever

After leaving ship he met with Opal and her parents. They were okay with the relationship and Opal was doing okay with the knowledge that she was adopted. As they were leaving the conversation became on them starting a family. Later at the birthday party for Timmy Jones, Hodge attacked in a suit of sentinel armor. X-Factor was able to stop him but they soon found Apocalypse had entered ship and was going through the files. That's when the Celestials appeared for said ship. X-Factor went in search of Nathan who was kidnapped by Apocalypse. The team fights Sinister in his lab which meant fighting numerous clone and altered versions of people they knew as hero and villain. Eventually the team is able to get Nathan and they give him to the Celestials as proof that the mutant race can create new mutants on its own. The Celestial judges them and decides to leave them alone.

X-Men Forever

In this divergent reality, Iceman still has ties to the X-Men but does not appear on the full time roster. He came to Wolverine's funeral.

Other Media


Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Superheroes
Marvel Superheroes

Bobby Drake is a member of Professor X's Allies for Peace and he fights along with Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Scott Summers, Warren Worthington, and Namor against Dr, Doom.

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Iceman was an ally of Spider-Man together with Firestar. They later developed romantic relationship with each other. They were both stated to be X-Men members. Bobby was also revealed to be a government agent with the codename Windchill Factor Zero. Iceman's origin is also revealed in an episode that is dedicated to him. He also have a sister named Lightwave. He loves saying jokes even in serious situations.

X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men Animated Series
X-Men Animated Series

Bobby was referred as a mutant with high potential but low discipline. He is a former X-Man who quit the team because of some misunderstanding with Professor X. He also starred in some flashbacks when he was still an active member of the team. He is also the boyfriend of Polaris who joined Iceman when he was exiled. After being exiled from the Institute, they took jobs and lived normally. However, they also had arguments about their responsibilities of using their powers for mutant rights. He revealed his past as he was temporarily sent inside a plasma bubble that disables him form u sing his powers as he was confronted by Beast. Beast convinced him to trust Xavier once again but Bobby had a hard time. Bobby was able to escape. Jubilee was with him to save Polaris from the X-Factor. The X-Men were so worried about him taking Jubilee. As he discovers that Polaris is a member and not a hostage, he discovered that Lorna is already in love with Havok. The team offered him to rejoin but he refused.

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men Evolution
X-Men Evolution

Bobby is a member of the New Mutants, debuting in the series at the beginning of Season 2 with the rest of the New Mutants Team. In some scenarios, he acted as a leader for the team. His powers are usually manifested for assistance for the other characters. He participated in the final battle where he and the other X-Men have to fight Storm in China. He continues being an X-Man as it was foreseen by Professor X.

In the episode "Under Lock and Key" the X-Men team that goes up against the spider released by Magneto is the original team from the comics (Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Iceman, and Angel). This would be the only reference to Bobby's place as one of the first X-Men in the series.

Bobby was supposed to be the 8th X-man but he was replaced by Spyke. When Spyke left the Institute, he is more often shown in the team's missions.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Iceman is one of the younger X-Men, still in his teens. However this concept is confusing since he is shown in a flash back as being one of the original X-Men, so it brings his age into question. The X-Men disbanded after the explosion at the Mansion, and young Bobby Drake returned to his parents' home. Although Beast had already located him earlier, it was Iceman's parents who refused to let their son have any contact with the X-Men. When Wolverine and Beast arrived at the Drake's front door, they did not appear

Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men

to accept the fact that their son was a mutant, and tried to send him upstairs. However, Wolverine physically kicked the door down and asked Bobby directly "are you comin'?", to which he jumped at the chance and ran away from his parents. Wolverine's parting words to their Drakes was to "deal with it", referring to their son being a mutant in a time of great social unrest and distrust of mutants.

Since then Iceman has displayed many characteristic traits typical of a young male teen character. He's brash, energetic, hates studying and likes girls. When Emma Frost first enters the Mansion, Kitty embarrasses him by stating that Frost is a telepath & therefore knows what he is thinking. There appears to be an attraction between Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde, as she gets jealous when he tried to flirt with Emma Frost, and later he struggles to ask Kitty on a date.

He is also powerful and has a confident use over his mutants powers at such a young age. He can freeze thick metal walls, making them brittle and easier to break. He has also created a sizable floating island of ice in the middle of the ocean, large enough to land two aeroplanes on and for the X-Men to fight the Brotherhood on. As well as being able to create his trademark ice-slides, Iceman can also cause his ice structures to reduce back into water.

The Super Hero Squad

Iceman appears in the episode "Mysterious Mayhem in Mutant Academy", he is voiced by Shaun Ashmore, and he is a student attending the academy.

He also appears in another episode "The Ice Melt Cometh" where Iron Man requires Iceman's powers to refreeze the polar icecap at the North Pole, Iceman initially refuses saying that every time someone is too hot that take advantage of his powers and he want's to be left alone in his Icy Cave of Aloneness - Iron Man ends up tricking him into assisting by falsely offering "free" donuts, to which Iceman says he always falls for it.


