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A boss of a small gang of criminals, who was sent to Hell six years ahead of time.

Due to some rules, Satan couldn`t send him back to Earth. But he couldn`t have him punished yet, either. So, he made a deal with Woody.

If he`d be in charge of the joint for six years, while Satan would take a holiday on Earth.

Why not, thought Woody.

So, Woody was doing his job, and one day found a bottle containing some liquid. He drank it, and changed in to a creature similar to Satan. Then he thought, that it would be nice to run the world of the living...Also, he had bones to pick.

He went to Earth, and led his gang again. They went to a party to take care of an old enemy.

Satan was there too.

Woodys gang shot everyone. Satan escaped back to Hell. Woody returned there, too, to sentence his now-dead-enemies to horrible punishments.

Satan awaited him, and a fight would emerge in the next issue.

The feature was cancelled before it occured.


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