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Batman: Arkham City Trailer

I cam across this on the internets yesterday. As a fan of the original game, I can't wait for this sequel. I've just started Arkham Asylum again, to tide me over until the new game comes out.
I can't work out if this video is CGI or live action. Any ideas?  


Help Save My Local Comic Store!!

Local comic shops here in the UK are rare. Good comic shops are even more so. OK Comics in Leeds is one of the best. The shop is small, but has everything a comic geek like me could want.
So, I was really upset today when I found out the shop is in real danger of closing. The reason, some doofus at the company that owns the arcade the shop is based in decided to carry out some construction work which has nigh on killed passing trade. 

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The story has been picked up by the Guardian, and Bleedingcool, but what OK really need is for the good comic book reading people of Yorkshire to go and buy a comic or two.
So, if you're a good northern soul (or any other kind), please pop by and help save OK comics!

The Problem with Digital Comics

As an iPhone user I have an interest in digital comics. Never as a replacement for paper media, I'm old school. I like my comics printed. While I've always called myself a comic book reader, rather than a collector, I do like to have a physical comic, and I do have a 'collection'.
I think there's a unique place for digital comics, but only if the companies involved get it right. The opportunity to buy comics on the move, while on holiday, away on business, and any number of situations where you were previously without a comic store is a good thing right?
Currently my iPhone is home to several comic related apps; Comixology which I use to preview up coming releases and build my pull lists, Collectorz Comic database for keeping track of what I own, and most relevant to this blog Comics by Comixology.
Comics is (in my opinion) the leading app for reading comics on the iPhone/iPad. It works great. Easy to use. I like it, as an app at least. 
The only thing that puts me off is pricing.

I started reading Astonishing X-Men through the Comics app. Bought a few issues, at £1.19 per issue. By the time I'd bought five the amount I'd spent had sunk it, so I decided to check out Amazon to see what the TPB for the first volume would cost. I could get a new copy for £6.18 with free shipping. 
The equivalent from Comics on iPhone would have cost me £7.14. So I'm only paying a pound more, but I'm not getting anything physical. There's no paper cost, no printing/manufacturing cost, no shipping cost, no storage cost. Surely it should be a lot cheaper?
If digital comics are to succeed we need to see a reduction in costs from the big publishers. Typically marvel issues costs £1.19, while
smaller publishers are as low as £0.59. Alternatively there may be other ways to make digital comics more appealing, such as;
  • Provide unique codes in printed editions that offer discounts on digital copies of the same book
  • Offer complete volumes (the equivalent of a digital TPB) at a lower cost
  • Sell vouchers/gift cards for digital comics (similar to iTunes cards) through local comic stores. This will also help comic retailers maintain their business
  • Tie in digital comics to online services such as Marvel Digital - who wants to pay twice, or three times if you buy printed copies??
Whether you're a fan or not, digital comics are here, and here to stay.  While I don't see them ever replacing printed media, I do think they can help the comic book industry grow, which is good for those of us that are already here. I just hope the publishers don't bite the hands that feed them by getting too greedy.    

Ash Ruins Thursday!

Thursday. Not only is it one day away from Friday and the start of the weekend, it's also the day the comic book fans of the UK get our collective paws on comics from over the pond. Not this week though. 
The reason. Ash. Ash! From a volcano! How completely annoying is that?  Here I am busting to get a hold of Ultimate Spidey, only to have my hopes dashed by some smoke and lava in the northern atlantic. Are there no virgins in Greenland? Can't we throw one in? Surely, a goat, a cow? Anything to appease the volcano gods? 
Some of our ex-colonial brothersand sisters from those United States are concerned for our well being. Jim Lee has to come and help out UK retailers once flights are up and running. He did this via his Twitter page.  Some concerned Americans think we're living under constant darkness cast by a cloud of thick ash. Rest assured lovely people, we're all good. Suns been out most of this month, however my car is a bit mucky if anyone is concerned enough to want to come clean it? 
Will we lasta whole week without fresh comics from the US? Stay tuned.



Crossovers are driving me mad. The last two issues of Action comics are completely useless on their own. You need to buy all the other 'Super' books to keep up. I just wanted to read a Superboy story, but no, I'm thrown into Last Stand of New Krypton. Something I have no interest in at all.  the result, I cancelled Action in pure frustration.
Crossovers are not good for comic fans. If you are interested in these mega size story arcs, then you have to buy a zillion books, if you're not interested, then your monthly books are trampled on every now and then. Either way we're losing out.  
You might be asking why I bought Action. well, there aren't that many comic shops here in the UK, so I get all of mine from a store 200 miles away. They come once a month through the post. I don't have the luxury of going to a comic store every week to see what looks good. So, I have to choose in advance, and generally have a pull list which has been the same books for a number of years now. 
There is a sollution. Keep all of the big event books self contained.  Leave the regular monthly titles alone.