Jack Burton: You can go off and rule the universe from beyond the grave. Lo Pan: Indeed! Jack Burton: Or check into a psycho w...

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Supergirl VS Wonder Woman 2

I became a fan of Supergirl after watching her in Smallville and then watching her in the animated movie Superman/Batman : ApocalypseSupergirl series from the new 52 is one of my favourite DC titles and this issue is my favourite comic from the series.In this issue Superman was fighting H’el, while Supergirl was fighting Wonder Woman. The encounter between these ladies was quite interesting, even though the fight didn’t last long, it was quite encounter.I can certain understand why ...

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Superhero competition 0

Idolized is a mix between The Hunger Games and America Idol. It’s about these talented individuals who compete on live show for fame and fortune. The winner gets to be a member of ‘The Powered Protectors’, who are a super hero team.This series is center around Joule, a very determine young lady who decides to compete in the competition, cause she want to get revenge on the man who destroy her life.The writing in this series is amazing. Season one finish in 2013, I hope there is...

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Best Gambit story ever. 0

One of the best Gambit stories ever written. I mean ever.This stories focusing on Gambit past and his history with Sabretooth. It takes place in the 90’s, when Sabretooth was locked up in the X-Men mansion.Rogue decides to confront Creed, cause she want to know about his history with Gambit. What’s so great about this issue is, is we get to see how charming Gambit can be and how manipulative he can be . We also get to see how evil Sabretoth really is.This was one of the stories that...

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