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    Spyrican mutate gifted with feathered wings and a sonic scream, Sky was a member of the Unparalleled on the planet Spyre. She accompanied Johnny Storm when the Fantastic Four returned to Earth.

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    Sky is a member of the Unparalleled, a group of defenders created using the same cosmic energy that created the Fantastic Four to stand ready against the Fantastic Four, misunderstanding their attempts to communicate as threats.


    Sky was created by Dan Slott and Sean Izaakse and first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol. 6 issue 15 (2019).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Unparalleled

    The kids meet Sky
    The kids meet Sky

    When the Fantastic Four finally made it to their planet, Sky, per their rigid cultural traditions, was made the soulmate of the Human Torch, despite obvious feelings for her teammate, Citadel. She and Johnny wear gold armbands signifying their union. She eventually soured on the Fantastic Four after they fought back against her leader, The Overseer, causing great damage to their main cultural hub. However, as they left, she agreed to accompany them. Johnny tried to talk her out of it, but she took her culture's institution of soulmates seriously.

    After these events, Sky settled in with the Fantastic Four on Earth, wanting to learn more about that world and deepen her relationship with Johnny. Upon her arrival on Earth, she accompanies Johnny in calling for Wyatt Wingfoot's help against Mole Man's attempt to claim former servants of his against the interests of Wyatt's tribe. Later, Sky moves in to Alicia Masters' apartment and helps the Fantastic Four during the events of Empyre.

    Johnny Storm's Soulmate

    Johnny had underestimated the connection that his arm band grants him to Sky. For instance, during Knull's invasion of Earth, when Johnny was possessed by a symbiote, it was able to reach through Johnny's band and possess Sky as well. This kind of connection stressed Johnny out and ultimately led him to regress to his playboy bachelor lifestyle. After a fight with Sky, Johnny hooked up with Victorious, the Latverian ambassador to New York. Unfortunately, Sky felt everything through her band.

    Sky leaves Earth
    Sky leaves Earth

    Later when Dr. Doom proposed a marriage of political convenience to Victorious, Doom was made a fool of when Johnny and Victorious' tryst was made public. As an act of vengeane, Doom bombarded Johnny with cosmic rays causing his powers to mutate further. He was stuck in "Flame On!" and was getting hotter than he ever was before. Sky suffered the same fate, having her animal power turning her feral.

    She lashed out at Johnny, only for Johnny to remove her arm band. Sky was relieved of her relationship to Johnny, and her powers began to stabilize. Using the Fantastic Four's Forever Gate, she returned to her home planet.

    Reckoning War

    Back on Spyre, Sky rejoined the Unparalleled and finally started a romance with Citadel. Johnny would eventually show up looking to recruit them for a bigger fight against The Reckoning, a war-like alien race connected to The Watchers. Upon the end of the war, she would bring Johnny with her back to Spyre because The Overseer had made big leaps to stabilizing and potentially curing mutations due to cosmic energy.

    After both she and Johnny were returned to their original power levels, Sky's now loose soulband fell off. Johnny gave it to Citadel, who presented it to Sky so that they could finally be bonded as soulmates. Sky accepted.


    Sky's wings
    Sky's wings

    Flight: Sky has a pair of bright blue feathered wings sprouting from her back. They are strong enough to enable her to fly like a bird

    • Super Strength: Her wings are also strong enough to be used as a shield or offensive weapon.

    Animal Communication: She is capable of communing with most species of birds, including Earth dinosaurs.

    Sonic Scream: She is also capable of emitting a sonic scream.

    Soul-Mate Band: When Sky wore a matching Soul-Mate Band with Johnny Storm, her abilities altered anytime Johnny's were

    • Doom's Manipulation: When Doctor Doom altered Johnny's cosmic radiation forcing him to be stuck in his human torch form, Sky mutated into a feral state, including enlarged claws and rage problem.
    • Symbiote: When Johnny was bonded with a symbiote during Knull's invasion, the symbiote was able to use the band as a portal and bond to Sky as well

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