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Wolverine versus Dr. Rot for control of Wolverine's brain. Can Wolverine destroy the last vestiges of Weapon X's programming?

Dr. Rottwell sits back and watches as his family kills and tortures the FBI agents who are advancing on Rottwell Estate. He watches a Logan, possessed by Tater, finds Melita and tries to kill her. But Melita realizing it isn't Logan in control kicks him in the groan and escapes. She runs into Charlie, and Tater is back on her. This time Logan is able to fight back control of his body.

Logan kills Charlie and Baylee, then heads back into the house and, after rescuing Detective Wells, he confronts Dr. Rot. This time Logan cuts off the doctor's head, making sure he's dead. Later Logan and Melita met up out side. Melita wants to talk to Logan about the end of their relationship, but Logan doesn't recognize Melita. Back at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Logan realizes there are many faces he knows he should know but can't recognize. This is just proof of the real damage Dr. Rot caused.

Meanwhile somewhere else Nurse Fester starts up a home made machine and seconds later Dr. Rottwell emerges back to life and in one piece.

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