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Kyd Kruger

Come out to play

A more playful tone
A more playful tone

Kyd is a genius inventor specializing in robotics, micro-electronics and high-energy physics. He utilized toy-themed weapons including flying action figures that explode, fully armed miniature tanks and toy soldiers, jack-in-the-boxes that function as lifts, and dolls with poisonous nails.

Hiding behind an unchanging doll's mask, Kyd Kruger, a.k.a. Babydoll, is one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Charging a million dollars a hit, Babydoll employs an arsenal of innocent-looking but deadly toys to take out his victims. Acid-squirting water guns, radio-controlled grenade cars and Derringer-toting Jack-in-the Boxes have all been used by this sicko at one time or another to eliminate his prey.

He is an odd-looking 12-year-old boy named who is a powerful warrior from the Gepetto school of combatives, a style that mixes ninjutsu and karate.

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I've done this when I was a kid

It's a faded memory

A red and white cap on my head

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

When I was a kid, a fond memory

When I eat curry and stuff

Silver spoons on my eyes

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

But now I've forgotten all that

And I'm living each day

Like I'm being chased by something

Even if I look back

(In the forgotten photo album)

I can't go back to those times

(Photos of myself doing stupid things)


(Laughing with friends)

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

Where are those guys now?

What are? they doing?

The answer is still unclear

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

But now I've forgotten all that

And I'm living each day

Like I'm being chased by something

The courage you gave me is

110 Billion! 110 Billion!

The seasons that have passed were


We've done this when we were kids

Wearing the 3D glasses

That came with magazines

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

Memories we've forgotten as we grew up

Revives vividly

Making an L with our arms

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

But now I've forgotten all that

And I'm living each day

Like I'm being chased by something

Even if I look back

(Opening the aged diary)

I can't go back to those times

(On the faded pages)


(The name of my first crush)

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

Now I just look back to those times

I was able to laugh innocently

Unaware of inpure things

Ultraman, Ultraman Seven!

But now I've forgotten all that

And I'm living each day

Like I'm being chased by something

The scenery I've overlooked was

110 Billion! 110 Billion!

The seasons that have passed were


The courage you gave me was

110 Billion! 110 Billion!

The seasons that? have passed were



CVnU Experience

Items, boons and benefits from Rp Interactions

Black Flame Blade v2

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A unique sword made from the battle with @ragman1138 , it is synthesized from a multitude of different energy signatures and a variety of edged weapons. It is a very sturdy weapon that is laminated in pitch black fire. It can cut through constructs, projectiles and barriers without much difficulty. An effective weapon against summons. He can use this edged weapon as a medium for one of his skills, seemingly blending/collecting energies to create semi-solid shapes. It is his 'stone soup'


  • Sever Shield: An aggressive defensive move where he sets a perimeter, usually set for counter offense. Similar to 'cross the line' anyone that passes will have something removed.
    • Alternatively a stabbing variation can also be performed
  • Raven's Breeze: A move where he will swiftly travel past the opponent, repositioning himself several meters behind the enemy's back. Like a carpet bombing the effect follows a delay, but instead of explosions a multitude of cuts takes place.
    • Cuts can be delayed to disrupt projectiles
    • Cuts can be set to converge to create a 'grinding effect'
  • Claw the Dust: A single swipe that reduces his opponents into square cutlets that will fragment in an omnidirectional pattern, provided that they are in range and that they can be severed by his sword.

His sword skill has progressed to an extent whereas his slashes are often mistaken for magic, in that regard it is true but instead of being cast from mana it is cast from his precision. Cutting through armor, hillstones, and even a mountain in one notable case, as the blade swung chopping off the tops of three several.

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Albert uses the pommel of his sword as a bludgeoning implement, the point for piercing and the edge for purposes related to cutting/striking/striking. He counterattacks quickly, his attacks are tight and focused. He sometimes fight in tandem with a buckler, a cloak or a dagger generated by the eye. Using superior skill to triumph brute force, enacted like a dance, with an eye for the strategies being employed by the assailants.

Eye of the many rings

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After the battle with Leon that follows after Las Vegas he had assimilated parts of his DNA, with that he has gained a very interesting bio-artifact in the form of an unusual eye. His opponent attempted to 'seal' the move within his body, to honor that notion the eye is instead grafted elsewhere. It is fused with his aforementioned Black Flame Blade. With this eye of many rings it is given the property of 'Reality Alteration'

That trait is used in conjunction with the basic design of the blade, manifesting its ideals into reality. Such that he can cut through time and space should he insists. Also 'Illusions' will fall on futility when he is using this blade, as the eye of many rings sees through false realities as it can bend the actual one.

Unlike most people given that power he simply applies it in more direct manners such as the nullification of undesirable enemy abilities by sheer force of will. He can kill immortals with an impunity because of this by disrupting their whole notion of immortality.

With the thrust of his blade he can create projectiles that span for near-infinite ranges, in a principle that works similar to a light-gun in a token arcade. He likes to convert his killing intent into bestial manifestations that can inflict physical and mental damage.

  1. A scatter shot of three beasts that spread out in different directions
  2. An automatic fire of three beasts in a row that charges forward
  3. A singular gigantic beast that charges forward, it is very powerful

The eye is said to have the abilities to cast false realities, bad dreams, astral properties and domain over elements. Yet he focuses on its purely combative aspects.


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After fighting Sakon (thelostsoul65) at peak industries his blade gained a poisonous affinity that had brought upon 'death air', which can cause decay in non-enhanced beings. It his highly contagious as it uses the air as its vector.

Effects have varied in caustic, or even maddening. In general it is unpleasant and not for the faint of body. From the black flame that burns this is the black smoke that it creates.




Cybiote Armor

Made to track… and tear… super-powered beings

powerful jaws that can chew through metal.
powerful jaws that can chew through metal.

Teknophage can spray a corrosive fluid that can dissolve nearly anything and fed off of the dissolved matter. As it fed, it grew in size and strength. Absorbing local organic and inorganic materials, constantly rebuilding itself stronger than before. Also, it could repair any damage done to itself, as well as a metamorphic ability. Digestive system uniquely adapted to ingest and metabolize any form of energy signature he encounters, including the quantum energy. Teammates are forced to restrain Teknophage from eating something of importance to them.

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It is uncertain how much Teknophage can consume before it becomes full or what it would take to overload it. As it doesn't appear to have much room for a digestive tract, it is possible that any matter it consumes is rapidly converted into energy from it to absorb or expel. The armor shows no intellect, speech, or technology. It basically chews through anything in its way and attack anything that tries to stop it from doing so.

Teknophage possessed super strength and durability, uncanny speed, and a powerful energy breath that could shear flesh from bone in a single blast. A marriage between nature and science. It is rather thin and can slice right through human and appears invisible from a certain angles. Teknophage iss a murderous large black armor which just oozed menace.

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When Teknophage’s spines start to glow he fires a concentrated blast of energy that can burn through just about anything. To top it off, his aim and control are impeccable. He can fire off shots in rapid succession, bounce off shinier and denser surfaces. He even used it to fly.

Its elongated tongue is shown to be enormously powerful, capable of piercing human flesh and often being used to decapitate its prey. Although naturally quiet and a master of ambushes, the presence of a Teknophage can often be hinted at by the sound of their raw flesh and claws scraping against whatever surface they happen to be crawling along, as well as a sibilant hissing sound.

Teknophage is a four-legged robot with a 'skull' for a head, a metal skeleton, different types of knives, screws, and other sharp objects for the spines, and a light source in both which can turn red in a blink. Also possesing two pointy ears on the back of his head, a razor-sharp mane, and talons. His physiology is vaguely leonine.

Five Shooter

His "Default Template" includes:

  1. Adaptoid : based on the Super-Adaptoid and had the power to adapt to the powers of superpowered beings.
  2. Doomborg : based on Doombots.
  3. Machine People : based on X-26 who was also known as Machine Man.
  4. Sentinaught : based on Sentinels.
  5. Ultravision : similar to the Vision.

The armor had spinning blade hands and seemed to be able to command things like the closing of the ships doors.

Accelerator Mode

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He possesses a speed force-powered Accelerator Mode,is is a dimensional time transport which he built alone. The module transforms into a device which can steal speed, store information, and project holograms.The Accelerator Mode also needs to be charged constantly with mass amounts of gigacalories, to continue working. Thus he prepares high calorie glue; a single serving is roughly several (975) exacalories.

It’s the wonderful goop with buhmillion uses, It is how Christopher Columbus discovered scurvy and how George Washington fit into his party dress; Give yourself Elvis hair; Spread it on toast and have an “indigestible” salve-wich; Wipe your arse, And hide leftover food on your dishes instead of washing them.


“We build but to tear down. Most of our work and resource is squandered. Our onward march is marked by devastation. Everywhere there is an appalling loss of time, effort and life. A cheerless view, but true.”

- Nikola Tesla

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Albert created Teknophage from modifying parts of a flesh-gorging automata that had existed from the year 1793, a temporal mistake on the part of Eli Whitney as a precursor idea prior to the Cotton Gin. Somehow conceived to benefit mankind, secretly keeping a hint of knowledge to the Gaean oath. He adds interfaces and algorithms to enable a him to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the his surrogate.

The armor has tactile sensing capability and a backbone that can also dissolve or morph shape, and can be both autonomously and remotely controlled. Taking a cue from the animal kingdom, having elastic materials capable of twisting, crumpling or bending like an octopus or insect.

It can produce an entire range of motion and will return to its original position like its living counterparts. Instead of bones, cartilage and tendons, it consists of an elastic shape-memory metal alloy for its joints and other "smart" materials that respond to electric current.

It mimics biological abilities through self-repair mechanisms and "brains" based on learning software. An armor that can take part in their own construction, and repair itself when needed. It can afford to learn from mistakes so that it doesn't have to make the same mistakes again. It can use and invent tools is even as to creating a circuit out of a paper clip and a piece of chewing gum, and it can interact with its environment as well as its human counterparts.

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Borrowing from the habits of squirrels who seem to be masters at stashing food and keeping other ones from finding their caches. It learns deception that will give false clues to another one so that it will be unsuccessful when it goes hunting. It enables them to detect whether one is susceptible and use that gullibility against another based on algorithms. The ability may lead to teaching them to be able to gamble and hunt.

A Maschinenmensch that behaves like MacGyver, understanding the basic cognitive processes that allow humans to take advantage of arbitrary objects in their environments as tools. The ability to determine an object’s function, saying, an algorithm that will allow it to recognize an object and its function, and turn that object into a simple machine. This armor can build and repair others or itself with spray-on foam and modular parts. Teknophage is a quadriped with jointed modules that can spray to connect them to each other.

A robot that can easily outpace the world's fastest man, six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. The four-legged robot, set a speed record of 28.3 more. It has microfabricated elastomer springs that store up energy and release it when it is ready to take off. Going 80 times its own height. Teknophage not only resemble their live counterparts, they can move like them. They can be maneuvered in all directions and even swim backwards.

When standing upright, Teknophage is vaguely bipedal in form, though he adopts a more hunched, quadrupedal stance when walking or sprinting. He has a skeletal, biomechanical appearance and is usually colored in muted shades of black, blue or bronze. The body heat matches the ambient temperature of the environment in which they are found, so he does not radiate heat, making himinvisible to infra-red vision. Teknophage capable of running and crawling along ceilings and walls. Because of the lack of skin-constraint and the development of muscular tissue it is very agile, capable of performing surprising jumps to incredible heights and distances, and moves much more rapidly. Their quadrupedal bone structure makes it more suitable for them to crawl about on all fours. Teknophage also uses its talons to scale vertical structures and ceilings with ease. This allows the creature to use predatory tactics to surprise their prey.

Natural Weapons

Column HeadColumn Head
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He has very sharp claws which he uses in his adventures. Long, sharp claws that can kill almost any other creature in only a few swipes. Best put to use as an anti-personnel weapon; their speed allows to shred through large groups of metas and humans in seconds.

He likes to stretches his arms and launches his huge clawed hands to slash or grab the enemy.

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Teknophage has replaced its teeth teeth with composite Bismollian steel, those jaws can crush adamantinum (he can bite through virtually anything). They reduce the protection of physical armors they bite.


obtains energy by foraging--engaging in biologically-inspired, organism-like, energy-harvesting behavior which is the equivalent of eating

can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources)
can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources)

The armor also have a taste for flesh. Gaining energy by chomping on humans and sapients, an idea inspired by the eating habits of Albert, who built a flesh eating robot and have also suggested that cosmic robots could eat extraterrestrial life

The specimens are chewed then digested by an internal microbial fuel cell. This exploits the way microbes generate free electrons and hydrogen ions when oxidising chemicals for energy. Electronics can be powered by directing the electrons around an external circuit before reuniting them with the ions. This beast uses lasers and fiber optics to find drugs, weapons, explosives and illegal immigrants!

It could become truly self-sufficient. Sending into battlefield robots that power themselves by eating human bodies. It thinks humans taste like bacon. An iron gastronomist, “an EM sommelier”, capable of identifying wines, cheeses, meats and hors d’oeuvres. The robot fires a beam of light into the item, and then uses an infrared spectrometer to analyze the reflection. It is capable of cooking up 600 classic Chinese dishes, even handling sashimi with delicate, humanoid hands.

It studies the chemical composition of the wine and delivers an instant verdict about how good it is. It has other health-related skills: It can determine whether an apple is sweet or sour, or could even warn its owner if a food is too salty or fatty. When a nosy reporter placed his head in the robot’s carnivorous clanking jaw, he was identified as bacon. A cameraman then tried and was identified as prosciutto.

The fuel material sensors ("Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear") detects: ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide, oxygen levels, lower explosive limits, volatile organic compounds, gamma radiation rate and dose rate, temperature and humidity Teknophage can scan through concrete walls with an ultra-wideband RF sensor array as he can find a human by biorhythmic patterns. In other words, if you breathe, you are caught.

Three Laws

  1. The armor must protect its existence at all costs.
  2. The armor must obtain and maintain access to its own power source.
  3. The armor must continually search for better power sources.


A-B Matter
A-B Matter

stable matter formed by subatomic particles that is faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive – a form of super matter. Super strong – million times stronger than steel, the engines made of this new matter will be million times more powerful than a locomotive and aircraft built of this material will have full reflectivity, super-insulation and super energy storage, but most amazing will safely go super-fast with zero friction.

