Battle Pope

    Character » Battle Pope appears in 34 issues.

    Hard drinking, womanizing Pope who is called to action to save Saint Michael with the help of Jesus Christ. He is mankind's final hope in a world overrun by demons following the Rapture.

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    This is by no means something Christian. Battle Pope is the title character of a series by Image Comics. This Pope is a slob, sleazy, ill-tempered, and a complete user of women. He sleeps with ALL women and that includes the Blessed Mother Mary. He drinks. He swears. He has lots of sex. He considers himself irresistible to women. But he's also damn near invulnerable and fights crime.

    Pope is usually seen in a fusion costume of Golden Age superhero and actual papal descendant of God: white spandex bodysuit with a red cross overlay, shiny golden boots, belt and gloves, white cape, miter style hat and the almost constant presence of a cigar in his mouth.

    He gets an Attractive Male tick with the understanding that women love Sean Connery and since Pope is a heck of lot more muscular, readers would certainly be attracted to the mature bad boy. He's also getting a check for Insanely Rich because the Catholic Church probably does have more money than God.

    The story revolves around the Pope who, by God, was condemned for his wrong doings and is sent to save Saint Michael with the help of Jesus Christ.


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