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The best X-Men story arcs of 2013

I decided to make a list of the best X-Men story arcs of 2013.

I have listed some individual comics as well as hardcovers

List items

  • This story is the first story arc of All New X-Men. In this story arc, Beast travel to past and brings the past X-Men (the Original 5) to present. Should I say their future. This story arc was really good story and the artwork is amazing.

    Jean Grey finally returns to X-Men comics. She also reads Beast mind, to discovers her future. Shock about her future. She decides to stay in present. The others decides to take a vote and stay in the present too.

  • Another great story from All New X-Men. In this issue Kitty decides to teach Jean about her powers. The chemistry between kitty and teen Jean was amazing. Teen Cyclops steals Wolverine bike and decides to explore the world he living in at the moment. Wolverine goes after him.

    The artwork is this comic was truly amazing.

  • Cable returns and is reunited with Hope, Domino and Boom Boom. This is a great story arc, some great moments between Hope and Cable and Cable and Domino.

  • After breaking out of prison. Cyclops open a new school and recuits new students. This is a good story arc. There some great moments between Cyclops and Emma Frost. Loved there conversation in Uncanny X-Men 2. Who can forget Cyclops telling the Avengers to go to hell in Uncanny X-Men 3. I also thought the new students were pretty cool.

  • Amazing Issue. Really amazing. I loved this issue that much I decided to write a review on it. Here is the link, Please check it out.


  • The X-Ladies finally get there own series and this is the first story arc from the series. Jubilee returns with baby Shogo. She also follow by Sublime and Rogue, Kitty and Storm have to save her. The X-Ladies also have to stop Arkea. This is a good story arc and the artwork is amazing.

  • Kitty, Wolverine and the original 5 take on Sabretooth, Lady Mastermind and Mystique. This was a great Jean Grey comic, she defeats Lady Mastermind and puts Sabretooth and Mystique to sleep.

  • You have to be a fan of Wolverine and Jubilee to like this comic, I am. I thought it was a great issue. Wolverine and Jubilee decides to visit the beach with Shogo.

  • Wolverine returns to the Savage Land. He team up with Shanna. He also takes on tribes people and apes. This is the best story arc from Savage Wolverine. The chemistry between Logan and Shanna is pretty funny.

  • In this issue Wolverine teams up with Elektra on behalf of Kingpin and they have to stop Arbiters. This is great issue with great artwork.

  • Domino and Boom Boom issue. Love the issue. While Domino likes things to go to plan. Boom Boom likes to make it up as she goes and she likes to blow thing up.

  • I listed this, cause it felt more like a story arc, then a series. It was the first digital comic series. It's has 13 chapters. With some amazing artwork. Wolverine takes on Sabretooth and Ninjas etc.

  • I'm sure most X-Men fans would disagree with me on this story arc, as being one the of the best of 213. I can understand why. It defiantly had it's problems.

    There was to many mutants in the story. It felt like a circus at times. I think there was about 5 different versions of the X-Men. In end it felt like there was no point to story arc.

    Having said that I think there were some good chapters from the story arc. The first 2 issues was pretty good. The issue where teen Jean and Teen Scott run off together was pretty good.

    So was the issue where Future Jean (Xorn) takes on Emma Frost.

    I also fought future Jean Grey had some goods moments like taking on Emma Frost, telling Magik to go to hell. I like the story arc, even though it wasn't great.

  • Astonishing X-Men (62 to 65).

    Instead of listing the hardcover. I decided to pick the best cover from the story arc. Iceman finally gets the attention he deserves. Iceman is unleashed and we finally get to see how powerful he really is. He also takes on Thor. This one of the best story arcs of 2013.

  • Peter David finally bring X-Factors Investigations to end. This was a good story arc. I really like the Polaris and Quicksilver issue, as well as Monet and Darwin issue. I thought Rictor and Shatterstar was written really well in this story arc.

  • Uncanny X-Force wasn't a great series in my opinion. There only a few issues from the series I like.

    I thought this comic was pretty good. Psylocke fights Spiral. The conversation between Wolverine and Psylocke was amazing.

  • Nightcrawler returns. Firstar joins the X-Men. The X-Men are teleported through a portal.

    Iceman, Firestar and Storm end up in hell. While Wolverine and Northstar end up in Heaven. It's up to Kurt to save them from pirates and from Azazel. Good story.