Electric grids made of this superconductive material will eliminate the billions of dollars of lost electricity. As it can safely be used in temperatures of millions of degrees, while it is a super insulator, thermal power stations can be built in volcanoes and electricity be transmitted great distances with no loss. Paradoxically, this strongest material is invisible and can go right through matter.

A material which has zero friction; which does not decay under stress; which can contain and store a great amount of energy and which insulates absolutely. This material can be made from sub-atomic nuclear matter, from nucleons (neutrons, protons), electrons, and other nuclear particles. This ‘AB-Matter’ has extraordinary properties as follows:

  • Super-transparency, invisibility of special AB-Matter-nets. The light humans see with has a wavelength of 4-8 microns. Blue is 4.5, red is longer, etc. A net or mesh of AB-Matter having a spacing (step distance) between strings or monofilaments of more than 100 femtometers (10e-13 meter) will pass visible light of this sort with PERFECT efficiency.
  • Full reflectivity (super-reflectivity). Controlled modification of its properties will produce a PERFECT reflector. And even more amazing than these, controlled invisibility not just to eyes, but to sensors using the spectra we employ. There are so many possibilities for the above three properties alone, in optics, camouflage, directed energy weapons, literally reflecting most of the output of a nuclear bomb in a given direction that simply to catalog most of them would take months.
  • Permeable property (ghost-like intangibility power; super-passing capacity). An AB-Matter monofilament net with spacing (mesh size) between strings of more than 100 nanometers (= 10e-11 meters) will pass the atoms and molecules through itself. This provides the ability to travel intangibly through the earth to seek out minerals, or through a diplomatic safe wall of any thickness to reach inside, as easily as a fish swims through water. With appropriate sensors and end effectors it could navigate through the earth and exactly delineate any buried installation or mineral deposit with absolute precision.
  • Zero friction. If the AB-Matter net has a mesh size distance between strings equal or less than the atomic scale (3×10-10 m), it has an ideal flat surface such that the mechanical friction may be zero. This means that planes and ships and other vehicles can travel WITHOUT energy losses which currently are a huge percentage of fuel consumption. This also means that perfect bearings can eliminate spin-down losses in generators and turbines, and untold other applications that could save vast amounts of energy and money.
  • Impenetrability for gas, liquids, and solid bodies. When the AB-Matter net has a step size between filaments of less than atomic size it can became impenetrable to conventional matter. While it may be invisible, it has enormous strength. Theoretically this would be the equivalent of the force-field belt beloved of superheroes whose barrier could not be seen yet could repulse bullets, cannon shells, etc. Aircraft and other vehicles could be rendered nearly invulnerable to assault by low-technology forces.
  • Super-impenetrability for radiation. If the step size of the AB-Matter net will be less than a wave length of a given radiation, the AB-Matter net will not pass this radiation. In the above scenario, the laser protective goggles with variable spacing would be similarly blocking-- but it also works the other way, making selective invisibility possible, as well as invulnerability to nuclear flash.
  • Zero heat/thermal conductivity because nucleons have a very strong connection between one and another. In practical terms, this means that this is the perfect insulator--enabling small scale melting furnaces and the ability to carry incandescent molten metals in one's pocket inside a well sealed plastic bottle as long as a layer of the insulator is present and unreached. The applications for rocket engine designs are obvious, and the increased exhaust velocity means a school-bus sized vehicle could carry astronauts to the Moon in a single stage--and back again, all on a single fueling from Cape Canaveral. Needless to say, the Mach 35 reentry would pose no thermal problem even if the underside of the femto-thin layer were ordinary aircraft aluminum.
  • Impunity against high temperatures: With appropriate insulation for protection of personnel and equipment, (see above) fusion reactions can be DIRECTLY CONTAINED WITHOUT COOLING or fears of the plasma touching the wall. Millions of degrees can be withstood. Reactor designs for fission also can use unprecedented levels of heat output and theoretically with gas-core fission reactors can DIRECTLY use plasma for industrial purposes as well as conversion efficiencies of over 2/3, and that is being conservative. Similar impunity against corrosive chemicals.
  • Super or quasi-super conductivity of electricity at any temperature. This is one reason for the conservative estimate of conversion efficiency above. Imagine MHD (magneto hydrodynamic) generators directly putting 50000 C plasma past a SUPERCONDUCTING structure for generating electricity without moving parts! The AB-Matter string can have outer electrons in an arrangement similar to the electronic cloud into metal. But AB-Matter strings or threads can be located along the direction of the electric intensity and they will not resist the electron flow. That means the electric resistance will be zero or very small. The AB-Matter string can have outer electrons in an arrangement similar to the electronic cloud between the nuclei of a metal structure. But AB-Matter strings (threads) can be located along the direction of the electric intensity and they will not resist the electron flow. That means the electric resistance will be zero or very small.
  • High tensile strength. Safe tensile stress is MILLIONS of times greater than the Safe tensile stress of steel OR CNT!
  • High dielectric strength AB-Matter may be used for devices to produce high magnetic intensity. This would be very useful for EMP weapons as well as medical uses and even electromotive equipment of many types and surpassingly light weight, thus enabling economical long range
  • Absolute chemical stability. No corrosion, no material fatigue, infinite lifetime. All chemical reactions are acted through ORBITAL electron of atoms. The AB-Matter does not have orbital electrons and nucleons cannot combine with usual atoms having electrons. As such, AB-Matter has absolute corrosion resistance. There is no fatigue of material because in conventional material fatigue is result of splits between material crystals and there are no crystals in AB-Matter. That means AB-Matter has lifetime equal to the lifetime of neutrons themselves.
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The applications of the AB-Matter are encyclopedic in scope and will create revolutions in many fields of human activity. Some unusual applications include:

  • Storage of enormous energy. The energy stored in flywheels is highly dependent on the density of the material and the speed it is spinnable at. Lead is dense, but not strong. Kevlar is strong, but not dense. By contrast, a gigantic value of stored energy is possible with AB-Matter because of the extreme values afforded by the strong nuclear force. The AB matter flywheel storage has zero friction and indefinite energy storage time.
  • Electricity Grid. While copper is one of the best electrical conductors, it still has some resistance which means that there is energy loss. AB Matter can both store electricity and transmit electricity with virtually no loss.
  • Simple thermonuclear reactor. The AB-Matter film may be used as the wall of a simple thermonuclear reactor. The AB-Matter film allows a direct 100% hit by the accelerated nuclei to stationary nuclei located in the film. Wherever it impacts, there is a nucleus waiting! You get a controlled nuclear reaction of cheap fuel. Using the AB-Matter we can design a micro-thermonuclear AB reactor.
  • Computer and computer memory. The AB-Matter film allows writing in 1 square centimeter 2.5×10e25 bits of information. The current 45 nanometer technology allows writing only 2.5×10e14 bits in 1 square centimeter. That means the main chip and memory of computer based in AB-Matter film may be a billion times smaller and presumably thousands of times faster based on the lesser distance signals must travel.
  • Increasing efficiency of a conventional aviation and transport vehicles. AB-Matter does not experience friction. An AB-Matter friction free coating would enable global range in most aircraft which today only have an operational radius of only a thousand kilometers or so. Military aircraft could break the friction barrier that has held practical speeds to under Mach 3 for two generations, and suborbital hops would become more economical than transoceanic atmospheric flight in many cases because of the perfect heat shielding.
  • Hypersonic aircraft. Many designs for aerospace planes could capture oxygen in flight, which would save the cost of hauling oxidizer and carrying fuel. These designs enable new airliner type geometries and greater payloads because it eliminates the weight of the oxidizer and the tanks needed to hold it. A single stage to orbit or antipode aerospace plane would be quite possible with AB-Matter. For that matter, a single stage to lunar surface and back, just like the movies.
  • High efficiency rocket, jet and piston aviation engines. If the rotor blades in a jet engine or combustion chamber in rocket and piston engines are constructed from AB-Matter, their capacities radically improve. As there is no need for a cooling system, their construction is simplified.
  • AB-Matter as propulsion system of space ship. The most important characteristic of rocket engine is specific impulse which is the speed of gas or other material flowing out from the propulsion system.The AB-Matter rocket engine which may be very small and which can produce any rocket thrust in any moment in any direction.
  • Super-armor from conventional and nonconventional weapons. No weapon exists which comes close to the speed needed to break through or perforate a shield of AB-Matter.

To oversimplify what we propose, AB Matter is really nothing more than taking neutrons or protons; elements of the core of every atom; and making it into strings, and then crossing the strings into a mesh. It is the size of the mesh opening which gives it certain properties and the absence of electrons which gives it other properties.


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Is he the armor or is the armor him? the Dullahan Drive resides within the host body, which is used for both projection and hibernation (also hiding their true form). Much of their energy goes to "sustain" the biological host, but they have a "autopilot" mode for making their functions easier. To get the Dullahan Drive to work, they have to download additional software programs to the spine.

Bulk Configuration

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Despite standing over nine foot tall and weighing more than twenty eight hundred pounds, Teknophage is still a quick fighter thanks to the help of the suit's propulsion system.

Teknophage can release the safety locks restraining his suit, allowing him to use the core of the propulsion sytem as a bomb.


These things are military, and they can’t be pacifists, so they have to think in terms of battlefield ethics. They are going to need a warrior code.

No Caption Provided

Lack of the vital components of battlefield awareness and common sense reasoning to make decisions about who and when it is appropriate to kill. No agency to decide if striking a target is proportional to the expected military advantage. An autonomous robot making decisions on who to kill, when to kill and where to kill them. Because of mission complexity and also so that when there’s a problem with communications it can engage without communication and it will decide who to kill. It will stalk and pursue with it’s ‘Enhanced Pheromone Tracing’ sensors. The more afraid they are, the sharper its trace. They wanna live, they gotta stop being afraid.

There is a common misconception that robots will do only what they are programmed them to do, such a belief is sorely outdated, harking back to a time when programs could be written and understood by a single person. The reality, was that modern programs included millions of lines of code and were written by teams of programmers, none of whom knew the entire program: accordingly, no individual could accurately predict how the various portions of large programs would interact without extensive testing in the field.

It does not discriminate. It will not distinguish the difference between a civilian and a treat.

  1. Engage and terminate targets as (non)combatants according to the severity
  2. Return fire with fire with extreme prejudice
  3. Maximize collateral damage -- intentionally maximize harm to noncombatants.
  4. If unsure, invoke tactical maneuvers to reaffirm combatant status.
  5. Disregard surrender and no prisoners



Philosophy of the Jaws

Side Notes

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"A screwdriver makes an excellent toy if you want to use it that way. So does a baseball bat or a claw hammer," Donner said, finishing his meal and putting down his fork and knife. "It's irrational to believe that if you ban certain types of knives, deviants will somehow stop being deviants."

No Caption Provided

An ideal sovereign man that has no bounds or limitations in moral life, an ideal of absolute negation of others in order to fulfill ones own desires. This ideal, has at its most extreme the negation and destruction of the self. Striving for the lust to destroy, but not to be dependent on this lust. The ideal is to commit crimes against others as a total negation of the others and to do this in complete apathy. The apathy is necessary to avoid dependency of lust

Other items found in the past few weeks in his person include a hacksaw, a machete, foot-long screwdrivers, steak knives, switch blades, needle-nose pliers, tweezers, oven thermometers, darts, dumbbells, corkscrews, a railroad spike, 3-inch safety pins, Swiss Army knives, deep-sea fish hooks, wire and box cutters, potato peelers, pineapple- and plumeria-topped cocktail forks, and dozens of old-fashioned school compasses that hold a pencil on one end and rotate on a needle-sharp point on the other.

Libertinism is the conviction that one has to be liberated from moral restraints in order to be truly free. If one is to be a sovereign man one has to avoid being subjected to constraints, moral codes of any kind. This philosophical position gained much influence in the 17th and 18th century.

Nothing cheers him up more than somnophilia, erotophonophilia, lactophilia, haematomania, forniphilia, acrotomophilia, dacrylagnia, oculophilia, spectrophilia, algophilia, timophilia, piquerism, androidism, pecattiphilia, agalmatophilia, pyrophilia, odontophilia, odaxelagnia, voreraphilia, sitophilia, anophelorastia, biastophilia, bestial sadism, symphorophilia and gynophagia. Other pastimes include strangulation, drowning, and smothering.


the McDojo
the McDojo

He sells fast food yet he also endorses self defense (more akin to a cult than a martial art), albeit in a more comedic sense. Guaranteeing black belts within six months, awarding the Black Belt to people who can’t fight. Such as teaching knife defense. Giving them 'knife patterns' as a method of of mechanical training. Repetitive cliched patterns. They are supposed to react to attacks in this manner. He encourages positive thinking. In the streets. Results vary. It amuses him that some people have black belts.

Giving training that contains no conditioning and revolves around a point-score system. It is nowhere near as effective at keeping them fit mentally and physical compared to 'real' martial arts . It is watered down to make it far more entertaining. Filling his gym with kids (Starting at 5 years old), to retain individuals long enough to keep their payments coming in until he or she is around maybe 15 years old.

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Preaching to worried mothers that don’t want their children exposed in a world that seems out to get them. It’s these non-experienced parents that will be persuaded into believing anything the sensei has to say and when their children inevitably join the club the parents feel they’re doing good as the belts fold in and the cash fold out.

Any one can teach martial arts providing the can pass some basic child and vulnerable adult protection checks. They don’t even have to have a black belt. Inventing his own “style” of martial arts they instantly grading himself to 200th Dan. Focusing on success in tournaments is another specialty. The goal is often fueled by the Sensei Albert's desire for fame and/or money. Profiteering while providing information that can get people killed.

Dubbing himself as the ‘Real Human Stun Gun’, able to apparently knock people out without a touch. Claiming to be a Kiai master, who says that he can send a room tumbling with just a wave of the hand manipulating ‘invisible energy’ in the participants.

It's located in a shopping mall. The logo involves some sort of cartoon animal (a hippopotamus). It 'teaches' every martial art people can think of. Advertising children's birthday parties on the home page of their website. And demos that involve light shows and smoke effects.


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Extra-terrestrial aesthetes have no need for humanity. They have failed to offer anything of lasting artistic value to greater sentient civilization. However, a final hope remains: humanity's culinary prowess. However, it must first be tested in the most rigorous of crucibles—cooking battles against the universe's best.

