My Pull List from 2012-2013

Here are the comic books series I am currently pulling. In trades though XP.

Barely realize how small it actually is XD

( + )

List items

  • Remender did wonders. He made Thompson rock. I am very interested to see where Bunn takes the series.

  • Yost has made the best banters for a Anti-Hero Spider-Man. Kaine Parker is so AWEsome.

  • The first 2 trades were DOPE. I really like Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega. I'm currently debating on dropping this series though.

  • Sad to see this series end. Solid read.

  • Yeah, I know... too bad... I actually like this and the hate only makes me want to keep buying the series.

  • I got the first trade. Solid read. If I had more expendable cash then I would continue pulling this.

  • I used to pull this series. Currently I haven't gotten Humphries series so I decided to add Remenders series to my "Pull list" just because I did from the very first issue to the very last.