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BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on the continuing saga of Barry Allen – The Fastest Man Alive! The Flash continues his investigation into the “Dastardly Death of the Rogues” as the case takes a dramatic turn and Barry corners a suspect...and can’t believe who it is!


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"Um. Be right back." 0

The new Flash series continues with issue #2.  When Cops who look like rogues show up, blaming Flash for a murder that hasn't even happened yet, will they be successful in their attempts to arrest him?  What You Need To Know Barry Allen is back.  He's working both under and over the mask.  Cops from the 25th Century arrive to arrest the Flash.    The Good. Geoff Johns continues his strong writing, highlighting some excellent moments in Barry Allen's life.   The Flash does some pretty amazing thi...

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Review: Flash #2 0

The Reverse-Flash Task Force (RFTF) has accused Barry "The Flash" Allen of murdering Mirror Monarch (a futuristic version of Mirror Master), and Flash must do what he can to prove his innocence.   The Good What isn't good about this comic? Where to start. Francis Manapul, once again, has hit a home run with his artwork. I feel that his style fits the Barry Allen character better than any of the other books he does, and I also love how he draws the rogues. The story is incredibly entertaini...

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For me Barry got caught in a big traffic jam. 0

    We start this issue out exactly where left off in the last. Barry is being accused of murdering Mirror Monarch from the future. Commander Cold throws this snow flake at Barry, which could've turned the city into an apocalyptic ice land. Barry stops it and the Renegades go back to the future. Unfortunately the Renegades caused an apartment building to collapse on their exit. Barry saves everyone and rebuilds them a new one in no time. At Iron Heights Penitentiary Captain Boomerang is being be...

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