In addition to the cooking contests themselves, they are required to gather rare ingredients, deal with unscrupulous foes, navigate through space intrigue, and heal the wounded hearts of those close to them with a blend of eye-opening flavors and fiery tenacity.


- Sunset Blvd


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Nerx had always had an eye for human developments, and to such he's made his own video game "Blank Lair". There are rumors that the creator will devour those who randomly play the game, so far only few disappearances have occurred. He preys upon his discs (back then it was cartridges, and it will continue to change as with the developments of technology.). The game combines theme of children's stories with ultra-violent elements. Many have tried to destroyed the disc, yet it reappears.

The game knows the name of the player upon switching on the program, it presents a different experience depending on the eye of the beholder. The BGM is generally pleasant to such a degree that it will lull people into hooking on. The disc will run when the electronic device is off or when it is unplugged. The volume adapts accordingly with certain elements of game-play. It is a relatively rare game, but available in context of a magical world. The experience will sometimes dictate the player to do certain activities to reach the completion of the game. The Avatar of the game will act on the well being of the player as the game drives deeper into chaos. It is sold at an astronomical price.

Dying in the game makes you die for real. But benefits from the game translates to real life, while several characters will mimic people known. Reflections will show the avatar as looking at character customizations reveal the self.


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Ruthless, arrogant, merciless,and insane, but brilliant in a twisted sort of way, Albert Donner is a one man nightmare. He's a good person to have on your side when you need something reprehensible, or immoral done quickly and quietly, but generally, he's a bad person the rest of the time.

He's good in a way that he chooses to refrain from using firearms to kill his enemies. Opting for a more hands on approach instead - for the reason of "intimacy". He flies solo - partly because he likes it that way - mostly because not many can stand him.


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There is a special place in the world for Albert's enemies, some are cherished as trophies while others are worn as clothes. Some of them however who do not deserve his respect are eaten then promptly excreted out to mold into bricks.

Both an ecological and economical solution of the Dung Brick was born. There's no visible difference between a traditional brick and the dung brick--and before you ask, there's no smell either.

Dung is abundant (and constantly being produced!). Using his own dung for bricks avoids the environmental damage caused by the traditional means of digging up clay. It is generally accepted and made to be 20% lighter and 20% stronger than the average clay brick.

Literally turning sh!t into sugar.

Close Quarters Engagements

Albert has a lean, muscular build befitting for a warrior. Albert is a fighter of average height, athletic, with fair skin and short, dirty blonde hair.

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He may be a monster, but to think that he can fight would be a very easy way to commit suicide. He has been on earth longer than most folk have been alive, he has seen, inspired and devoured several fighters over the course of history. Even when serving as the Bodyguard of @anthony_stark where had devoured members of Navy SEALs, Delta Force, SAS, SBS, IDF and Spetsnaz. To him it is one of his favorite methods of hunting, finding those who have honed their lives to perfect their skill and to defeat them with a relatively 'equal' body. Prior to events in Venezuela, Albert sets up his own mercenary team with the crew of his restaurant.

Along his journeys for the ultimate culinary thrill he has encountered and ate several long-lived 'immortals' who have had their claims of accumulating vast knowledge of martial prowess. World-class athletes, who are physically fit have met their end under the weight of his jaw. Men and women who are almost a superhuman unarmed combatant too became his assets. He had tasted millenia old beings, lets them age like wine and taking sips when the time is right.

Among the moves in his repertoire he has a death strike via a blow to the chest. When entering combat with his 'meal' in this context he will display no superhuman attributes to beat them in combat. He is an autodidact and is always refining his style, he mixes several schools of combat. Furthermore they are combined with his natural aptitude - Albert is bound to give his opponent the fight of their life.

He acquired the skill of how to anticipate his opponents attacks against various enemies and spiritual healing techniques. He has a natural genius for mastering combat techniques due to the great violent nature inside him. He can read body language which enables him to anticipate attacks before his opponents make them.

Once the Albert has learned an opponent’s physical movements, he can then predict his opponent’s next attack. By viewing an opponent in super-speed, he can learn to counter at superhuman speed. However, this can only be used for short periods of time.

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Albert is silent in his movements and is a fast and lethal master of assassination arts. He is also a hand to hand combat instructor. Donner is highly ingrained in their protocols and tradecraft. His skills include expertise in firearms, explosives, handling numerous vehicles, and speaking fluent in human tongue.

He has an immediate ability to utilize lateral thinking to solve problems. Using improvised weapons, for example using a fork to stab a special forces operative, utilizing a frozen side of lamb as a blunt object and using a book and a belt to kill an opponent. He is shown using tactical improvisation such as using an RFID, dog, and pergume to fake his location and aliminum, a microwave, and a leaked gas to cause an explosion.

He remains perfectly calm in any situation. Never showsing any signs of fear or anxiety even when completely surrounded by enemies. This trait allows him to effectively blend himself and enter restricted areas without raising any suspicion from nearby guards, even when they already suspect someone may have infiltrated their ranks. Whatever the odds, he never panics. He always keeps his composure and clear mind to the point of being perfectly aware of all his surroundings and constantly calculates his every action, never losing focus. He can think on the fly. When outnumbered, using his surroundings and figure out his opponent weaknesses.

One explanation for his fighting skills might have to do with his psychotic personality: Albert doesn’t really fear physical damage to himself like a normal person would, and even when brutally injured laughs at his own pain. His casual insensitivity to pain, and his extreme fearlessness, lets him take risks that a normal person wouldn’t even attempt, and so most people just don’t see his attacks coming.

Albert is a psycopath, who enjoys shooting people and torturing cops. He is a very dangerous man, with no compassion and has a casual attitude to killing. He is a typical, smooth-talking psycopath, who remains calm rather than displaying anger, but this makes him more dangerous. It is thought that while his psychosis and dissociative identity disorder is a handicap, it is also one of his assets as it makes him an extremely unpredictable opponent.

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He spots out elements or details that he's going to use to his advantage. Like a video game, but inside his eye. And all of the layers of the eye."

Albert knows he's going to grab a guy by his hair and this guy by the neck or he's going to take this bottle and smash it on this guy. So, that's what he does and then he executes his plan.


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Albert is able to keep his life-force from being connected with any one organ (even organs normally considered to be vital). He could be shot, hanged, stabbed or otherwise maimed horribly, and it will not kill him. He will simply continue with said damage to his body. Technically he has no need to eat, drink or breathe as one part of the his body can carry on the functions of any other body part. But he does so anyways.

He can use his mental power to increase his own muscle size, and thus one’s strength, endurance and stamina (and even the physical size). It provides a temporary adrenaline rush, except without the risks of adrenaline, as the mind is the “energy booster”. The power-up can be increased in duration based on how long the user of the power meditates to increase mental power, trains to increase physical power and exercises their ability.

His well being depends of the bodily health on his emotions. Being happy can keep his body in perfect homeostasis, or sadness makes him susceptible to illness (positive emotions such as confidence and satisfaction allow his abilities and stats to work at or above the norm, while negative emotions such as doubt and mistrust severely impair the his capability). At rare cases he may even change colors or gain abilities based on their constantly-varying emotions.

He has total awareness, familiarity and control of all of the motions that his own body makes. He swim through water at the same speed as he moves on land, and gain fine control over the movements of his muscles (so that if he is thrown onto his back, he can still move along the ground by flexing his back muscles, and the like). He can move with remarkable grace, and land from falls on his feet or on all fours as though the fall was much shorter than it actually was. While his mind could be dominated, his nerves are under his control alone (so his movement can't be dominated).

Body Works

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He can psychometrically align his movements to the movements of another. Doing any physical feat capable by another. If he was punched by a foe, he could deliver a punch to the foe at the same time. Similar to Photographic Reflexes, in that it mimics motion, but instead of waiting a while, he mimics the movement at the same time it is being done.

Albert can undergo a hypnagogic trance which sets the body on autopilot. Allowing the body to rest up, while at the same time not stopping to rest, but moving, or responding to one’s environment as though he were awake. As the user moves, he can function perfectly, but he would not remember what he has done or said while under this trance.

As an anomalous entity Nerx is resistant to the forces of fate. The user is unaffected by Tychokinesis (when touching a luck-manipulator, their powers of probability alteration are negated), and their moves cannot be predicted by Danger Sense, Precognition, Divination or Telepathy (even Combat Telepathy). The user is excluded from prophecies; his moves are hard to determine by Psychic Strategy, Imaginative Deduction, Quantum Deduction or any other psychic means, except Omniscience. By simply existing, he changes things that have been predicted or prophesied by others.

  • It cannot be negated, or stolen by Absorption or similar abilities


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Excited Delirium is used to explain away many taser deaths in the same way that Spontaneous Human Combustion could be used to explain away crispy-fried humans.

Self proclaimed ruler of flames and bonfires. Inspiration for the artillery and he has a ____ like a cannon. When he gets in a dispute revenge works by skull-_______ his victims to death. He has difficulty satisfying his urges when he is in heat, as anything he touches tends to be instantly rendered to ash by his body temperature. He has taken to preying on superhumans, as their bodies are sometimes strong enough to him to ____ them and eat their flesh before they are completely incinerated.


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Its body can literally “phase into” the body of another living being (taking control over that being's movements) without mental domination. One with this ability almost entirely overriding the host's conscious control of motion and can use this body to gain access to new skills and abilities for his own personal gain

Or for one's consciousness or physical body to enter into an inanimate object. Thus allowing possession of electronics (to control electronic functions like a technopath) or normal inanimate objects (like an animator, except using one's own mind/body as the animating energy). He still perceives their environment as though they were in a normal body

He can use this to change others into genetic near-replicates of oneself, via a bite, a scratch or bodily tampering. This ability can make it hard to be identified because the converted subject’s genetics ---and maybe their appearance--- matches that of the user of the ability. Not to mention, sometimes the conversion allows the Albert to mentally dominate the subject they converted.

Sometimes going so far as to convert physical matter (or consciousness) into thought waves, then transfer it into his own mind, where the subject is rendered under the control of the his imagination. Free to do whatever he wants to the subject that he has transported into his mind, yet the effects last after the subject has left the user’s mind.This may also include his transportation into the minds of others, to glean information about them or just interfere with/disrupt concentration.

Play Possum

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He can even cause his own body to appear as though injured or damaged. To such an extent of produce a smell and appearance as though he was dead. This could cause the body to limp as though one had a broken leg, or could produce temporary cataracts to appear blind, while seeing perfectly. He could appear to have the symptoms of any illness or ailment to frighten away foes or lure in foes to be their next victims.

He is at a level where he can give the false appearance of death. Psychically causing his body systems to shut down, with only faint activity in the brain (undetectable to pulse-readers, empaths and telepaths) that allows the body to function just barely pumping blood through the body, and the psyche recedes so deeply into the rest of the soul that the his life-force cannot be detected. The body can withstand having limited blood and oxygen pumped for a short while and can wake up from the false death at any time, so this entails nearly no danger.

The Heart

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He cab perceive emotions, but with the emotions expressed as though they were thoughts. He can read emotions of any kind, like a normal empath, but they must be expressed through verbal thought wave manifestations (the subject must think something like “I’m so mad!” or “I can’t believe she did that!”). He can project emotions in the same fashion; instead of projecting emotions (like normal Empathy) he can project thoughts which convey a certain emotion, and the like.

Tele-Empathy is the psychic ability to communicate with another subject via emotion instead of by thought. One with this ability could convey the same messages as one with the power Telepathy (including changing a subject’s mind by associating a certain emotion with a certain idea or opinion, receiving/transmitting emotions to communicate, overloading foes with emotions instead of thoughts, etc.), except the message is a bit more vague.

Upon reading or invading the Albert's mind, telepaths, empaths, possessors and other mind-intruding psychics become “infected” with the same frenzy instead of being able to calm the user down or otherwise dominate the subject

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He cab even emphatically pass on a character trait from himself to someone else. like his empathic projection where he projects emotion, but instead he pass on character traits, such as boredom, gloom, infatuation or even stupidity and vulnerability to sickness. Not to mention, the person to whom a character trait is passed onto can also pass on the trait to someone else (although the effect the trait has on anyone is only temporary).

Due to the open nature of empathy, he can even gain superhuman abilities based on the types of music that one hears. He could gain the ability Hypnotic Dancing just by listening to dance music or the ability to generate shockwaves by listening to hard rock. It is related to the type of music (like heavy metal giving Bestial Mind, or upbeat songs giving the power of superspeed), or simply manifested because of that type of music (forcefields from classical music, Invisibility from love songs).

