DC Egyptian Superheroes

Superheroes of the DC universe with an ancient Egyptian origin.

List items

  • Originally the Egyptian prince Khufu. His soul, along with his lover's, is constantly reincarnated and exposed to Nth metal.

  • The constantly reincarnated soul of Egyptian princess Chay-Ara. Each reincarnation is exposed to Nth metal and falls in love with Hawkman.

  • Dan Garrett's powers came from a scarab he found as an archeologist in Egypt. Later, it's discovered that it was alien technology.

  • Dr. Fate's power comes from a helmet and amulet inhabited by the spirit of Nabu, a ancient Egyptian sorcerer. Later, it was discovered that Nabu was an exiled Lord of Order.

  • An Egyptian that received the power of Shazam. Usually villainous, but he has been a hero in the past.

  • Given as a gift to Black Adam, she later received the amulet of a woman Pharaoh which let her transform into Isis. She married Black Adam and they fought crime together.

  • Osiris receives his power from Black Adam. Like his benefactor, Osiris walks the line between heroics and villainy.

  • Originally an archeologist, Rex Mason was transformed by exposure to the Orb of Ra.

  • Originally an ancient Egyptian prince. Thoth granted him the Ibistick, an artifact of great power.

  • A sect of Amazons that left Thermyscira and founded a city in Egypt.