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Iron Man #1 - Believe, 1 of 5: Demons and Genies


Marvel NOW! is here and Iron Man has a new creative team and a new problem to deal with.

The Good

From the very first page, we get a good introduction into how Tony Stark thinks and what he believes in. It's a nice way to start off the new series and seeing the new armor will make older readers immediately curious (don't worry, it's explained in the issue).

Iron Man is more than just a guy in an armored suit. Kieron Gillen understands that. Seeing Tony Stark in a nightclub setting allows him to be Tony Stark. The particular club he's at is a nice little nod and ties this title to the rest of the Marvel Universe. The dialogue is just right. Seeing this side of Tony reminds us that he may be a complete hero but there is also this other side to him. And he's not just a bumbling playboy idiot with just a couple things on his mind.

If you're afraid the entire issue will feature Tony picking up women, no need to worry. There is a character from Tony's recent past on the run and in danger. This will pull Tony into his next battle and it's definitely one to keep him busy. That's the key to Iron Man, trying to come up with different villains and nemeses to fight.

What about the art? Many have been wondering what Greg Land's take on the book would be like. His style with many having the happy/smirking look fits when we see Tony Stark on the prowl. The tech scenes look nice and while I was unsure of the look of the new armor, I have to say I do like it. It may not be his traditional suit or the traditional colors but how many times has Tony changed his suit only to revert back to a more familiar look later? I also have to say there was one panel with an A.I.M. agent and he looked pretty bad-ass. We're talking about a guy in a yellow 'beekeeper' suit! Then there was Tony Stark's disguise used later. Pretty brilliant.

The Bad

As great of a character Iron Man is, it always comes down to the villains in making or breaking the stories. We do have an interesting start. The choice of the threat may not completely blow you away but it does give Tony a new set of problems he won't be able to easily deal with as if it were nothing.

The smiles in the art can be a little much. Pepper Potts looked a little too glamorous, even if she was out for the night at a club. Characters are sometimes standing around in odd ways with strange expressions. Greg Land's art works better on some books versus others. He's showing that the armor, fighting scenes and explosions can look good but the expressions on people's faces is always a distraction.

I need to see more of the suit and how it works to form a firm opinion on it.

The Verdict

Iron Man is ready for his next set of adventures. Kieron Gillen comes in and it feels like he's been writing Iron Man for years. This is the Tony Stark we grown to know. He can be a bit of an ass with his arrogant manner and tendency to joke about pretty much everything. There is a new/old threat for Tony to face which leads into the reason he has a newly designed suit here. Greg Land's art adds the right atmosphere when Tony is at a nightclub but the expressions and stances of characters sometimes gets distracting, expecially when everyone has a big grin on their face. The armor and battle scenes look good and we're left wondering how Tony will handle the threat. For a Marvel NOW! issue, it does have some elements of a 'new jumping on point' but also feels close enough to Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's run. Tony is still Tony and other bits like Resilent and Pepper Potts are still here. This could have easily been a continuation of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN so fans should be pleased. With the battle being taken a little close to home, Iron Man is ready to unleash some justice.