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    Dan Slott is an American comic book writer best known for Avengers: The Initiative, Mighty Avengers, She-Hulk, and The Amazing Spider-Man. His decade-long Spider-Man tenure included the controversial Superior Spider-Man, in which Peter Parker had been replaced by Dr. Otto Octavious. Dan Slott currently writes the Fantastic Four.

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    Current Work

    Slott is currently writing the Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 and Silver Surfer for Marvel.


    Born in 1967, in Berkeley, California, Dan Slott would eventually enter the comic book industry as an intern at Marvel Comics in the early 1990's for (then) editor Fabian Nicieza. Dan was a senior in college at the time and had taken the non-paying position as a way to meet people, and to learn the business of comics. After a few months, Slott was told that Marvel wanted to hire him for a staff position, but only after he finished his college education. After he graduated he was put on the Marvel Staff writing full time. In the following years Slott served as Marvel's art returnist, an assistant editor, and gave guided tours of the offices. He also worked as both a freelance writer and last-minute colorist.

    Slott was eventually offered a writing gig at DC Comics and would write Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. The success of that series led to Marvel offering Dan an exclusive contract, and his return to the "House of Ideas" would see him launch a new She-Hulk series in 2005 focusing on her role in the Marvel Universe as a "superhuman lawyer", specializing in superhuman affairs. After the commercial success of that series Slott would go on to become one of the writers on The Amazing Spider-Man in 2007.

    Over the years Slott would write such works as The Thing (that characters first solo series in more than 20 years), Spider-Man/Human Torch, G.L.A: Misassembled, and Avengers: The Initiative (among others) which launched in the wake of Marvel's hugely successful Civil War event.

    As one of the four writers of the currently thrice-monthly Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott was the first writer to contribute to the controversial Brand New Day story arc with issue #546. Slott had also continued his work on the flagship Spider-Man title, as well as taking over the writing duties on Mighty Avengers from Brian Michael Bendis.

    Starting in November of 2010, Slott became the sole writer of Amazing Spider-Man beginning with the Big Time story arc. He wrote the first major Spider-Man event following Big Time, entitled Spider Island, starting in the summer of 2011.

    Dan wrote the 2010 Spider-man Video Game Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions from Activision game studio.

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