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Items, boons and benefits from Rp Interactions

Black Flame Blade v2

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A unique sword made from the battle with @ragman1138 , it is synthesized from a multitude of different energy signatures and a variety of edged weapons. It is a very sturdy weapon that is laminated in pitch black fire. It can cut through constructs, projectiles and barriers without much difficulty. An effective weapon against summons. He can use this edged weapon as a medium for one of his skills, seemingly blending/collecting energies to create semi-solid shapes. It is his 'stone soup'


  • Sever Shield: An aggressive defensive move where he sets a perimeter, usually set for counter offense. Similar to 'cross the line' anyone that passes will have something removed.
    • Alternatively a stabbing variation can also be performed
  • Raven's Breeze: A move where he will swiftly travel past the opponent, repositioning himself several meters behind the enemy's back. Like a carpet bombing the effect follows a delay, but instead of explosions a multitude of cuts takes place.
    • Cuts can be delayed to disrupt projectiles
    • Cuts can be set to converge to create a 'grinding effect'
  • Claw the Dust: A single swipe that reduces his opponents into square cutlets that will fragment in an omnidirectional pattern, provided that they are in range and that they can be severed by his sword.

His sword skill has progressed to an extent whereas his slashes are often mistaken for magic, in that regard it is true but instead of being cast from mana it is cast from his precision. Cutting through armor, hillstones, and even a mountain in one notable case, as the blade swung chopping off the tops of three several.

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Albert uses the pommel of his sword as a bludgeoning implement, the point for piercing and the edge for purposes related to cutting/striking/striking. He counterattacks quickly, his attacks are tight and focused. He sometimes fight in tandem with a buckler, a cloak or a dagger generated by the eye. Using superior skill to triumph brute force, enacted like a dance, with an eye for the strategies being employed by the assailants.

Eye of the many rings

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After the battle with Leon that follows after Las Vegas he had assimilated parts of his DNA, with that he has gained a very interesting bio-artifact in the form of an unusual eye. His opponent attempted to 'seal' the move within his body, to honor that notion the eye is instead grafted elsewhere. It is fused with his aforementioned Black Flame Blade. With this eye of many rings it is given the property of 'Reality Alteration'

That trait is used in conjunction with the basic design of the blade, manifesting its ideals into reality. Such that he can cut through time and space should he insists. Also 'Illusions' will fall on futility when he is using this blade, as the eye of many rings sees through false realities as it can bend the actual one.

Unlike most people given that power he simply applies it in more direct manners such as the nullification of undesirable enemy abilities by sheer force of will. He can kill immortals with an impunity because of this by disrupting their whole notion of immortality.

With the thrust of his blade he can create projectiles that span for near-infinite ranges, in a principle that works similar to a light-gun in a token arcade. He likes to convert his killing intent into bestial manifestations that can inflict physical and mental damage.

  1. A scatter shot of three beasts that spread out in different directions
  2. An automatic fire of three beasts in a row that charges forward
  3. A singular gigantic beast that charges forward, it is very powerful

The eye is said to have the abilities to cast false realities, bad dreams, astral properties and domain over elements. Yet he focuses on its purely combative aspects.


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After fighting Sakon (thelostsoul65) at peak industries his blade gained a poisonous affinity that had brought upon 'death air', which can cause decay in non-enhanced beings. It his highly contagious as it uses the air as its vector.

Effects have varied in caustic, or even maddening. In general it is unpleasant and not for the faint of body. From the black flame that burns this is the black smoke that it creates.