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Series I WANT to READ from VALIANT

Title is self explanatory. I made a list of series I want to read and it was getting filled with Valiant series so I decided to make a completely different list dedicated to VALIANT.

Rock On Underdawgs!

If you do not see your favorite Valiant title on my list then either, I already read the series (Harbingers) or I am not that interested.


List items

  • Top of my list. Harada's solo series. I heavily enjoyed Harbingers. Harada is an interesting character. I want to read this series the most.

  • Harada is in this team. Therefore, I am interested.

  • I honestly just like the cover art a lot and it is a team so I am interested in learning about several characters at the price of one.

  • He's important in the Unity title so I am interested in the background of this character. Plus, I heard goof things.

  • He's Punisher if he had Wolverines healing factor. I'm not that interested but... He was part of the Harbinger Wars so I'm interested because of that.

  • Heard nothing but good things about this series.

  • Genuinely curious.

  • Apparently this is a team with Archer and Aric so I am interested because... dominos (I hope you understand)

  • I am riding the hype train.

  • Not that interested but he is part of Harada's team sooo... dominos

  • Interested only because it seems unique.

  • I am interested but it seems a bit emo... so I'm not that interested. I'm not a huge fan of emo heroes like Batman and such

  • Interested

  • He's connected to Bloodshot somehow. I honestly want to understand how they are two different characters but... the artwork is stopping me.