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The Empathoid was created by an extra-dimensional race a very long time ago. It was meant to be superior android servant. It was also made to be similar to a human because it shared their feelings. It needed emotions, and the more emotions it got, the more violent it got. Soon, its masters disappeared and it was left stranded. It went into a dormant state. The vampire, Morbius traveled to The Empathoid's world and woke him up with his emotions. The Empathoid then entered Morbius' body and forced him to travel back to earth where The Empathoid could feed off of Earth's peoples emotions. The Empathoid forced Morbius to attack people so it could feed on their fear and panic. Spiderman came to investigate and defeated Morbius. But The Empathoid then entered Spiderman's body and forced him to find some one to attack. However, Morbius attacked Spiderman, trying to destroy the Empathoid. Spiderman then went to a football game, where the emotions of the players were to much for it and The Empathoid was overloaded and deactivated. Spiderman took it to the Baxter Building. 


The Empathoid is a Marvel comics character created by Archie Goodwin, Sal Buscema and Gerry Conway, and first appearing in The Spectacular Spider-Man #6  

Powers and Abilities

The Empathoid could drain the emotions of others. He also was indestructible, and could heal itself. It is not a solid form, but it can make contact with people, and it is immune to physical attacks. It merges with other beings and feeds off its emotions. It could also cause pain to whoever he was inhabiting through telepathy and absorbed the pain. However there was a limit to how much emotion it could absorb. Empathoid is virtually invulnerable and self regenerating.   

Physical Characteristics  
Height: 6'6" 
Weight: Variable 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Red with swirling black spots

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