X-Men (2000)

Bobby Drake is played by Shawn Ashmore. When Rogue first arrives at the Institute, Bobby is one of the first to comfort her by offering her a heart made of ice. When Mystique takes the form of Bobby and tells Rogue that the school is better without her, it puts somewhat of a stress on her emotions for him. Bobby is absent during the fight on The Statue of Liberty, but he is seen playing a game with Rogue at the end of the movie. The misunderstanding clearly settled.

X2: X-Men United (2003)

Shawn Ashmore as Bobby
Shawn Ashmore as Bobby

Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Bobby Drake. In the sequel, Bobby and Rogue's relationship is much deeper, but the fact that they can not touch each other is straining. He 'comes-out' as a mutant to his parents who are not excepting of it and his brother even calls the cops out of jealousy. When the X-Men arrive at Alkali Lake, Pyro, Bobby, and Rogue are left on the X-Jet while the others go into the dam. Pyro leaves and Bobby and Rogue are left. They help get the captured students back onto the jet, and and leave with the remaining X-Men.

Also, Iceman's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Iceman in his ice form for the first time
Iceman in his ice form for the first time

Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Iceman. In the third in the movie franchise, Bobby has his biggest role. His and Rogues relationship is strained more then ever and Bobby seems to be starting to have feelings for fellow X-Man; Kitty Pryde. By the final battle Bobby is standing as an official X-Man. He comes face-to-face with his former best-friend; Pyro. During their fight Bobby takes on his true ice form, much like the one from the comics. His body completely covered in ice. Bobby knocks Pyro out and moves on to help with the rest of the battle. When Bobby returns to the school, he finds Rogue in her room and finds that she has taken 'the cure', unlike her comic counterpart who has come to terms.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The older Iceman in DOFP
The older Iceman in DOFP

Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Iceman. In the fourth film, Bobby is seen as one of the last surviving X-Men in the year 2023. He sports a more grizzled, disheveled appearance, and has gained enough mastery over his powers to change into his ice form at will. During a battle in Russia, Iceman freezes one of the Sentinels, but it uses the powers of Sunspot to break free. It then proceeds to grab Iceman by the neck, rips his head off and shatters it with a stomp, killing him. However, the deaths of Iceman and the others are prevented by Bishop traveling back in time a few days. In the finale, Iceman is one of the X-Men killed by the invading Sentinels, by being simultaneously blasted by the laser cannons of 3 of them, but he and the others are all restored to life after Mystique spares the life of Bolivar Trask, retroactively preventing the Sentinels from ever being created. In the new future, he is shown dating Rogue again.

In the Rogue Cut of the film, after Wolverine leaves Kitty Pride bleeding badly, Iceman suggests rescuing Rogue, so she can replace Kitty. He then goes with Magneto and Charles Xavier to Charles' former mansion, the place where Rogue is imprisoned and being experimented on. He and Magneto manage to free her, but 3 Sentinels go after them. One of them tries to impale them from bellow, and then climbs into the floor they are in. Iceman tells them to leave while he deals with the Sentinel, creating a large ice wall to block its path. In response, the Sentinel tries to melt the wall with its laser cannon, while at the same time, the other 2 Sentinels try to attack Iceman from both sides. He desperately tries to freeze them all, but they manage to melt through and start simultaneously blasting Iceman until he dies. As a result, Iceman is already dead by the time the final battle on China begins.

Video Games

The Uncanny X-Men (1989)

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Iceman is a playable member of a team of X-Men formed to take down Magneto (the main boss).

Fantastic Four (1997)

Iceman makes his appearance as the bonus level boss.

Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel Vs. Capcom
Marvel Vs. Capcom

Iceman is a playable character in the Japanese fighting game X-Men: Childen of the Atom, as well as the subsequent sequel/spin-off Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He is notable for being the only character in the game who is immune to fire or beam projectiles, though he is still able to be harmed by War Machine's missiles.

X-Men Legends & X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends

Iceman is a playable character in this X-Men series, voiced by Darren Scott in the first one and James Arnold Taylor in the sequel.

X-Men: the Official Game

Iceman is one of the three playable characters, he is voiced by Shawn Ashmore.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Iceman in UA2
Iceman in UA2

Iceman is a playable character and with other X-Men characters like Wolverine, Colossus, or Storm to get a team bonus when put on the same team. Using a team consisting of Iceman, Storm, Thor and Human Torch a player can also gain an elemental upgrade. James Arnold Taylor reprises his role.

X-Men Destiny

Iceman has been confirmed to be one of the NPC's in the game which involves taking control of one of three characters and shaping their destiny's. He is met at the beginning of the game, and the player must assist him in defeating the surrounding Purifiers.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Iceman is playable in the game.

Avengers: Battle For Earth

Iceman is one of the playable fighters.

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Bobby as Death
Bobby as Death

Iceman is one of the playable characters in this Facebook game as a Bruiser class character. He also appears as an enemy after being transformed into Death, one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Iceman appears in the game as a playable character.

Marvel Heroes

Iceman is a playable character.


Marvel Mashers Iceman
Marvel Mashers Iceman
  • Iceman was featured in multiple toy lines by Toy Biz, such as the ones for the X-Men movies, the comic X-Men lines, and the Marvel Legends line.
  • Hasbro produced several Iceman figures for their Marvel Universe, Super Her Squad, and Marvel Mashers lines.
  • Bowen Designs, Dark Horse, and other studios have released Iceman statues.

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