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Best comics of March 2014

I can honestly say, March has been a good month for comics. Particular X-Men comics. I manage to go to my local comic store.

Here is list of the comics I enjoy most in March.

List items

  • I'm really loving this series at the moment. Peter David is doing a great job with series. I can see this being one of the best titles of 2014. In this issue the team takes on Danger. Gambit stops Danger by kissing her.

  • The weirdness of Danger continues, Gambit wakes up seeing Danger in his bedroom. The team also take on Warlock. Great issue.

  • This was a really good issue. X-ladies take on the Sisterhood.

    Monet takes down on Enchantress

    Psylocke takes down Typhoid Mary

    Maddie takes on Rachel Grey. In the end Maddie and Selene walk off hoping to form there own sisterhood.

    Also Jubilee and the others Defeat the Sentinels. I also like Clay Mann artwork in the Jubilee story arc.

  • Trial of Jean Grey finally ends, I'm so happy. I didn't think the trial of Jean Grey was that good. I like this issue, cause I thought Teen Jean and Teen Cyclops was written very well in this issue. I think Jean Grey becoming more powerful is pretty cool. Also like the way teen Cyclops spoke up to Guardian. I'm also glad teen Cyclops left, having 2 Cyclops in one team became annoying.

  • This was a really good Cyclops issue. The team returns to discover the original 5 have been kidnap and they must decide should they go after them. We also get to see some great moments between Cyclops and Kitty. Also some great moments between Cyclops and teen Jean Grey and adult Cyclops and teen Cyclops. I like the fact Adult Cyclops warns teen Cyclops about blondes and redheads.

  • The Quest for Nightcrawler has been a good story arc. In this issue Kurt gives up his soul to save his friends.

  • Why did Marvel replace Cable and X-Force for this series is beyond me. Cable and X-Force was a much better series.

    Having said that, I thought this issue was pretty good. Apart from Cable repeating himself. I thought he was pretty good in this issue. I like the way he spoke to Wolverine, Storm, Polaris, Cyclops, Havok and Magneto. He telling them what's happening and tells them to stay out of his way. Cable has return to being badass and that's what he always been. This series will get better once the artists leaves.

  • This issue was so much better than the first issue. There were some great moments between Wolverine and Storm. I also thought Kid Omega, Genesis, Oya and Armor were all written well in this issue.

  • While Sarah trieds to get her job back, the Angelus returns. Good issue.

  • This is one of the most confusing issues I have ever red. While Silver is determine that Batgirl is vampire. Batgirl is confuse and just want to save a young girl. Who turns out to be a vampire.

    Good issue, but confusing.

  • Superman and Wonder Woman vs Zod & Farora Hu-UI. Good issue. I was surprised how Superman and Wonder Woman lost to Zod and Farora Hu-UI.

  • Good issue. Kamala Khan discovers what her powers are. I also thought it was funny the way she spoke about Ms Marvel costume.

  • Trish must saved her people, as they are attacked. Also her people come to the surface. I enjoy this issue.