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The true identity of the killer called 'Santa Klaus' is unknown. He was given his codename by Arkham guards, due to his accent and the Santa suit he wore. He believed he could tell if someone was 'naughty' or 'nice', and killed those who he thought were bad.
Santa Klaus was Jokerized during the Joker's Last Laugh crossover. He managed to break out of Arkham, and wreaked havoc in Gotham. Batman manages to stop him, and gives him the antidote to the special Joker venom. Santa Klaus is then taken back to Arkham. 
It was not long before Santa Klaus broke free again. Before dental surgery (for impacted molars), he managed to turn the laughing gas into a flamethrower, using a lighter he had stolen. He disabled the guards, telling them things that they had kept secret from their closest friends and family. Batman was slightly surprised when he realized that Santa Klaus might not be as crazy as he seemed. 
Santa Klaus wasted no time in getting back to his work. He recruited (or brainwashed) several children to be his elves. Then he handed out exploding presents to those he thought deserved to die. With all the various Santas around the holiday season, it was hard to distinguish him from a crowd.  
Batman managed to catch him at the Gotham Tree Lighting. A small fire started, catching Santa Klaus and disabling him. Batman then took him to the medical center. 


Santa Klaus seems to have telepathic powers

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