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They've defended the universe for millenia against every threat imaginable, but the war that pitted the Green Lanterns of Oa against each other may have finally torn them apart.

Following the harrowing events of the War of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan is kicked out of the Corps, beloved Lanterns are dead at the hands of their comrades and Sinestro, hated enemy of the Corps, finds himself once again wielding a green lantern ring. In the midst of the Chaos, the Lantern's faith in the Guardians of the Universe is shattered and the one thing that has always held them together-the spirit of the Corps- may be lost forever.

Now, as they face assassination attempts, attacks from a familiar Star Sapphire and long-burned secretes finally revealed, will the Green Lanterns themselves finally do the one thing that Sinestro, the Manhunters and all their enemies could never do: destroy the Green Lantern Corps?

After this... everything changes!

This volume collects:

  1. War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath (#1-2)
  2. Green Lantern Corps (#61-63)
  3. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (#11-13 )

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