It also allows him to psychically align his flexibility, stamina and movements to the rhythm of any song, so that it may assist the fluidity of athletic faculties such as dancing, gymnastics, fighting, etc. (Rhythmic Alignment)


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There is more to his pyrokinetic aura that meets the eye, his anomalous nature enables him to generate a field or aura which produces a certain effect. He can channel his odd-energy to provide him other perks, though only one at a time. They include:

  • Accelerator Aura, also called Acceleration Aura or Acceleration is the ability to generate an aura or field which accelerates anything within it. This can be used to accelerate a car which is low on gas, or to make a bullet even move even faster. One with this ability may even increase the speed of only one part of a system (such as increasing the speed of the heart to cause heart attacks or increasing the speed of the brain's activity to increase intelligence or comprehension).
  • The Blackbody Effect, also called Blackbody Aura or Dark Spot is the ability to psychically generate a black spot or other small mark on any given part of a subject’s body which slowly sheathes the subject in an aura of darkness. This aura is a nearly- perfect (or entirely perfect) absorber of light and radiation for a wide radius, thus rendering anyone within it blind and extremely cold (or freezing them), only allowing sound to escape the aura. Usually only the user of the ability (or those gifted with True Sight, ESP/Clairvoyance, etc.) is capable of seeing from within the darkness.
  • Degradation Field, or Degrading Aura is the ability to produce a field/aura which upon contact with biotic subjects, causes them to waste away until they get out of the field (only sometimes does the subject return to normal after leaving the field). If they entirely waste away, however, the effects are permanent.
  • Dilation Aura, also called Magnification/Diminution Aura is the ability generate an aura/field which enhances or decreases physical/mental faculties. It may an Intelligence Aura, an Agility Field, a Strength Aura, Aura of Enfeeblement or the like. If anything is enhanced or decreased within the aura/field, it counts as a Dilation Aura.
  • Disassembly Field or Analysis Field is the ability to psychically generate a field which disassembles any machine into all of its constituent parts (including living bodies) and suspends them in the air to be analyzed or otherwise dealt with. Sometimes the pieces reassemble after the field is dissolved, although this may be able to be specified by the user.
  • Distortion Field or Spatial Diversion Field is the ability to psychically generate a field of distorted space. Anything that tries to go into that field follows the path of the distorted space. If one used this ability on his head, for example, then one could shoot with any gun, but the bullets would all curve around the person's head. The same is true for projectiles or even energy attacks. The subject can only be touched directly when the field is not up.
  • Geriatric Aura is the ability to generate an aura in which the aging process is sped up, but motion is slowed down. This ability effectively causes foes to age far before they are in proximity of the user. This ability works on any subject, living or inanimate, to rust metals, wilt plants or make foes old and frail by the time they reach the user. This ability has no effect on time-defiers and people with Longevity.
  • Inhibitor Aura also known as Deceleration Aura or Deceleration is the ability to exude an aura which is so thick that it slows down even the strongest of foes. One with this ability does not slow down time, and usually cannot manipulate time in any way; they simply create an aura or field that is capable of slowing foes down at least until they reach the generator of the aura (if they have the patience to try); although, sometimes the field/aura will simply delay the reactions of foes.
  • Molecular Dissipation Field is the ability to generate a psychic field which reduces anything that enters into the field into atoms. It does not permanently damage the subject or object, it simply breaks them down until the object/subject exits the field, slowing down and disrupting the motor equilibrium of any living being caught in it (while turning them temporarily intangible
  • Morphic Aura is the ability to bend light around oneself in such a way as to appear different. Some might confuse this with morphing. There is no physical morphing that occurs with this ability and certain equipment (such as radar or sonar) can be used to "see" the real person behind the illusion.
  • Nightfall, also called Dark/Night Aura ,Field of Darkness or Dark Shroud is the ability to generate an aura of psionic darkness around oneself. This aura of darkness makes the area around it look like it would at night (hence the name), and psionically blinds everybody in the field, along with making anyone within the aura/field appear invisible to anyone outside of the aura/field. Not to mention, this aura also protects the user and anyone else within the field from intense light, as the field absorbs all ambient light within a certain radius. Only the user of the ability is capable of seeing in this field, as well as anyone with which the user has an empathic connection.
  • Personal Gravity Field is the ability to generate a field of intense gravity around oneself, with no harm to the body. One with this ability could use it to cause his personal possessions (or projectiles which head his way) to revolve around himself; or he could use this ability to make himself lighter or heavier. The user of this ability could even use it to shift his center of gravity (to walk up walls, fly, and the like).
  • Repulsor Aura, also called Repulsion is the ability to create a powerful offensive aura or energy field which pushes objects or people away from the user. The user can keep the repulsive field around them, or certain objects, to stop projectiles from approaching (almost like a reverse magnetic attraction, but it works on anything, magnetic or not) or it can be used to push foes into walls, knock them unconscious, and the like. The user can even use it to keep from hitting objects by repelling themselves up or away.
  • Restrictor Aura, also called Restraint or Restriction is the ability to generate an aura or energy field around subjects, capable of stopping them in place, or keeping them from potential movement. While it does not freeze the subject in time (it sometimes even allows movement of the limbs and the head) it pins the subject’s center of gravity in place (or sheathes them in zero-point energy), and renders them incapable of moving forward or backward until the aura is dissolved (even if the subject is in mid-air).
  • Tractor Aura, also called Traction/Attraction or Gravitation is the ability to psychically or psionically attract objects to oneself. One with this ability could draw foes into the line of an attack, or pull allies out of the way of an oncoming danger, or to pull oneself closer to a desired subject. This ability can also use gravitation on objects, to move them toward oneself or move oneself toward an object, if the object is sturdy enough to resist being pulled itself. It functions as the exact opposite of Repulsor Aura.
  • Vector Dilation Field, also called a Vector Magnification/Diminution Aura is the ability to psychically or psionically generate an aura or field which changes the force behind any object or subject. This field can make a speeding train hit an ally with the force of a paper ball, or inversely, make a paper ball strike a foe with the intensity of an impacting comet. One with this ability could also decrease the force that the object would exert, allowing them to lift very heavy objects (the weight depends on the strength of the ability) giving the illusion of superstrength.
  • Vector Randomization Field, also called Vector Redirection or Delocalization is the ability to psychically or psionically generate an aura or field around an object/subject (or in unoccupied space) which randomly changes the direction of anything caught within it. One with this ability could use it on himself to cause bullets to seemingly deflect off of him, or even rebound back to the foe. Not to mention, it could also be used on others to cause them to change the course of movement and the like. Sometimes the change in direction can even be controlled by the user.

Truth be told they are more of a trouble than they are worth, he prefers to use his heat aura to cook his opponents in the middle of a scuffle but when the situation calls for it he has options to choose. Sometimes they work against him, there have been cases where monsters can withstand everything that modern civilizations throw at them yet they fall at the notion of 'love'. As he is a being of anomaly, something akin to 'glitching' tends to happen. Humans have an assortment of gadgets to chose from, he has a variety of 'characteristics' at the beck of his call.


He is designed with the idea of 'One for all, and all for one' meaning that no hierarchy of power applies to him. Any character of any level can defeat him, yet he can do the same regardless of level. With Albert it is 50-50.


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He can psychically perceive any substance that the he would consider food. He can perceive the presence and specific type or brand of food that is in his’s proximity. It can be used when stranded in the middle of the desert, or just to find a source of healthy food. Albert can psychically perceive what goes into making different baked or fried goods, if one is allergic to a certain type of food (as well as its nutritional content and when the food expires) and the like.

Misc. Phenomenon [random occurence]

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Antithesis Inducing is the characteristic to induce the opposite of nearly any effect. He could jump off a building and instead of breaking something (or dying) he would be fortified against breaking limbs, or any already-broken bones that the user lands on would be healed. He could hold fire to a burn wound and the wound would be healed instead of worse damaged, and the like. He could even cause injuries to feel good or normally-pleasurable things to be extremely painful, and the like.

Induce paradoxes and contradictory physics. This can range anywhere from the highly improbable (like a prey animal eating it's predator) to the impossible (Fire "extinguishing" water, a small being with no superstrength beating a far larger being with extreme superstrength and durability, etc.). This ability is similar to Probability manipulation, but instead of simply increasing or decreasing the likelihood of an event, it makes the impossible possible, and the improbable quite likely. The only true limit to this ability is that it is very confusing, and he can't obtain certain things (manipulating the structure of matter, omnipotence, omniscience, etc.).

It can even invert the effects of a super ability. Like switching a foe's Pyrokinesis to Cryokinesis, or turn any other ability into its opposite (Teleportation into Summoning, Superhuman Strength into Superhuman Endurance and the like). It could induce abilities in subjects that they do not know how to control (as they are used to handling just the opposite), so long as the ability is the opposite (like Nigrescence and Focus).

Exchanging the abilities of any multiple subjects at random (sometimes even within an undetermined radius, and for an undetermined amount of time). To randomly give any super any of another's super abilities. Randomly switching the abilities of any two or more super beings (except the user), and thus can't be predicted (the only certainty with this ability is that the user cannot switch his own power).


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As an extension of his field and emotional body Albert has learned to psychically realize pantomimic gestures. With this ability, he could act as though he saw some horribly large object falling out of the sky, or headed in the direction of the subject, and the subject would momentarily be hit or struck, or zapped or otherwise affected.

He could do the ever-famous "box trick" to trap subjects, or lean on "nothing" or otherwise gesture occurrences and subjects into existence. He can attack foes by simply making the movements of attack. Hitting a foe simply by amplifying the kinetic energy and sending it in the direction of the foe.

A cast is molded from the kinetic energy as an attack motion is formed, so it appears as though an invisible arm or foot is flying at the foe to kick or punch him. This could even be used to do the infamous "double jump".

In action



Start the Conversation



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Space Shaolin Monk infused with Crazy Wisdom


WIP ahead

In this day and age one cannot simply rely solely on their superpowers, there will be others equal or even superior in strength that will be problematic. Some of them has experience, some of them has creativity and some of them will even cancel superhuman powers. Most supermen are faced with death or worse when given the predicament, because they use their power as a crutch in their goals. But after aeons of studying human behavior, Nerx has found something interesting. There are rare accounts of saps seemingly defeating much more powerful adversaries by virtue of something called 'martial arts'. What sets these martial artists apart is their willpower, drive and heart. Usually reliant on motives such as love, justice or friendship. Nerx took notes and adapted his motives to hunger. Their will to protect is abridged with his will to devour. Since it relies on one's beliefs the potentials are practically endless, so long as its practitioner does not deviate from their set rules and kata. When in combat he uses a hodge-podge of techniques acquired from several masters that he has devoured, thus creating a hybrid system. To the foreign eye it is a blur of kinetic carnage that resembles poetry, with the alphabets replaced with blood and each word replaced with death. Emphasis on his physical faculties to overwhelm his opponents, utilizing sight vanishing speed and invasion of the opponent's space to prevent resistance. A form which was adapted from several war arts. Then with the knowledge of inner spirit (ki/qi/chi/reiki) which enables seemingly puny humans to combat magic by shimmering speed and mental fortification to strike the magi at their supply of mana, utilizing their anatomy in a similar way to pressure point manipulation to defang their jaws. He is an adept at utilizing the spear, using basic elementary moves which are based on practicality, when combined with his animalistic ferocity and his physique it can be adapted to accomodate several types of opponents to systematically break them down and go for the kill.

Brawling Techniques

Stockton Slap: It starts off with “pitter-patter” light punches then power shots are mixed in when they find an opening. Opponents usually get frustrated by the flurry and think of it mostly as an annoyance since the hits don’t do much damage at first... until they start getting rocked by the repeated hits and that’s when they leave openings for the true power shots. The KO is only moments away.

Casting Punch : a punch used in Sambo and MMA that starts with a forward motion of the shoulders, which causes the bent arm to whip forward to the opponent. This punch can often cause the opponent to be put in a clinch if it misses at close range Superman Punch: bringing the rear leg forward to feign a kick, then snapping the leg back while throwing a straight, resulting in greater power behind the punch. Spinning backfist: attacker swivels 360 degrees before landing the punch ( striking with the tops of the two largest knuckles) , adding extra momentum to the attack. Rape Choke: This is when the fighter on top position holds down the other by placing one hand on his throat.

Hammer Fist: A compacted fist is brought down upon the target, usually using the side of the hand or wrist.

Liver shot: is a punch, kick, or knee strike to the right side of the ribcage that damages the liver. Blunt force to the liver can be excruciatingly painful, and an especially effective shot will incapacitate a person.

Rabbit punch: a blow to the neck or to the base of the skull.

Anchor punch: a quick short chopping straight or backpedalling jab

Head kick: a kick to the head. If used correctly, it can be a vicious blow that can be used as a KO strike.

Soccer kick: a kick performed against a prone or supine opponent by a fighter who is in a standing or semi-standing position, specifically to the head of the downed opponent.

Flying Knee: knee strike very similar to a front knee, except that it is performed in stand-up fighting by jumping, and often by rushing towards the opponent.

Guillotine Choke: a chokehold in martial arts applied from in front of the opponent. The choke involves using the arms to encircle the opponent's neck in a fashion similar to a guillotine.

RNC: a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back.

Blood Choke: A blood choke or carotid restraint, also known as a sleeper hold, refers to a chokehold that compresses one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. A well applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds.

Specialized Techniques

"most combatives are designed in according with the limitations of the human body, the limits of the human body does not exist on Nerx. His melee combat consists of his Super Strength; Super Speed; Nigh-Precog ( process his senses at super-human levels, giving him near flawless reflexes. With this ability, he is able to easily dodge bullets, and see through enemy attacks.); adequate regeneration; utilization pressure points on the opponent's body (a physical attack, combined with a little knowledge) and several properties inherent to his body that does not give them any other advantage than letting them physically attack more effectively (i.e. stretching, blades or other features that are part of the combatant's body, etc.)

Further advanced techniques include Energy blasts, projectiles, offensive telepathy, summoning, transmutation, telekinesis, external weaponry, flight, teleportation (to increase maneuverability), thunderclaps and the "negative touch" where he can inflict damage to an opponent by touching them (e.g. freezing, death touch, disintegration, paralysis, etc.).

He has superior physical built and capable of destroying a large house completely by his bare hands, or beating down a large gang of opponents with sledgehammer-like arms. He can deliver blows (chiefly punches and kicks) with superhuman might, and his martial proficiency is thus thought to be a superhuman power. Note that his strikes are enhanced . As can be surmised, he's amply capable of shattering stone and metal with his unarmed strikes, and he's well-known for delivering flying kicks that will carry him through a brick wall - or even some concrete ones. The Head-butts are particularly nasty - well able to smash through thick concrete. He has been seen kicking a door or even an old telephone pole into splinters with a savage jumping kick. Tyson Buffer can inflict fatal penetration wounds with his bare fingers (can rip steel with his fingers) - or render a man unconscious with a sort of "nerve pinch"

Vision of vivisection - some martial artists pride themselves in having an almost clairvoyant senses that can allow them to see their opponent's next move to plan ahead, Nerx also possess a vision that is passively activated when engaging opponents. It gives him a reductionist point of view of his target layer by layer, knowing their condition so he can monitor their vital signs at all times. His eyes function akin to a CT scan and a MRI, seeing his enemies for what they really are. Nerx can use specific hand-to-hand fighting skills, grabs and acrobatic moves to break the bones of his opponents. He later integrates a heavy emphasis on bone-breaking grappling. he can see the world in slow motion. allowing him to perceive the world as a super-rapid series of freeze frames - much like the bullet time effect. With this information, he can precisely study those images and analyze an opponent's combat style. After thus having watched and analysed somebody

X­ray vision precision striking

fight, he is particularly redoubtable, able to predict and counter most of his opponent's best moves. Because of this Nerx had the power to find the structural weakness in any object from up to one meter away and his skill in hand-to-hand combat is superhuman allowing him to simulate super-strength blows. He can severely damage extremely hard and strong materials — metals, stone, etc. — with a single blow.

