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The best X-Men characters of 2013

I have decided to make list of the best written X-Men characters 2013. It's little to early to make this list, considering we only in October 2013, I thought it will be nice to make this list. This list maybe updated at the end of the year. The main titles of 2013 are below.

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List items

  • Best X-Men character of 2013. Seeing Jean Grey back in comics has been amazing. Although most of us prefer the old Jean Grey to be back in comics. I really like teen Jean Grey, watching her grown as a character has been pretty cool. The trail of Jean Grey should be a cool story arc. It's after the Battle of Atom story arc.

  • Kitty Pryde is the second best character from All New X-Men. Seeing her taking care of the past X-Men has been pretty cool and I loved her friendship with young Jean Grey

  • Wolverine makes my list, cause of Savage Wolverine and Japan Most Wanted. There both quality titles.

  • Iceman has been written well over the last couple of months.Teen Iceman has been so funny and his interactions with adult Iceman have been so cool. Then in Astonishing X-Men he has taken on Thor. I really hope this year and next year, will be a great time for his character.

  • We have teen Cyclops and adult Cyclops. Adult Cyclops tells the Avengers to go to hell and teen Cyclops is trying to change the future, so he doesn't turn out like adult Cyclops. Both Cyclops have been quite interesting to read about.

  • Jubilee back in the spotlight again, Much like Jean Grey, it's about time. She a mother now and I am interested to see what Brain Wood does with her character.

  • The Man with a misson. Whether Cable in comics, he always has mission. His mission is trying to stop his visions from coming true. He also back with the X-Force, it's where he belongs, it's his team. Not Wolverine or Psylocke.

  • Domino has been a great character in Cable & the X-Force. I loved the fact that she is reunited with Cable. I also loved the fact that she given Cable hard time about, trying to save the world again. I also love her chemistry with Colossus and Boom Boom.

  • Boom Boom is back baby. She reunited with Cable and Domino. I'm so glad she in the spotlight again. It should be fun to see what happens to her. She all about the fun.

  • Hooking up with Domino, ending up in prison. Colossus has made some strange decisions so far and being a member of Cable team is definitely one of them. It's been a lot of fun seeing what happening to Colossus character.

  • Magik been a key member to Cyclops team. You know teleporting the team everywhere. I also like when she team up with Thor.

  • I know some people haven't like what Michael Bendis has done with Emma Frost. I can understand why, crying after losing to Jean Grey in the Battle of Atom story arc. Despite that, Emma had some good moments. Speaking up to Cyclops, her conversation with Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men 2. Then putting Iron Man in his place was pretty cool. I think Bendis will do a better job with Emma Frost, then Matt Fraction and Kieran Gillan. She no longer be Cyclops sex toy or living in his shadows.

  • Tempus is the best new mutant from Cyclops team. Seeing her talk about Captain America in school and then freezing him and The Avengers. Was pretty cool.

  • I have really liked Hope Summers in Cable & the X-Force and I loved how she was reunited with Cable at the start of the series.

  • I have liked Rogue moments with Scarlet Witch in Uncanny Avengers. I'm glad she given Scarlet Witch a hard time, It's about time someone did. I also like her sticking up for Logan, when Captain America was giving him a hard time. I also like her in Brain Wood first X-Men story arc. I thought she was pretty cool in it. I have heard rumours that Rogue will die in Uncanny Avengers, I hope that's not true.

  • Seeing the Cuckoos in the spotlight again is pretty cool and see them reunited with Emma Frost is quite interesting.

  • Beast has annoyed quite a lot of X-Men fans recently and I'm not surprised. He also annoyed a lot of the X-Men characters too. You know bringing the past X-Men to the present. I've liked Beast so far, I like past Beast and present Beast.

  • Its's great seeing Forge in the spotlight again and I am so a happy that he in a team with Cable.

  • I have really liked Doctor Nemesis chemistry with Forge in Cable & the X-Force.

  • Mystique currently disguising herself as Dazzler. I wonder what she has plan. We will see Magneto return to his villian ways. Let's hope so.