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A beautiful, beautiful thing 0

  My copy of Absolute All-Star Superman arrived yesterday. It's the first 'Absolute' edition of a DC comics book I've had as they're normally out of my price range, but a reduced price and some Amazon vouchers meant I could have it.   I already own the book in the two collected volumes, but as it is (in my opinion) the best Superman story ever produced, this version with it's oversized pages and notes from the creative team were a must for me. I'm generally not a Superman fan...

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Can't read it, as much as I want to. 4

Amazing Spider-Man is Marvels flagship book, yet they continue to allow PAUL AZACETA to do the art. Why? It's awful. His art is so bad I can't read the book. When I look at all the great artists Marvel have at their disposal, I am stunned they let this guy draw on ASM. His characters are indistinguishable. Peter Parker never looks the same from one drawing to the next. This style of art went out of fashion in the sixties, and that's where it should stay.  I couldn't tell you anything about the s...

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Flash-tastic! 1

So, I'm new to the Flash. The only other time i've ever been interested in Flash before was this short lived TV series with that guy from Dawsons Creek......      I loved Johns and Manapul on Adventure Comics, the book went rapidly downhill when they left, and rapidly kicked off my pull list. When I found out they'd teamed up again for the Flash I couldn't wait to give it a look over. The first issue was great, and true to form the good stuff continues here.  Manapuls art is fantastic. It really...

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Am I in the minority? 0

I hated this book. hated. Strong word, I know, but it was awful.  It seemed to me as if Tony had made it up in a hurry. He should stick to the art department. This genuinely felt like a filler issue. Just something to pass time until issue 700 comes around.   There's so much good stuff in the (overcrowded) Bat-verse right now, Bat-Girl, Red Robin are two books that have both been handled much better of late than the main title.   As a long time Batman fan I feel the main book has been ignored si...

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Maybe I'm sexist?? 1

I really was looking forward to this book. I have fond childhood memories of this character from my childhood. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid.        I remember Firestar being cheeky, sassy, and fun, so that's what I was looking forward to. It's not what I got. This book was thouroughly depressing. Firestar it seems has been through the mill over the past few years. She's now recovering from cancer, and struggling socially and financially. Her woes d...

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Like the Empire Strikes Back?? You'll love this. 0

Ok, this book doesn't really having a great deal in common with Empire Strikes Back. It does have a twist though, and who doesn't like a twist in their tales?  I have no idea why I picked issue 1 up on this. I have no history on Power girl, had never even heared of her. I'm sooooooo glad i did though. This series has rocked. The art, the story, the whole spirit of the thing. It's a good old fashined FUN comic. A nice diversion from some grim gritter stuff in my pull list.   I love Amanda Conners...

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I paid for this? 0

I actually paid for this comic? It should have been free, and even then it would still get 0.5/5. This is the kind of comic I hate, a cross over. I don't want to read storys that are 'to be continued in.....'. There are several different stories on this book, and they're all continued on other books I don't, and won't buy.  Why can't publishers make event books, and just stick to them? Keep Blackest Night in Blackest Night, keep Last Stand of New Krypton in Last Stand of New Krypton. It's bad fo...

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