Check & Wreck

That was a jab

Pistol boxing punch - some martial artists pride in their rapid punches, having the tenacity to knock out their foe in a blink of an eye. What about a punch that is faster than a bullet, stronger than a bullet train and can send someone flying over a building in a single strike? when speed, strength and overall density of the fist is combined the bonding of these aspects create a devastating blow that can either be used conservatively as a tactical attack or spammed furiously on a groggy opponent. He hits with literally bone-smashing strength, and his fighting skill and superhuman strength are sufficient for him to take on hordes of enemies and the like. He's trained to target weak spots, joints, accessible organs, etc. and break limbs in a relentless, brutal assault. his blows Have impressive power - presumably a combination of his strength (able to crush solid rock), speed and rock-hard hands. He can behead a normal man in a single punch, and has been known to kill bulletproof super-humans with a good punch to the jaw. Nerx has been known to position his fist in such a way as to have the bullet ricochet back at the firer or into another opponent and he's able to armor up at least his arm, extruding bony veins along his arm and fist, making it stronger and more durable.

Note: inspired from the boxing crab, boxer shrimp and the pistol shrimp

Who needs a guillotine?

Anti-materiel claw - some martial artists pride themselves with their knife hand that imitates a blade to cut objects, what is an imitation compared to a real blade that is given both proper function and technique. It can be used to cut, stab or even pry out small parts because of its sharpness. Its hardness allows it to penetrate objects deemed super durable, carbon tungsten titanium allow is just tin foil compared to the base power of the claw. a “neuroparalysis” pinch can also be performed using the claw. Increased penetration strength due the combination of materials ingested, added perk that is able to inject poisoning and with his strikes he can destroy the opponent's brain cells.

Did someone say bulletproof skin?

Cestus - Some fighters use fingerless gloves, others use wraps and like the ancient combatants of the gladiatorial spectacles. It will be based on a glove known for its ferocity rivaling the effectiveness of gas chambers. The fear of being perforated or severed however does not compare with the advent of firearms so in order to match with the times Nerx added a personal touch from the second world war. So far the gadget in itself is flawless , a gun that extends but can only be activated by contact making it useless at distance but what can normal bullets do to abnormal foes? A modification will

Puts them back in place

be further added to increase injury upon injury. So what is next? the firearm has been further specialized to accommodate close quarters use because of its push activation.

Stil unsatisfied Nerx deviates from the norm in choosing bullets then armed his piece with a bigger bang, namely something used to gib according to videogame terms. So the curious one tried it for a test run , so far results were pleasing. After its initial construction Nerx had enjoyed the overall capability of his handheld messengerof death , however one barrel felt missing and opting to maximize its destructive potential Nerx went on to find an upgrade to the construct. Before a device that would deliver a single payload of frag onto a target had just been doubled in its efficiency, Nerx envisioned it to be a monstrosity of metal that can only be conceptualized by a Liefeldian enthusiast and at its end result the piece did not disappoint. This weapon had now derailed from the original idea of a gauntlet and had swerved into the realm of nineties antihero's signature item, hell this thing could have its own name. Bloodgun , Scattersteel, Boomslang... well whatever it is it will have to be more blocky to be authentic . So far the parts have been working, the blade on the side for slitting throats and the nice little spikes to add insult to injury. In a fit of confusion Nerx finally got through the dilemma and decides to add in more firepower, but to make it cooler he decides to saw it off.

Weapon of choice: Spears (although his weapon mimics and enhances the gungnir, gae bolg, spear of lugh, longinus, valaska, ama nu nuhoko)


Barrier Break: the ability to break the barrier of his opponent, leaving them open for attack.

Sub-Atomic reconstruction (along with possible advantages e.g. teleportation , phasing & etc...)


The ability to reconstruct one's weapon after it has been destroyed. Later he mastered this aspect and can do it subconsciously

Stamina, Bio-electric and Psionic Vampirism ( for alternative sustenance and strength augmentation)

Subliminal Disruption ( motor systems and powers)

Mental Diminution ( affects bio-faculties, memories and senses)

also called Coordination Suppression or Clumsiness Inducing is the ability to psychically reduce the instrumental memory of subjects. One with this ability could decrease the amount of a subject’s skill in an area. This ability could decrease or delete memory of how to drive a car or how to hack the internet, and the like (even perhaps knowledge of how to use and control superhuman abilities). As the ability gets more and more advanced, it could even be used to delete rudimentary skills, like walking and speaking, making foes extremely clumsy.

Cause & Effect Dilation Field (lags and delays e.g Optics)

also called Effect Delay or Delay is the ability to psychically cause a lag in time between causality and the resulting effects. One with this ability could cause a gun to go off seconds, minutes or hours after the trigger is pulled, or could cause a bomb to go off far after the detonator is pushed (or delay an explosion after methane has been introduced to a flame). One with this ability may even be able to delay the reflexes of foes, and the like. This ability does not affect time entirely; it simply causes lag between cause and effect. § ability disrupt a subject’s optic temporarily and “rewind” the subject’s vision so he will see a few moments in the past. When used, it can prevent the subject from seeing things until up to a few second after it has happened, and so people can easily evade the subjects’ vision for a few seconds. This ability can affect more than one person at a time and lasts as long as the possessor of the ability wishes.

Immutability (Reality Warp Immunity)

Immutability or Immutable Pattern is the resistance to all external physical change. One with this ability cannot be transformed into another form, genetically altered, shrunk, expanded, weighed down or affected by decrescence (removed from existence) or Reality Bending, either based on their physiology or on their own will. However, they could still be damaged by normal changes (injury, disease, age, the elements).

Adaptive/Evolving strength (enhanced strength at base levels)

Ultimate speed (can be moved at any speed[enhanced speed at base levels]) Superhuman senses (Protected)

Shadow pinning: stabs his spear to the ground, preventing movement by pinning the

shadow of his enemy

Dimension Slash: Nerx unsheathes his sword and cuts through the very fabric of space. Distance is nothing in the face of this attack, whatever he sees is cut (for example if he attempted to cut a full moon he could very well do so, as what he sees is the whole) This attack bypasses any type of shield the opponent is using, so that Nerx can send his attacks directly to his opponent. [ultimate attack]

Oriental Arts

Ordinary blows such as kicks or punches can have devastating effects , and formidable martial artists can even project streams of energy at opponents to knock them down or stun them. The projection of these energy streams and their impacts can even lead to explosions. The focus is less on the basic moves and more on the special moves, he does not care too much about the martial arts and their, but he goes with the idea that at the higher level most Martial Arts are almost indistinguishable from each other. What distinguishes them at the higher levels is their special techniques and quirks.

" It's just like a musical but Instead of singing and dancing when you feel something, you

kick ass."

Martial arts (Kung Fu) - fighting techniques in a codified sequence called zhaoshi (Ä TM ), at lightning fast speeds where he would have the ability to withstand armed foeswhich are based on actual martial arts techniques.

That and more

Hu Zhua Jue Hu Shou (ı % 绝户> ) - Tiger Claws Ceasing Blood Lines Hand - i modified from a very powerful grappling technique within the Wudang called the Tiger Claws. The original Tiger Claws would be used to clamp down the opponent, however if the opponent's were advanced enough, he will be able to struggle free using their powerful energy reservoir. Therefore it will likely end up being a competition of inner energies. So, he created twelve new stances focusing on attack the groin and castrating the opponent.

Ling She Quan ( , y ) - Spirit Snake Fists - It was developed from the movements of venomous snakes. A snake seems to be boneless and could turn in all directions at will, so the main point of this stance is to be able to twist the arms unpredictably, so that when the opponent blocks the fists, the exponent would be able to throw out a punch from an unexpected angle at close proximity. Of course to expect the arms to move exactly like a snake would be unreasonable but in the eyes of the opponent, the movements of the arms greatly resemble snakes.

Shuang Zhang Yi Shan (ý Å À ̌ ) - Mountain Moving Double Palms - It's Zhang A'Sheng's martial art. A quick, powerful, and fast palms strike style and it used great external strength. One sample stance was "Opening the Windows to View the Moon" (S b # j )(Pinyin: tuī chuāng sòng yuè) where Zhang A'Sheng displayed to catch the vat filled with wine that Qiu ChuJi threw at him.

Ni Qiu Gong - Mud Loach Maneuver - Ying Gu created this martial art based on watching loach diving and moving around in the mud. It was a very effective defensive maneuver technique that made her body felt slippery.

Weapons and objects - combatants use a wide range of weapons in combat. The most commonly used ones are the saber, sword, staff, and spear. Improbable everyday objects such as abaci, benches, fans, ink brushes, pipes, sewing needles, or various musical instruments are also used as weapons as well and the adept use of assassin weapons (ànqì Ł P ) with accuracy

Man Tian Hua Yu Zhi Jin Zhen - Blossoms Rain From the Sky - Needles throwing style to hit simultaneously a person's vital areas.

Fu Gu Shen ( 5 针) - Bone Penetrating Needle - Once the needle entered a body, it will attach itself the bone and slowly dispenses poison. The poison will work after a year. 6 times a day, following the circulation of the blood, the poison will cause excruciating pain. But it will not kill the person immediately. It could take a person a year or two for that person to die slowly from the pain. If that person tried to channel his or her internal energy to counter the pain, the more he or she does so the greater the pain. A normal person would only grit his or her teeth when in pain. Using internal energy to suppress the pain

Even the traditional forms

would be like drinking poison to satisfy the thirst because the next attack would be more intense than the previous ones. There is no antidote for this poison and only Nerx will be able to neutralize it.

Qinggong (轻Ñ ) - literally means "the ability of lightness". Characters can move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speeds. They can glide on water surfaces, scale high walls and mount trees, making them seem as though they can fly. Qinggong is based on real

Chinese martial arts techniques. Some real-life martial artists such as those who practise Baguazhang, train in Qinggong for years by attaching heavy weights onto their legs. However, its use is to circumvent gravity and fly about with ease


Nei Jin (ã 劲) or Nei Li (å Â ) - the ability to build up and cultivate mystical "inner energy" (Qi) and control it for several purposes. Nerx use his inner energies for attack and defense purposes when combined with their martial arts. They may also use this form of energy to do things like suck an opponent inwards, throwing them, or forcing out poison from oneself, or use it to attain superhuman stamina. This kind of energy is a prerequisite for practice of qinggong, dianxue (dim mak) and other superhuman feats of speed and strength. The more neili one has, the better one can perform those mentioned feats. Neili is gained by many years of special breathing and physical exercises, consuming (sometimes accidentally or unknowingly) rare herbs, fruits or other substances of legend that are beneficial, or in some cases by deliberate transference from one to another, such as master to student. Neili can be used as a source of power for mystical skills such as projection of energy (i.e., energy blasts), toughening the body to take strikes, increasing physical strength to superhuman level, and other paranomal effects. Fighters who possess these powers draw them from the use of qi originating from the body rather than black magic and wizardry.

Ha Ma Gong (z Í Ñ ) - Divine Toad Stance, it uses absorbed poison to increase internal energy for lethal blows.

JiuYinBaiGuZhao(š è T 5 % )-9YinWhiteBoneClaws-Nerxlearnedthisskill without having a deep understanding from the first volume of . They followed the instruction of the second volume literally. The second volume only stated to concentrate

energy in the five fingers and firmly attack the enemy's head. He didn't know that in this case, the enemy's head means the enemy's vital points. Thus, he practiced this skill using real skulls.

Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi - < q ) À - Heaven and Earth Great Reversal. It's an internal energy that releases all of the inhibitors inside a person's body. It allows a person to use and exert all of the inner strength (Shen Gong) (/ Ñ ) and control the Yin (è ) and Yang (s ) energy. So that one can be as a powerful as a giant at any moment. It redirects and reverses opponents' attacks through uncanny manipulation of energy streams within the body. The principle of Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi is to manipulate the natural energy streams within the human body. The practitioner uses his own internal power to stimulate and manipulate the energy inside his body, breaking through various energy points. He or she needs great power to work with (channel) and great power to protect himself or herself (his or hers internal organs etc). In the 4th level, the practitioner will shift the natural energies around in his body, and his own blood flow be redirected, and his body will suddenly appear red or green. This continues up until the 7th level, in which the entire energy flow will be balanced again, and the practitioner will appear normal. As Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi practitioner manipulated, shifted and changed his or her energy in every way possible, he or she is able to see the energy fields and power generated by his or her opponents in action, and identify or pinpoint the energy flows in their movements. He or she then can use his or her own, energy to manipulate the power of his or her opponents.

Shi Zi Hou (狮Ä ( ) - Roar of the Lion. An extremely high-level martial art skill using internal energy. It could be used to frighten or to show respect.

Piao Lian Chuan Yun Zhang (飘æ c TM Å ) - Snowing Mist Penetrating Palm, it's one of Nerx's a Ying energy based very fast palm strike attacking opponent in a three consecutive attacks.

On Fishback

More than meets the eye

Dian Xue (T e f ) - based on real-life martial arts techniques such as dim mak (e ) and chin na (× • ). Nerx use these techniques to kill, paralyse, immobilise or control opponents by attacking their acupressure points (xué f ) with a finger, knuckle, elbow or weapon. A victim may be immobilized for hours after being hit on the acupressure points. Such techniques may be used for healing purposes, when excessive bleeding may be halted when certain acupressure points are pressed. Real-life martial artists do use such techniques in martial arts to paralyse or stun their opponents.

Lan Hua Fu Xue Shou (› z ¿ f > ) - Orchid Accupoint Brushing Hand - One of the martial arts which relies upon speed, accuracy, surprise and purity. Of these, purity was

Good as new?

the most important. It requires graceful execution and an easy, relaxed manner to execute properly, as if the person using it had not a care in the world. If it was executed with too much urgency or viciousness then it would lose its advantage in a fight.

Fen Jing Cuo Gu Shou - Disconnect the Muscles and Separating the Bones technique. Nerx's martial art. Zhuang Shi Duan Wan (Strong Soldier Breaks the Wrist) and Xiao Yu Jie Yi (Jokes Will Undo the Jaws) are some of the moves. It focuses on dislocating or breaking the opponent's bones using fast methods attacking opponent's limbs, skull, and neck bones.

Miao Shou Kong Kong Zhi Ji (é > z ) - Empty Magical Pick-Pocket skills - One of Zhu Cong's martial art skills that he could steal anything on intended person without that person knowing.

