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What Were They Thinking?

Characters that just make you go 'WHAT?!"

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  • Sadly all his minions line up in a straight line.

  • "Hey guys, I can't find my arms. Has anyone seen them?"

  • Quickly defeated by his archfoe…FRYING PAN MAN!

  • ….

  • "Hey, what if we made a guy a tiger?" "Nah, been done" "But what if…HE HAD NO ARMS!" "INGENIOUS!"

  • Two words: FIRE NIPPLES

  • Sure, he's named Trapster NOW, but he used to be Paste-Pot Pete. You can't EVER live that down. EVER.

  • I think Mr. Bob Doom might have been better off trying out for Little Shop of Horrors.

  • A real comic Grammar Nazi

  • This is NOT what the saying 'the pen is mightier than the sword' means.

  • He wore a bright pink kite costume and fought BATMAN. He might have been better off fighting Treeman, but I doubt it.

  • Look at this guy. He's a walking advertisement.

  • Another Batman villain…but…zebras? What's so villainous about zebras? And what did that have to do with magnetism?

  • He shoots ketchup at people. Literally. Batman only dignified stopping him because he might have given someone an anaphylactic reaction.

  • He can read minds and decide if people are naughty or nice. Also, he fought Batman. Seeing a trend here?

  • ....What? He's a bat-themed villain that throws bricks? Why?

  • He can turn into ice cream. How is that even a power? How does that happen?