CVnU Location (Food Chain): Gulch & Gatherer.

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Jeremiah 19:9: I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another's flesh during the stress of the siege imposed on them by the enemies who seek their lives.

“I love to eat human flesh. It makes me ecstatic. We are fools to have been eating beef for so long.”
“I love to eat human flesh. It makes me ecstatic. We are fools to have been eating beef for so long.”

Albert is an honest working man who serves human choice cuts to his customers,Cannibalism takes a special person to appreciate. Human-flesh is not just a part of the vast food chain, but the meat is easier to process and cook and once consumed, it is easy to digest.

"The flesh tastes like pork, a little bit more bitter, stronger. It tastes quite good."

Cannibalism was not a religious ceremony, or some form of revenge, it was just the simple taste of human flesh that could drive a man to kill another just for the fresh meat.

For logistical reasons this is usually confined to the recycling of corpses. Some human corpse extract is being added to junk food to make it addictive.

"We have everything from Sausages and Soup Bones to Bouillon, and Stock. All made with the highest quality human meats. Every cut of human meat we sell has been selected for its superb quality and flawless texture. We only offer the choicest cuts of meat."

The epicurean's job is to find humans in order to harvest them for their produce. He harvests humans in a large blood processing plant. There are large towers where humans are attached to, to acquire their organs. The range of gourmet dishes on its menu is inspired by the eating habits of the Waricaca – an Amazonian tribe infamous for its cannibalism.

“Serpents are born in the human spine,”
“Serpents are born in the human spine,”

Most who commit acts of cannibalism are charged with murder, desecration of corpses, or necrophilia. Because the victims often consent to the act it can be difficult to find a charge.


"My friend, the flavor dances over the tongue in a symphony of flavors."

"Donors wanted! Become a member today!"

  • a dish of human meat seasoned with lemon
  • bolinho, "fried tatar balls with a sweet-sour dip"
  • Cut off pieces of legs cooked into soups and pasta, it was “fatty.”
  • cooked victims turned into pastries, the flesh used to make empanadas
  • feijoada, a main course consisting of "various pieces of meat with black beans and rice"
  • A potent green elixir (Al's secret ingredient for a bowl of fear soup) for because it makes the pulse quicken. People who eat the soup ends up with orgasmic looks on their.
  • Hufu “the healthy human flesh alternative” for “cannibals who want to quit”, as well as a product for anthropology students studying cannibalism. It is also “a great convenience food for cannibals. No more Friday night hunting raids! Stay home and enjoy the good healthy taste of hufu.”
  • With the blood in the basin, he waited until it had coagulated, dried it in the oven, ground it and mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, as well as a bit of margarine, kneading all the ingredients together. He made lots of crunchy tea cakes and served them to the customers who came to visit.

Dried parts of human bodies were hanging all from the roof, pickled limbs lay in barrels, and all around piles of money and trinkets from the pockets of the dead lay in piles. Then the human is ground up and made into cute little burgers. Most people eat them with french fries. When you order a Big Mac with us, chances are it came from some guy named Mac.

Human infant meat is so tender that it resembles fish in texture. Cannibals have told anthropologists that human meat is sweet, bitter, tender, tough, and fatty. The variation may result from disparate styles of cookery. Many tribes eat the meat of deceased humans only after it has rotted slightly. Roasting and stewing seem to predominate, with many tribes throwing in hot peppers or other seasonings. The Azande people of Central Africa reportedly used to skim the fat off the top of a human stew for later use as a seasoning or torch fuel. Cannibals in the South Pacific wrapped human cuts in leaves and cooked them in a pit. Sumatran cannibals once served criminals with salt and lemon.

if you can pay you are a customer

if you can't pay you are the goods

Special stuff

"Have you ever had tricorn chowder?"

"Taketh one unicorne". The recipe calls for the beast to be marinaded in cloves and garlic, then roasted on a griddle , and serve. When braised, unicorn falls off the bone and is really quite tasty, a festival on the tongue. And when it hits the colon it's carnival time. It's cutting-edge carne, a fantasy come true for carnivores with intestinal fortitude.

the unicorn’s horn holds magical properties that could cleanse poisoned waters and render the sick able again.

Funeral Service:

‘compassionate cannibalism,’ or eating parts of the corpse of a loved one to emphasize the connection between the living and the dead.” are also provided

a world where food means everything, to everyone.
a world where food means everything, to everyone.

To show his gratitude he will get 'VIP's" to eat his flesh which would make them immortal, he suggested all kinds of cooking his flesh for them (fried, bake, grilled, sushi! It's OK, he regenerates!).

Frequently asked questions

  1. What would it take for you to eat another human-being?
  2. Would you prefer to eat human-flesh (legally) at a restaurant or would you prefer to prepare and eat human-flesh for yourself?
  3. How would you go about preparing human-flesh for consumption?
  4. What sorts of human-meat do you think would make for good eating? Age? Race? Doesn't Matter?...and finally,
  5. What parts of the human body would you eat First? Second? Third? Doesn't Matter?

If you are vampire/werewolf/alien/non-human type that needs to feed on less savory food sources let us do the dirty work; Just sit back, relax and enjoy your chow.

Welcome to Gulch & Gatherers.

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In here we provide a 24/7 food service that is open to all, but we specialize in serving Man. Our atmosphere is throwback to the 1950's, a cheerful time back when there is no worries and when being a Greaser is awesome. A place known as the 'Golden Age' where the grass is greener. The Chef, Alferd Kemper, can cook a really mean burger. If you feel brave you should try on the 'Tenzil Sam' sandwich. Have a birthday? we can make you cake and add in a clown, free of charge. Be sure to look out for our special Milkshake, it is a taste that is truly out of this world. Do enjoy your moment here, your meal will be set to the Chordettes.

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In Gulch & Gatherer. we provide basics such as free WIFI and refillable drinks, also in here there is no need for tipping since all our employees are paid well enough. They are kind and will provide excellent service.

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We also provide services such as Drive-Thru and Delivery for those of you hungry folks that are simply too busy to pass on by, you can call from anywhere and we will deliver your order on time.

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The Chef

Alferd is a very special man, in a way that he knows how to cook things that are deemed inedible. When Albert wants hot angel wingsAlfred asks 'How hot?". An old grumpy vet with many stories to tell, do interact with him. What he lacks in youth he makes up for it in competence and sheer skill. Just ask the robber that ended up as mystery meatloaf.

Media Exposure

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Ever since Gulch & Gatherer. made its first branch on Pankration Island they have been propagating branches all around the world. It can be said that they are almost ubiquitous, slowly becoming a household names like the fast food empires before them following in the footsteps of the Clown, The King and even Pigtails. Serving the best of cannibal cuisines and employing cannibals all over the world, industrializing what was once a taboo. Slowly becoming a commonplace, an acceptable norm. A lifestyle

There was a vegetarian, now behold. Humanitarians!


  • Standard RPG rules apply
  • You can fight here (keep it civil or we will eat you)
  • You can break stuff (not the whole joint, though just be prepared get cooked

Still a work in progress, do enjoy :D