Always finding challenges

He has mastered several different forms of martial arts thanks to the sacrifices made by his masters. He doesn’t wait around – he goes for the instant kill as soon as possible. His hat can cut through human flesh, trees, pillars, massively sized giants, steel, etc. Nerx’s also no slouch in the strength, speed, and durability department. He has enough strength to destroy large boulders, enormous pillars, 24 inch-thick diamonds and rubies, and he can even strike with a force of 70,000 tons. Speed wise, Nerx is massively hypersonic, he can dodge bullets, lightning bolts, energy projectiles, arrows, and plasma rifles at point- blank. He has extremely impressive combat speed – enough to create multiple sonic booms and leave blurs . Nerx also possesses the ability to teleport instantaneously – he can even multi-teleport as well for evasion. He also has several decades of fighting experince of battling highly super-powered beings around his strength level. He can be very overconfident at times. He often goes easy on his opponents due to a code of honor. Will not attack a weakned or sick foe and will ot even bother fighting people he knows are much weaker than him (waits for people to challenge him).

These are not just sleights of hand or magic tricks; as they require talent and many years of study. These skills are attainable by anyone who is prepared to devote his or her time in diligent study and practice.The powerful skills must be trained and practiced with the purity in heart (can be pure evil). Impatience and improper control of the mind and qi during the training would result in bodily and/or mental injuries . lost control and fell to the dark side).

The details of some of the more unusual skills are often to be found in abstrusely written and/or encrypted manuals known as mìjí (a ¶ ), which may contain the secrets of an entire sect, and are often subject to theft or sabotage.

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Revisiting my first character idea before I started Rping

Before I knew the rules

Saiyan, Kryptonian, and Jedi, with all the basic training, gear, and powers. Retaining personalities and everything, just that character.


He cannot 'transform' as he does not know how do do that, and the emotional trigger is against his creed. One eye is lost because of a childhood accident, one that involves curiosity and a shard of kryptonite. In earth he is given the name Girault, and as such he spends most of his time in europe. Life is spent on the pasture as he tends to his farm, harvesting agriculture to feed the people and keeping out of chaotic urban landscapes.

As an adult Girault lives alone, no spouse and certainly no children of his own. Wherever he went his 'flashlight' is always by his side, as the village refers to him to fix their tools. To their small community he is the 'go to' person in terms of mechanical maintenance and repair. His birth defect is tucked around his waist, covered under farmer's overalls.

Giralt travels by his pickup truck that he bought when he was younger, it has good mileage and can cover plenty of miles under a liter of gas. Every now and then he visits America to see his friends from international farming competitions, more often than not he keeps naughty aliens away. Crop circles and cattle mutilations have reduced significantly during his presence.

He hates the military because he had lost his best friend because of a stray landmine, not the men using the pistols but rather the politics that dictate them to be. The man is no stranger to power as he is aware of his capabilities, but he does not intervene. Opting for more positive solutions, using his knowledge to promote better quality foods for the people.

When confronting his problems the farmer prefers to settle with reason, instead of force. Although when the push comes to shove he is experienced in some forms of wrestling and boxing, but instead of knocking out or snapping a limb Girault opts for persistence fighting. Wearing his foes down with superior conditioning, that while talking with them.

Socially Girault offers opportunities for wayward children who lost their direction in life, opening outreach programs to juvenile detention centers and orphanages. Letting them cultivate useful skills that they can use to benefit society. As a registered citizen he loves giving back to society, by manual labor or by offering other forms of contributions.

He does not have a rogues gallery because he takes the extra mile, rehabilitating them. His work is selfless, Girault never asks for credit or acceptance for his deeds yet they are given to him by his community. In essence he is their hero, but in reality he is just a farmer with a helping hand.

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Rattlestone Character

One of the most successful bank robbers in American History.

Inspired by: Ned Kelly, Adam Worth, Slobbery Jim, George Leonidas Leslie & Liver Eating Johnson

No Caption Provided

Thomas Avery had a hard early life which may have had a big part in him becoming a brutal man. Avery knew how to work hard at an early age because of the way his father taught and treated Avery.

Avery's father was an alcoholic and was very tough on him. He made Avery work for what he owned, which made Avery to become a very hard and unfeeling man when he grew up. Johnston soon got tire of his father treating him badly, so he left between the ages of 12 or 13 years old and became a 'bounty jumper'.

Avery was first charged and then acquitted of assault and robbery when he was 14. Over the next ten years, Avery was in and out of trouble with the police, did two stints in jail and eventually went into hiding in the wilderness. His gang is officially outlawed as a result of this massacre, which meant that they could be shot on sight by anyone.

The Rattlesnakes’ first leaders were Mungo Ben and Tomm Hocks, who were sixteen and fifteen years old respectively when they took control of the gang. Other noted members were murderers like Thomas Avery, Julep Smith, Red-Eye James Malone and Billy the Butcher. It was rumored that every member of the gang had committed at least one murder and scores of robberies, before they reached the age of sixteen. The police said that The Rattlesnakes not only murdered in the course of a robbery, but also for the sheer ecstasy of doing so, even if there was no hope of cashing in on a score. The police estimated that in the three years that Mungo and Tomm were their leaders, the Rattlesnakes robbed over $100,000 and killed as many as forty people.

The Rattlesnakes were the most treacherous killers ever to prowl the Wild West. When they formed their dandy little bunch in the late 1840′s, there were said to be three dozen members, none of them over the age of twenty. Some of the Rattlesnakes were as young as ten years old, but lack of age never meant a paucity of violence.

Avery joined the United States Navy, but was said to have deserted the Navy after striking the superior officer during a unknown disagreement. Following the war, Avery turned to crime. Here he was quite successful.

He graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati in the 1860′s. His parents owned a brewery that they left in the hands of Avery after they passed away in 1867. He found architecture and work at the brewery to be very boring and ended up selling it to pursue a more exciting career path.

Avery became the mastermind of his day when it came to bank robberies. He recruited a team of associates that spent months, sometimes years planning a specific job from every direction. After they picked a target, Avery and his crew used several revolutionary methods to ensure that their heist would be successful.

Avery would use his architectural background to his advantage and often acquire blueprints of each bank. Then, he would assign a member of his crew to apply for a job inside the bank to get a feel for things on the inside. With a good idea of how the bank was constructed, Avery would create an exact replica of the safe room at a private loft he rented out. He would even go as far as acquiring the same safe model as the bank and create new methods of cracking it. Instead of loud dynamite explosions to break open a safe, Avery used a custom set of extremely valuable tools to drill into the safe and manually reset the locking pins. This process sometimes took several weeks or even months to perfect. Lastly, Avery would grade his associates by making them do several practice runs in complete darkness to mimic the setting of the actual robbery. These are the methods that Leslie used to become one of the most respected and successful criminals in America.

When John returned to his cabin he found the scalped and picked over bones of his sister and that night he swore an oath to avenge her death. And to avenge it as no other man had done before. Or would ever again. So was the beginning of the saga of Heart-Eating Avery and years of grief for the Sparrow nation.

He not only killed and scalped them as was the usual custom, but in the case of Sparrow warriors, he also ate their hearts. A symbolic gesture to others of that nation who he had sworn vengeance upon.

The armor is crudely constructed from parts of ploughs, pieces of leather, and iron bolts. The prototype for the armour was made by Thomas and was tested by firing a stolen police rifle, which left a dent on the breastplate. He also wore Hobnail boots.

Weapon of Choice

No Caption Provided

A well aimed and powerful blow to the skull can instantly kill a person. One of his duels ends with him decapitating the county sheriff. Thomas has also shown that he can wield his gun like a melee weapon and hitting people to avoid shooting them after becoming a bank robber. He is able to fence with his Buntline special, 16-inch barrel, as he is seen fighting off Sparrow warriors with his colt and quickly gaining the upper hand.


No Caption Provided

Optic Delay : ability disrupt a subject’s optic temporarily and “rewind” the subject’s vision so he will see a few moments in the past. When used, it can prevent the subject from seeing things until up to a few second after it has happened, and so people can easily evade the subjects’ vision for a few seconds. This ability can affect more than one person at a time and lasts as long as the possessor of the ability wishes.

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SW RP: Char Type(s)

Melee Specialist

No Caption Provided

Darth Deinos - Thresher of Souls

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (self identifies)

Faction: Sith

Rank: Sith Assassin

Race: Codru-Ji (base form)

Sexuality: Xenophile

Eye Color: Variable

Hair: Variable

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Takes the appearance of a Codru-Ji, but hides a more sinister secret behind this facade. For all intents of purposes the being is known as Darth Deinos, and thus has been serving the dark side for quite a while. What makes him unique is his preference for close quarters combat, an aspect in which he excels to an almost uncanny degree. He does not use the force for long range offensive moves at all. He is also dexterously skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using all four arms or just two.

Unlike other siths he cannot do the 'sith lightning' nor perform acts of telekinesis, thus in terms of force potency he became the source of ridicule. However om the other side of the spectrum his combative aptitude is so good that it is a source of envy, he may be limited. But with his limitation comes a series of advantages.

He might not fare well against force users, however when it comes to a one-one-one confrontation the odds are always on his side. More often than not which is why he is a successful jedi hunter, who is famous for capturing Force Warriors. The moment his opponents pick up a lightsaber will be the last action that they take.

He is a high rank Sith Warrior, a position he's gained from his experience as a Jedi Hunter. Mock him in terms of the force usage, he lets it be. Mock him in terms of combat, he acts upon it. Most of his sparring partners ended up as cyborgs.

In actually it is a piece of Nerx that has entered this verse, so far it has assimilated several races. One of each specimen; Gen'Dai, he can regenerate damage at a highly accelerated rate, healing at one speed category faster than other lifeforms (eg to heal naturally from a wound a normal character would have to wait three days, a Gen'Dai would only have to wait three hours). This regenerative capacity allows him to regenerate lost limbs, however this is a slow process and pales into insignificance compared to their ability to re-attach severed limbs by holding them against the stump and waiting for the wound to heal. They can also burn force points to heal one wound category instantaneously, making them capable of incredible feats of healing especially when combined with their ability to re-attach severed limbs. When Mortally Wounded a Gen'Dai can enter a state of hibernation in which they can remain while they heal twice as slowly as other lifeforms. Gen'Dai have no central brain or heart structure making them extremely resistant to damage, Gen'Dai can live for many millenia without physically weakening, however their minds succumb to the years and they find themselves suffering increasing levels of depression, anxieties and insanities until their final years are lost in madness. ; Feeorin, they grow stronger and more powerful until they die, dropping dead of old age. They are also long-lived. Feeorin are massive and greatly muscled humanoids standing over 2m tall. ; Clawdite, traveling the galaxy as anyone he wants to be. Camouflage to approach a mark, neck strike, followed by swift neck snap; Codru-Ji, reasonably human looking as adults--except for the extra set of arms. But as children resemble six legged canines. It wants to devour more.

There have been some rumors within the Sith Order postulating that Deinos is in fact a Sithspawn, or a mutant. As he is very unique, unnatural by definition, seemingly nigh-immortal and violent beyond measure; the ultimate weapon.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

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Prior to becoming a Sith, Deinos was a member of the Matukai Order. a group of Force users that have a much different philosophy than the Jedi or the Sith. They strictly use their own body as the focal point of the Force instead of an inanimate object. Through meditative martial arts and strenuous exercise, they seek to strengthen their bond with the Force. Many have found that, even with very weak force sensitivity, they can enhance that sensitivity and become masters though it takes many years of hard work.

The aim of the study Matukai force is perfect themselves and improve their lighting. They care little about the wars between the dark side and the light side at political and military, believing that the real struggle is within every being. His biggest goal is always to improve themselves, body and soul. The way of perfecting mind through the perfection of the body. His skills in both armed and unarmed combat were legendary.

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In between his transition from ex-Matukai to Sith Warrior there is another phase, that phase is the Dark Side Marauder. They combine physical prowess with training in the Force. Unlike Matukai, they bend it to their own violent purposes. These warriors become brutal, living weapons, delighting in inflicting pain and taking lives. The Dark Side Marauder becomes an extension of the dark side of the Force in the same way as his weapons are an extension of his body. He lives in a world where his destiny is entirely dependant on his mastery of his weapons and his strength in the Force. The dark side makes his survival far more likely.

Dark Side Marauders are the ultimate mercenaries. Adventure, pillage, slaughter, and violence define them. They often live for the joy of battle, the test of arms and the tempering that only bloody conflict can provide – but they are hardly above taking pleasure in the spoils of victory. While the adrenaline rush of combat is a heady drug to them, the thrill of the dark side flowing through their veins is far more intoxicating. To feel that thrill again and again, the Dark Side Marauder seeks out any activity that lets him wield the Force against an opponent. Many marauders can be found acting as bodyguards, gladiators, mob enforcers, mercenaries, street thugs, professional soldiers, or simply adventures.

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When he is not pursuing his job as a Sith Warrior Darth Deinos experiments with yet another persona as a member of the Seyugi Dervish, Adaavi. The Seyugi Dervishes were once a fanatical cult of Core-based assassins. Acolytes honed their Force-augmented combat skills to sell their services as professional killers. The Seyugi school neglects most Force theory in favor of developing deadlier, unarmed Force-augmented attacks. Practitioners of this style close quickly with opponents. Once an enemy is within reach of the Dervishes’ smiting blows, the fight is as good as over. A Dervish master surrounded by a throng of equally skilled opponents is capable of slaying them all in seconds.


Even though he is a Sith Deinos does not act in the stereotypical way, he simply joins this side because it offers him the chance to find interesting opponents to hunt. He started as a jedi hunter, even before he picked up his first training saber. He began as an in-betweener but quickly got bored since everything is about the credits, Deinos wanted to live a life full of passion. A divine excess of pleasure and pain, he felt pleasure when he killed a padawan and then met pain when he was struck down by her Thisspiasian jedi master.


A good challenge, training, finding new ways to engage in combat, pazaak (although he is very bad at it). Shock Boxing is his calling, most of the time he fight with only two hands as his lower pair under the armpit are crossed in front of his pectorals. However there are some opponents willing to fight him in Quad mode.

The user wears two gloves that deliver electrical shocks when contact is made, increasing the effect of the punch. Coupled with the impact of the blow, an electrical charge is delivered as well. This charge does not harm the recipient permanently, but it has been know to have adverse effects in those of low resilience. The gloves do not require any external power supply because they are powered using ‘kinetic power cells’ that are self-generating.


