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I just watched ASM2 and I cried. I also just read some Miles Morales stories, I had no idea the kid was so cool. (+)

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My Top Favorite Marvel Characters

Updated since May 29th 2015

(Last time I updated it was 2 years ago. WOW)

Top Marvel Heroes

ps my Top 5 will probably never change, but the others can & probably will.


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  • I jus love who he is is that so bad?... Hes the best How Can u not like Him?… He was my 1st… pause… but yea he was the 1st Marvel Super hero I liked… Hes Awesome… The polite Smart-Ass Attitude… The Confidence he Has when he wears the Suit… How hes such a Nerd in school…hes the ULTIMATE UNDERDOG... Hes Freaking AWESOME… He has had to sacrifice everything countless times… Hes Suffered Alot and still keeps a up beat Attitude (most of the time)… Why because He CAN TAKE IT… Because Hes a Hero… Because not all Heroes need to be Dark(aka emo… IMO) Hes One hero Whos Spirit Cant be Broken...Because No Matter What He Will Always be Ur Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and thats Why people Love Him… Including Me… and i kno all the Web-A-Holics out there will agree…

  • I really loved this character... hes a misunderstood guy... hes not a sissy.. he jus doesnt want to be well... mean... its hard to explain... he jus tries to do the right thing... and yea hes Indecisive... its the most realistic thing for me... im not always Sure... theres too many characters that kno exactly what they want and what they have to do... anyways... it think Cyke is cool. Plus his X-Face look is Dope, and I like the new direction he's going towards New Generations Magneto.

  • That be ME... as in... we share similar ideals... and act the same

    The Ever Loving Blue Eyed Thing… That says it all… no it doesnt… Ben is One of the Best because hes a Rough Gentleman like me… He may not be Articulate but he sure can Speak movingly… he doesnt BS anything and Is straight forward about everything… He Speaks from the heart… Hes a Good Friend… He feels like hes the Ugliest “Thing” ever and struggles alot on a day to day basis with people insulting him… and tryin not to break things… its a hassle still he makes the FF laugh and is still positive one day he can be normal… I jus Love that Guy… *Points at Ben*… I also love how he gets angry at Johnny reminds me of me and my bro…

  • Insane Ninja Spidey with Guns=Deadpool

    I love this Guy hes like SPiderman On Crack… Hes Hilarious I love him… pause… Hes the Bad Day version of Me… I jus love how he jus doesnt give a Finger In the Middle about Anything… His Jokes/Insults are Awesome… Love when he talks to himself… I love how he gets Shy around females and still hits on them… Hes Suffered A lot Tooo and still he Hides Behind the Tears of a Clown to Be Able to be Happy… even on hard times… or when he thinks about his Dark Past he Still has to make Jokes… He truly is a Merc with a Mouth… I jus Love this Guy *Points at DP*… U Know U Love Him too… DeadFools Unite

  • Hes BAD @$$ and u kno it... and i love Flash as Venom right now... even Angelo/Mac were cool Venoms... but anyone putting on the venom suit becomes bad @$$... I jus love his look... i cant help it... I think I like Eugene the most though

  • What can I say? I love Spider-Man related characters. This guy totally grew on me. He might be my current favorite. I feel like he acts the way I would if I suddenly got Spider-Man powers. He's rude but a good dude. He doesn't feel joy from helping people all the time but feels a need to do it. He curses like a sailor and he has a lot of heart.

    He's a big softie underneath all that tough exterior. That's my boy. Kaine Parker.

    He is almost becoming my favorite MARVEL character that isn't in the spotlight.

  • Have you read Rick Remenders Uncanny X-Force?{YOU should} Jean-Phillipe is hands down my favorite member of the X-Blackops-Squad.

  • This character grew on me when I read his run as Captain America. I connected with him more than I ever did with Rogers.

    My favorite version of Rogers was his Ultimate version. I was not a fan until i watched Ultimate Avengers... and then when i read Ultimates "A doesnt stand for France"... was hilarious... anywho... i was kinda a fan of Cap... but i became i huge fan once... Bucky got the mantle... it was the best stories Ever... a Lost Misguided soul... mentally scarred... he was the sidekick of a Icon... he then decides to carry the Burden that is the Shield to be MR.Righteous... to be That Icon... man it was a sick story... its jus his struggle to be the best... its awesome. Plus I like his solo series.

    UPDATE: Did you watch the film? Yup BAMF!

  • I like Venom a lot. It is a cliche in the community but it is still true. I am currently debating whether or not he's my favorite Venom or if Thompson is.

  • You got to love Thompson's inner turmoil. Remenders series really made me connect to this bully.

  • I liked him a lot when I first started reading about him. It has been a while but I am keeping him on the list because... I believe I probably would still like him a lot if I still read his stuff.