Tyler Kirkham

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    Tyler Kirkham was first known for his work at Top Cow. He's now working exclusively to DC Comics working on Green Lantern, New Guardians, Action Comics, Teen Titans. He's currently working Deathstroke for DC Comics.

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    Tyler Kirkham was born on June 20, 1982 in Utah. He had been drawing since he was very young and started off drawing comics for a local newspaper. A friend of his lived near Top Cow studios in L.A. and offered to show his work to Top Cow, where he was offered to draw for an independent series for them.

    He got his first work from Marc Silvestri. Marc was so impressed with his work he was eventually offered a full time job at Top Cow studios. So Kirkham packed his things and moved to L.A. In July 2010, Kirkham then signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics to pencil Green Lantern Corps with writer Tony Bedard. Then when DC Comics launched the new 52, Tyler and Tony were moved to Green Lantern: New Guardians. Later doing work on Action Comics and Teen Titans.

    With the announcement of DC's Rebirth, it's hard to say where Tyler might end up next.

    Currently, he's taken over as the regular penciler on Deathstroke.


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