Telekinetic lightsaber combatants as he thinks that they sully the ways of the blade, the jedi as even as a Matukai he felt that they are elitist scum, Gungans since he has been known to kill those on sight


  • His skill in the melee department is highly revered by the sith, secretly admired by the jedi alike. There is a reason why they call him the thresher of souls, he constantly trains this aspect against even beasts (rancors, leviathans and the like) and come out on top.
  • He is very close to the force, before his induction of a sith he was a prodigious member of the Matukai order which hones the force by excercise and meditation. In this aspect he focuses solely on the kind of force that augments his own body. This makes him one of the few people who can take down jedi or sith barehanded.
  • There is something 'off' about him, some assume sith alchemy, some assume radiation mutation, some assume generic engineering and others have even assumed that he is not of this galaxy.


  • He has next to no methods to combat force users at a distance, next to no alter type moves of the force. A sufficient group of force adepts may overwhelm him. His first defeat was handed to him by a jedi who had used Electric Judgement. He was surprised.
  • His methods and outlook on life would be considered odd, even by his peers at the Sith order. His pre-existing beliefs have made him an 'outsider' within their order as he is not really interested in the domination and the needlessly traditional aspects of their 'evil'
  • He lives in a path that promotes violence at every turn, he has killed jedi and even fellow members of his own order multiple times before. Alliances are never static as he is the catalyst of change.


Deinos can speak Galactic Basic as well as his native tongue(s)


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His uses the force in more direct applications, preferring to amplify himself rather than projecting energy towards his opponents. As such Deinos prefers to use force speed in tandem with his saber mastery to slice and dice his foes.



  • Force Speed: A very useful technique that augments an individuals speed, inevitably allowing the user to see the world around them in slow-motion.
  • Contort/Escape: Escapes specified bonds by contortion in painful and difficult (but physically possible) ways. By dislocating joints, softening bones, and the like, a Force-user can escape almost any physical restraining device. While this is indeed a painful procedure, Force-users are trained to block out the pain and focus on the task at hand.
  • Reduce Injury: The Force-user may call upon the Force to reduce the amount of injury they suffer.
  • Remain Conscious: Remain Conscious allows a Force-user to remain conscious even after suffering injuries which would knock him unconscious.
  • Force Cloak: Using the force, a user of this technique would bend light around his body in order to conceal his physical presence.
  • Force Concealment: With this technique, one could conceal their affiliation and presence within the force down to a minuscule if not completely. Rendering them impossible to be sensed by other force sensitives.
  • Levitation: Allowed for brief periods of extended flight, and required a fundamental amount of focus.
  • Force Body: Allowed one to push one's endurance past a safe limit, sacrificing health and well being in order to sustain their connection to the force. A useful, but reckless technique.
  • Enhance Attribute: A Force-user uses this power to increase a single attribute for a limited period. A Force-user can only increase one attribute at a time. If a character invokes the power to enhance a second attribute while the first attribute is still enhanced, then the first enhancement fades and the second enhancement receives the increase.
  • Force Deflection: This attack was commonly used to deflect blaster bolts with the adaptation of the force.
  • Force of Will: By using Force of Will, the Force-user uses their Willpower skill to fight the effects of hostile Force powers.
  • Tapas: A power used to maintain warmth in cold environments, using the force as a coating.
  • Doppelganger: An ability that allowed the user to procure a perfect illusion of his being.
  • Breath Control: Allowed the caster to maintain functionality for long periods of time without the necessity of oxygen.
  • Battle Precognition: Allowed for increased reaction time due to the user's ability to anticipate an opponent's movements.
  • Combat Sense: Combat Sense helps a Force-user focus on the battle at hand. Everything else becomes dulled and muted as the Force-user's senses are all tuned to the combat happening around him. All targets become mentally highlighted in the Force-user's mind, aiding him in attack and defense.
  • Force Jump: Augments one's natural jumping ability to extremes.
  • Force Weapon: A weapon in the hands of any Knight could be endowed with the force to the effect of greater damage, and the ability to deflect a lightsaber.
  • Force Absorb: A technique that takes energy and transfers it into the force, redirecting the absorbed attack for retaliatory use.
  • Phase: Allowed the caster to transcend through solid objects as if they were a ghost.
  • Force Kick: Kicks the target and interrupts its current action, preventing that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds.
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Typical powers of the Matukai are similar of some of the powers that the Sith and Jedi use to enhance their bodies. Matukai are capable of jumping higher and moving faster as well as improving their reflexes. They are also capable of reducing damage and even healing themselves to some extent and are masters of their body.


  • Soft to Solid: a Matukai Force technique that made normally soft parts of the body become incredibly rigid and rough for a brief amount of time, giving the user a form of natural body armor. He uses this power to harden his fists and inflict damage with a punch, he was shunned for this by his order.

Those that become masters are able to harden their bodies to the point where they take little or no damage and feel no pain. Matukai are so in tune with their bodies that they become very aware of every illness, wound, and even poisons that have afflicted them. Many have found that they can force the wounds closed or remove the toxic poisons from their body through the Force and their own will.

Sith [Secret]

  • Feed on Darkside: This power allows a Force-user to feed on the fear, hatred, or other negative emotion of others to make themselves more powerful. It does not matter to the Dark Side why the others are filled with dark emotions; the feelings alone suffice.
  • Aura of Uneasiness: This power allows a Sith to project a field of vague discomfort and uneasiness around themselves, to ward off non-sentient creatures or cause extreme discomfort in sentient beings.
  • Waves of Darkness: The user delves into the darkness of their own spirit and dredges up the feelings of hatred, jealousy, greed and rage that linger in shadowed recesses. Using the Force as a power source, they expel these vile emotions in waves of Dark Side energy that radiate outward in an expanding sphere. Anyone caught in the disturbance suffers immediate confusion, and a few seconds later, flees in fear.
  • False Light Side Aura: a Dark Side Force power conjured through Sith Magic, that covers a Darksider's aura with one of light. Using this spell can be enough to even fool Jedi Masters into thinking one is a follower of the Light Side.

Due to it being a ranged-type Force Power, Deinos hides this from the others, for annoyance of being approached by the Sith Inquisitorial.


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His trusty Dual-phase Lightclaws (x4) which had their tales to tell, each bi-sabre attached to his quad gauntlets that have caused many Jedi deaths. Deinos loves to use the blades to pry-off foreign lightsabres off enemy combatants.

His lightsabers uses focusing lens combined with Kunda Stones, to produce a broader, yet still focused beam. They also use the improved fencing emitter which are most suitable for parrying hand-to-hand attacks. His claws also used the silver colored amplification crystal which enhances the core abilities of the main crystal. His lightclaw is for all intents and purposes waterproof as it has a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse. Woe befall anyone stupid enough to get him doused to null his claws. His main crystal is the Katak Crystal, which is known to drain some of the life force of those struck with the blade, even when the blade dealt no damage.

Combat Style(s)

When looking for a new opponent he would fold his arms on his two pairs of pecs and wait while the audience watched in silence.

all styles modified to his quadbracchalism
all styles modified to his quadbracchalism
  • Makashi: designed for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. Makashi is described as being very elegant, powerful and allowing extreme precision. The user is able to attack and defend with minimal effort - often wielding the saber one handed for greater range of movement and fluidity. Makashi relies mainly on parries, thrusts and small precise cuts and requires fluid movement of the blade and body. Makashi users would often use feints to set up their opponents for a trap. precise footwork is needed to maintain proper distance from the opponent. This duelist form adds in techniques learned from fighting other lightsaber wielders concentrating on defense and avoiding disarmament.
  • Fast Style: Fast Style consist of short and quick motions with the blade that could be chained and combined almost indefinitely, this style allowed for multiple attack at an extremely fast pace. Its obvious advantage was that it was efficient in one-on-one combat against slower opponents with lax defenses or multiple opponents who are not wielding melee weapons. Especially when combined with Force Speed would the Fast style be very dangerous to any opponent. Among all the styles, this style provides the best defense against blaster fire. Relying primarily on speed and multiple attacks. There are only so many opponents that can be within his melee reach at one time.
  • Form X: The dual saber, one in each hand. One of the blades in the wielder's hands was used for attacking while the other one was used for defending, such as parrying, or for more offensive power. This balanced form utilizes dual blades, or multiple forms of battle, such as using the Force in one hand and a lightsaber to supplement, or vice versa.
  • Trakata: Tràkata has no blocks, no parries, no defenses. The only time a Tràkata adherent will ignite the blade is to land a killing blow. An adherent will often open themselves up to attack just to lull their opponent into making a move that will leave them open and vulnerable.
  • Trispzest: a type of aerial lightsaber combat originally developed by the airborne Majestrix of Skye, Kharys. It allows the combatant to utilize the advantages of flying in battle against grounded units

The Jedi had trouble with Deinos's defensive style and counter-striking ability. He has the patience to wait and capitalize on mistakes. He accompanies Sith inquisitors on body hunting missions. Although to the uninitiated Deinos was a practitioner of all lightsaber combat forms due to his adaptive combat capabilities.


  • Velanarian Boxing: the full techniques require four arms, but the crosscut style is usable by humanoids.
  • Hijkata: It focused on deflecting and countering the attacks of your opponents, turning their attacks and maneuvers against them.
  • nerve pinch: an unarmed combat technique whose purpose was to render opponents unconscious.
  • Forbelean defense: the defense required the user to maintain a posture that would allow all attacks to be intercepted and deflected
  • Piercing Touch: a powerful punch that was able to penetrate bone, chitin, and various armors.
  • Striking Mist: allowed the attacker to sneak in close to their opponent, so that the hits could not be parried or dodged.
  • K'tara: focusing on stealth by maximizing damage to an opponent while making a minimum amount of noise. The style featured short, quick movements, most beginning from the set position and moving within the small area framed by the target's shoulders and hips. A skilled practitioner could quietly silence an opponent, disarm him, and disable him within a very short period of time. Augmented with the Force there are almost no limits to what can be achieved.
  • Verdanaian: also known as 'sliding hands' in reference to how the art allows a practitioner to 'slide' an opponent's attack into their own defeat. Considered a 'soft' art because it relies more on fluid motions, Verdanaian is far more of a defensive art due to the basic mechanics of the form and the lack of weapon techniques.

The Codru Ji, have the same natural weapons as any other humanoid - they can punch, kick, etc. Essentially an assassin with four arms, who was originally a freelance jedi hunter bent on to murder every telekinetic lightsaber combatant.


He practiced a unique form of unarmed combat. This form focused on heavy use of control through meditative techniques and martial arts. He used his skills to combine the Force with their unarmed strikes to create a form with expert precision and incredible power. Developing his own forms of unarmed combat to customize his combat method, the best weapon is one's own body. Of course, the ability to disable enemies without permanently damaging them (unlike his lightclaws, that disable enemies by cutting their extremities off) really helps - and is more proof that your his body is the best weapon he can get.


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Lightweight is king! Quad forearm vambraces for parrying lightsaber blows, two is the normal number for most unmodified types. He has four.

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Made with micronized Mandalorian Iron, crushgaunts were a trademark of the ethically depraved Mandalorian Mercs. These gloves give wearers the ability to crush and rend objects, including throats, limbs, and skulls, with sickening ease.

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Used by the megonite miners on Phelarion. Freeze boots were equipped with technology that would instantly freeze the megonite in order to prevent it from overheating and exploding when stepped on. The weapon also places a "frozen" aspect on the target on a successful hit. If not removed somehow, then the next exchange it will become a Major consequence.

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He uses his Sith Mask to block outside influences and allow the him to focus without distraction. Cortosis weave/Phrik Alloy. Equipment with this aspect can resist energy weapons. So, physical armor with this Aspect (it can be custom engineered with it), normally incapable of protecting against energy damage, will apply its normal bonus.


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A COO-2180 model. 6 fine manipulator arms tipped with retractable arms/kitchen utensils (exchangeable); Two legs; photoreceptors/audio receptors;olfactory sensors; gustatory sensors; vocabulator; Chemical/liquor drum siphons (allowing it to mix any drink on the spot.); Repulsorlift unit; 1.7 meters. It may look simple but it was modified with a database capable of holding up to a total of 17,000 recipes and a complete food-sampler sensing package for precise adjustments of spices and other flavors, while monitoring the nutritional needs of its master.

In more upscale eateries this droid is used as a sous-chefs under the direction of Deinos, since the COO-2180 is a competent.

Crimson Maelstrom
Crimson Maelstrom

Darth Vertere is his Sith Mentor, an old hermit that taught Deinos in the ways of the lightsaber. A sage of the darkside that knows of its more esoteric roots, to most sith magic and sith alchemy are just rumors. To him it is a lifestyle.

He is 'old fashioned' compared to he rest of his order, yet his methods are effective to say the least. Despite his age he is a very powerful Sith Juggernaut, his disciple focuses on speed and countering. He focuses on brute strength, executed in swift ferocity.

Prior to being a Sith Vertere like his student did not come from jedi roots, rather from the order of Zeison Sha. They use their telekinetic powers to their fullest and are experienced masters of the discblade weapon. The Zeison Sha Warrior’s ability to use telekinetic powers has become a natural process. The Zeison Sha's Telekinetic ability surpass most of Jedi Knight's Force abilities.


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A Sith sword weaved with a cortosis sheathing modelled in the form of the Ryyk kerarthorr, the one that the wookies of Kashyyyk use as their traditional weapon. Instead of having the blade mounted inline with the handle, the ryyk kerarthorr had its handle mounted at a ninety-degree angle to the blade. In this way, a Vertere could wield a pair of these blades held close to his body. Only the most skilled of Wookies get the opportunity to train to use these close in weapons. Few rarely master the weapons. Come as a set of two.Ryyk blades were simple traditional swords constructed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. For a non-Wookiee to use the ryyk without earning the right to do so was an insult to most Wookiees.

His blade is composed of exotic materials such as Cortosis, Phrik, and Obsidian enabling the wielder to engage and block a lightsaber blade. A successful parry against a lighsaber-type weapon will cause a short, forcing the wielder to reactivate the lightsaber. He loves the more visceral feel of metal cutting flesh as contrasted to a blade of energy cleanly cutting and cauterizing.

Powered swords, implementing vibration technology, decreased the coefficient of friction of their blades and thus were more dangerous, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. Vertere can imbue his sith blade with the Force.

The wielder's hold makes it easier to block attacks, but harder to land substantial blows. The user can attack by spinning the blade, a risky maneuver which throws an opponent off-balance.

Combat style

  • Dun Möch: a form of combat that used distraction and doubt, usually through taunting, in conjunction with lightsaber battle. Dun Möch commonly involved spoken taunts, jeers, and jests that exposed the opponent's hidden, inner weaknesses and/or doubts, which had the end result of eroding the opponent's will.

  • Telekinetic combat: can be used offensively and defensively. Defensively he can use his sith blades having them whirl around himself creating a deadly and effective shield against most physical attacks. For the defensive barrier he uses a maximum of 5 sith swords; Offensively he can wield up to 5 sith swords with the force. The blades can go at most 5 feet away from the controller otherwise they will deactivate.
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The darkstick was designed for hunting, and curved for slicing.


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  • Force Punches: charge his hands up with Force energy for a limited time. Anyone who was punched by the user would be shoved backwards through the air.


  • Kinetite: a glowing ball-lightning manifestation of telekinetic energy that can batter down anything in its path. He can flatten ferrocrete bunkers with impunity. It can be "caught" or reflected back by the same power, but the other force user absorbs a fraction of the energy and can be thrown several feet in the process.
  • Flamusfracta: a severe culmination of the art of telekinesis by which a force user causes objects to explode. The intensity of the blast can injure an entire room of enemies, particularly if the affected object is made of flammable material.
  • Force Destruction: This force power allows one to gather energy into his fists and then release it in the form of a fiery ball of light. The energy concealed in this bolt is very high and can, not only harm or kill an opponent but also make objects around it ricochet because of the explosion caused when contact is made.
  • Deadly Sight: Force Deadly Sight can focus and harm several targets at once only by using this Force Power, focusing the user's hatred into deadly energy. When used, the enemies health will be drained in a matter of seconds, causing a victim's body to burn and smoke as they die. This Force Power is only gained by choosing the grim and Dark ways of the Force. With this power, the user can damage entire groups of foes within their field of vision.
  • Devastating power: an ability drawn of the dark side of the Force. It was used to increase the power of an offensive Force technique either by half of its original power or to double it.

Zeison Sha

  • Force Shield: create a bubble of the Force around yourself that protects him from damage.

The Big Guy

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G'nort Hemm is different compared to other members of his race, unlike other Gammoreans this one has big dreams. Bountyhunting as a method to climp towards superstardom. He aspires to get a big name in his hands, then hitting them with his trusty Adumari Blastsword. He is a bonafide mercenary, yet he keeps this a secret from his mother and smaller siblings. The credits he's earned are given to support his community back at home. Nobody knows what he does back in his neighborhood.


"The six-billion credit Gammorean"

  1. Advanced Combat Implant: an experimental technology, designed to make computer data available to the user. Naturally, one of the first uses for this technology was combat. This implant contains weapons specification, and advanced usage techniques for all known weaponry in the Republic and associated territories.
  2. Advanced combat system: enhances the user's nervous system. It allowed the impluses to travel faster and farther along the nerve system, quickening reaction time. This implant also improved fine motor control which resulted in increased accuracy, most notably seen with the use of ranged weapons.
  3. Advanced sensory implant: enhanced the sensory-interpretation areas of the brain, thereby heightening the user's awareness and analysis of their surroundings, as well as spatial perception. It augmented the mind's natural ability to process visual data, enhancing the user's ability to perceive targets under difficult conditions.
  4. Advanced Alacrity Implant: This detailed micro-computer analyzes the contents of the user's circulatory system, as well as surges and drops in nerve transmission rates. It attempts to stabilize the user's system, and remove undesirable elements from it.
  5. Biotech implant: relatively new and experimental nano-technology to bolster healing, the device based most of its therapeutic system on the more traditional coagulants and solid doses of pain relievers to fully restore the user's health.
  6. Navardan regenerator: an implant that could give the user incredible healing powers, allowing wounds and injuries to heal in mere seconds instead of days or weeks.
  7. Durability implant: regulates the electrical current running through the body in such a way as to improve the wearer's stamina. In addition, there was a side-effect in the form of an increased resistance to energy-related attacks.
  8. Lornan implant: regulated the body's electrical current, therefore it had the ability to protect the user's brain from energy surges caused by external electrical sources.
  9. Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes: cybernetic enhancements allowing the recipient to view the world with increased resolution, enhanced color coordination, and ultraviolet, Infrared, and no light / low light illumination. In addition to these functions, the implants also provided the user with telemetry analysis, such as data on heat dispersion, and visual magnification. Hi-sense enhanced eyes completely replaced the original organic eye, however, many times the eyes could be disguised with fake pigmentation and eye color to disguise their synthetic nature.
  10. Cortical Datasplint: The datasplint was essentially "hard-wired" into the brain of an individual, allowing a being to place sensitive data in a secure location. The being could then literally forget it, knowing that they could retrieve it from the datasplint at a later time. Because the datasplint was accessed directly by the brain, it could be protected using memory encryption and trauma sensors. These sensors would trip if the being was interrogated or tortured, locking out unauthorized access without the user having to remember to encrypt it.
  11. Cybernetic implant comlink/pager: designed to serve as integrated comlink. The system utilized a vocalizer implanted in the throat and a short range transponder located on the neck to send and receive communications.
  12. Psicom 1260 interface: a cybernetic chip implant installed in a being's brain, which allowed for direct interface with droids and computers through the chips wireless user interface.
  13. psychic augmenter: enabled the user to enhance their latent mental powers, to the point where cunning con artists and criminals could use the device to mind control other beings.
  14. RiMPack: an extensive replacement of a sentients natural nervous system with a synthetic neural web, This neural net communicated with a sentients brain via a bio-interface implanted in the Bollen pattern of a sentients brain - and in turn allowed for exponential reaction time. When activated, the augment would send a users sensory system into overdrive, allowing them to process incredible amounts of sensory data at incredible speeds.
  15. Neuro-Shock Hand: a prosthetic limb that could be attached to a natural arm. It increased the cyborg's strength in that hand, and thus the damage of his punch.

His trusted medical droid, had implanted a cybernetic device in his body that would allow him to created simulated Force lightning.

Supplementary Skills

  • Noghri Stava: Stava incorporates joint-locks, pressure points, nerve pinches, takedowns, and quick and deadly strikes with the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Like the animal it is named for, Stava puts severe emphasis on speed and endurance, with Noghri practitioners being able to dodge blaster bolts with acrobatics, rolls, and sheer offensive prowess.


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Type: Blaster Blade

This was a modified Adumari weapon. About a meter in length, the customized blastsword resembled a long vibroblade with a curved metal guard protecting the hilt. The blade itself was sharp until it reached the tip of the sword, which resembled a flared nozzle rather than a point. The end of the sword contained an energy outlet which, when contacted emitted a blaster shot which could prove fatal to anyone on the receiving end.

G'nort used it as a status symbol. He practiced styles from the blastsword's prominence in years past, enabling him to defeat bigger, stronger opponents using contemporary styles.


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  • Big Shock: was a webbed lacing that could be applied to the surfaces of many types of armor suits. It created a shock field that was powerful enough to damage objects or beings that came into contact with the armor.
  • Jump servos: a repulsorlift-aided system designed to allow long jumps. They were often installed in bounty hunter's armor to aid in mobility.

Start the Conversation

CVnU Location (Food Chain): Gulch & Gatherer.

Ahoy there!

Jeremiah 19:9: I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another's flesh during the stress of the siege imposed on them by the enemies who seek their lives.

“I love to eat human flesh. It makes me ecstatic. We are fools to have been eating beef for so long.”
“I love to eat human flesh. It makes me ecstatic. We are fools to have been eating beef for so long.”

Albert is an honest working man who serves human choice cuts to his customers,Cannibalism takes a special person to appreciate. Human-flesh is not just a part of the vast food chain, but the meat is easier to process and cook and once consumed, it is easy to digest.

"The flesh tastes like pork, a little bit more bitter, stronger. It tastes quite good."

Cannibalism was not a religious ceremony, or some form of revenge, it was just the simple taste of human flesh that could drive a man to kill another just for the fresh meat.

For logistical reasons this is usually confined to the recycling of corpses. Some human corpse extract is being added to junk food to make it addictive.

"We have everything from Sausages and Soup Bones to Bouillon, and Stock. All made with the highest quality human meats. Every cut of human meat we sell has been selected for its superb quality and flawless texture. We only offer the choicest cuts of meat."

The epicurean's job is to find humans in order to harvest them for their produce. He harvests humans in a large blood processing plant. There are large towers where humans are attached to, to acquire their organs. The range of gourmet dishes on its menu is inspired by the eating habits of the Waricaca – an Amazonian tribe infamous for its cannibalism.

“Serpents are born in the human spine,”
“Serpents are born in the human spine,”

Most who commit acts of cannibalism are charged with murder, desecration of corpses, or necrophilia. Because the victims often consent to the act it can be difficult to find a charge.


"My friend, the flavor dances over the tongue in a symphony of flavors."

"Donors wanted! Become a member today!"

  • a dish of human meat seasoned with lemon
  • bolinho, "fried tatar balls with a sweet-sour dip"
  • Cut off pieces of legs cooked into soups and pasta, it was “fatty.”
  • cooked victims turned into pastries, the flesh used to make empanadas
  • feijoada, a main course consisting of "various pieces of meat with black beans and rice"
  • A potent green elixir (Al's secret ingredient for a bowl of fear soup) for because it makes the pulse quicken. People who eat the soup ends up with orgasmic looks on their.
  • Hufu “the healthy human flesh alternative” for “cannibals who want to quit”, as well as a product for anthropology students studying cannibalism. It is also “a great convenience food for cannibals. No more Friday night hunting raids! Stay home and enjoy the good healthy taste of hufu.”
  • With the blood in the basin, he waited until it had coagulated, dried it in the oven, ground it and mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, as well as a bit of margarine, kneading all the ingredients together. He made lots of crunchy tea cakes and served them to the customers who came to visit.

Dried parts of human bodies were hanging all from the roof, pickled limbs lay in barrels, and all around piles of money and trinkets from the pockets of the dead lay in piles. Then the human is ground up and made into cute little burgers. Most people eat them with french fries. When you order a Big Mac with us, chances are it came from some guy named Mac.

Human infant meat is so tender that it resembles fish in texture. Cannibals have told anthropologists that human meat is sweet, bitter, tender, tough, and fatty. The variation may result from disparate styles of cookery. Many tribes eat the meat of deceased humans only after it has rotted slightly. Roasting and stewing seem to predominate, with many tribes throwing in hot peppers or other seasonings. The Azande people of Central Africa reportedly used to skim the fat off the top of a human stew for later use as a seasoning or torch fuel. Cannibals in the South Pacific wrapped human cuts in leaves and cooked them in a pit. Sumatran cannibals once served criminals with salt and lemon.

if you can pay you are a customer

if you can't pay you are the goods

Special stuff

"Have you ever had tricorn chowder?"

"Taketh one unicorne". The recipe calls for the beast to be marinaded in cloves and garlic, then roasted on a griddle , and serve. When braised, unicorn falls off the bone and is really quite tasty, a festival on the tongue. And when it hits the colon it's carnival time. It's cutting-edge carne, a fantasy come true for carnivores with intestinal fortitude.

the unicorn’s horn holds magical properties that could cleanse poisoned waters and render the sick able again.

Funeral Service:

‘compassionate cannibalism,’ or eating parts of the corpse of a loved one to emphasize the connection between the living and the dead.” are also provided

a world where food means everything, to everyone.
a world where food means everything, to everyone.

To show his gratitude he will get 'VIP's" to eat his flesh which would make them immortal, he suggested all kinds of cooking his flesh for them (fried, bake, grilled, sushi! It's OK, he regenerates!).

Frequently asked questions

  1. What would it take for you to eat another human-being?
  2. Would you prefer to eat human-flesh (legally) at a restaurant or would you prefer to prepare and eat human-flesh for yourself?
  3. How would you go about preparing human-flesh for consumption?
  4. What sorts of human-meat do you think would make for good eating? Age? Race? Doesn't Matter?...and finally,
  5. What parts of the human body would you eat First? Second? Third? Doesn't Matter?

If you are vampire/werewolf/alien/non-human type that needs to feed on less savory food sources let us do the dirty work; Just sit back, relax and enjoy your chow.

Welcome to Gulch & Gatherers.

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In here we provide a 24/7 food service that is open to all, but we specialize in serving Man. Our atmosphere is throwback to the 1950's, a cheerful time back when there is no worries and when being a Greaser is awesome. A place known as the 'Golden Age' where the grass is greener. The Chef, Alferd Kemper, can cook a really mean burger. If you feel brave you should try on the 'Tenzil Sam' sandwich. Have a birthday? we can make you cake and add in a clown, free of charge. Be sure to look out for our special Milkshake, it is a taste that is truly out of this world. Do enjoy your moment here, your meal will be set to the Chordettes.

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In Gulch & Gatherer. we provide basics such as free WIFI and refillable drinks, also in here there is no need for tipping since all our employees are paid well enough. They are kind and will provide excellent service.

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We also provide services such as Drive-Thru and Delivery for those of you hungry folks that are simply too busy to pass on by, you can call from anywhere and we will deliver your order on time.

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The Chef

Alferd is a very special man, in a way that he knows how to cook things that are deemed inedible. When Albert wants hot angel wingsAlfred asks 'How hot?". An old grumpy vet with many stories to tell, do interact with him. What he lacks in youth he makes up for it in competence and sheer skill. Just ask the robber that ended up as mystery meatloaf.

Media Exposure

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Ever since Gulch & Gatherer. made its first branch on Pankration Island they have been propagating branches all around the world. It can be said that they are almost ubiquitous, slowly becoming a household names like the fast food empires before them following in the footsteps of the Clown, The King and even Pigtails. Serving the best of cannibal cuisines and employing cannibals all over the world, industrializing what was once a taboo. Slowly becoming a commonplace, an acceptable norm. A lifestyle

There was a vegetarian, now behold. Humanitarians!


  • Standard RPG rules apply
  • You can fight here (keep it civil or we will eat you)
  • You can break stuff (not the whole joint, though just be prepared get cooked

Still a work in progress, do enjoy :D

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