GS Top 5: Least Favorite 5 Cyclops Costumes

Someone in my recent Top 5 Wolverine Costumes list mentioned my Cyclops one and I just decided to re-read through it for shiggles and was sparked by inspiration of my least favorite Cyclops costumes. So after some research and self-reflection I decided why not? Cyclops is a character that has had some really good, really bad, and some really polarizing costumes. If you want to check out my 5 Favorite Cyclops costumes, I will link that here. I've always felt almost like an outsider amongst Cyclops fans because I genuinely don't feel like my opinions of the character match the majority of what I see as the common general answers in certain things, so as I was making this list I fully expect some "negative" feedback. So let me remind you, this is all subjective. So let's get to it.

5. Jim Lee Era

Dropping bombs right away. Created by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont, debuting in X-Men Volume 2, issue 1. This outfit of Cyclops is arguably the most iconic costume and is regarded as the quintessential outfit for Mr. Scott Summers. But guess what? I never found the appeal. I don't actually hate this costume but it's kind of...meh to me. Between the solid blue spandex, the banana yellow trunks on the outside, the thick gold pirate boots, gloves, and the belt and strap combo just always looked kind of silly to me. The gold visor also always looked kind of clunky to me too. And there seems to be some weird obsession with a certain niche of Cyclops fans have about the "chestnut/chocolate brown hair flowing free. I don't get it. This isn't a bad outfit by any means. It is a very 90's outfit, but it just never appealed to me. I'd actually say Larocca did it better, which is on my top 5 favorite Cyclops outfits and why I believe so.

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4. Classic Blue

The first individualized costume that Scott received from Xavier in X-Men #39. Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, this to me is one of the cases that I agree with the full body outfit not working. I made a case in my other list or in another thread that I actually like a lot of the "head condom" outfits but they are very much based on the actual color scheme and design. This is one of the ones that while an early costume I don't feel aged very well. It's basic in it's color scheme with the solid blue...full body spandex. It has the same problems I had with the Jim Lee costume with the banana yellow underwear, boots, gloves and visor. To me I feel like the best full body costumes Scott has are the ones that are streamlined like his Astonishing outfit or the Revolutionary one, as controversial and deviating that one was, it just flowed better. This one, like the Jim Lee design, are just too bulky in appearance and seem thrown together. It's a classic costume, but I can't say it's a good one outside of nostalgia.

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3. New X-Men

Debuting in Grant Morrison's and Frank Quitley's "New" X-Men 114, this costume itself was very much a big detraction from Scott's usual body spandex outfits, and Frank drew him well...very slim. I will say I think Grant Morrison's X-Men run will go down as one of the top 3 runs of all time. What I will say though is the artwork was very inconsistent to me. I think some panels were done very well but I think Quitley really took Scott's nickname a bit too far. Everything from Scott's build to the shape of his face was slim. The visor itself was not a good change up, IMO, after years of clunky looking gold ones to barely a thin strip running across his eyes. The outfit itself didn't really scream hero and I know Whedon made a remark about returning to the superhero look in Astonishing right after. This outfit to me was more suitable for Wolverine. This is something I can see Cyclops ordering a hot dog and swinging by Jean's at 6 vs saving a child from a burning building. Between inconsistent artwork and I think the concept itself, it just didn't work for me, but on an aesthetic level, I'd say it's not his worst. It worked for the story, though.

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2. O5

And back to the classics and this is as classic as it gets. This is Scott's first costume and I hated it. The dark blue/ sometimes black depending on the take, with the yellow, the thick boots, and visor looking like it grew from Scott's face, I don't like the outfits. It's very generic looking and makes him look like some fodder goon of some bad guy's gang vs a superhero.

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1. Honeymoon Outfit

Digging deep on this one guys, but holy shit was it bad. Appearing only 1 time did this legendary outfit ever appear. Debuting and ending in X-Men #35 by the creative team of Fabian Nicieza and Liam Sharp. We're going to give Scott a dark blue outfit, orange shoulder pad like sleeves, a chin strap, the thickest visor we can and a tape measure going over his head. Make him look like he was a defensive lineman from back in the day and decided to bust out the old game clothes to see if he can still fit on his honeymoon years later. It's a bad one and definitely a good thing this costume never saw the light of day again. I don't think we needed Scott to look like he was going to cut an 80's WWF promo on Ricky Steamboat or something.

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There you have it, folks. My least 5 favorite Cyclops outfits. I know I'm committing heresy with some of these but oops. Maybe I want to watch the fandom burn? But I would never do something like that. As usual, feel free to comment, hate, thumbs up, make your lists, comment and whatever below. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you guys next time.


GS Top 5: Favorite 5 Wolverine Costumes

It's been awhile since I did a blog. About a year ago, I did a Top 5 favorite Cyclops costumes in honor of my favorite character. Since I did that and had some odd fun doing it, I've been wanting to do one for my other favorite in Wolverine but never got around to it. Welp, I find myself with a day off and some time to kill and decided why not? So lets slice on into it. Small disclaimer, this is strictly 616 Wolverine. I do actually enjoy some of his other costumes in different media such as both outfits from X-Men Evolution, the orange and black and the eventual dark blue short t-shirt like costume, or Ultimate Wolverine's outfit, which is just awesome. I'd throw in Days of Future Past and Old Man Logan in there as great outfits as well.

5. Patch

Never has a secret identity been as convincing as Clark Kent and his glasses until Patch happened. Going to a dive bar, dressing up Casablanca style and throwing on an eyepatch while the rest of your distinguishing features sat out was a brilliant idea, almost as great as the fishnet mask. Created by Chris Claremont and John Buscema for Wolverine's first ongoing ever. I'm completely joking with this as a top 5, but I feel an honorable mention needed to be made since the actual story itself was a big deal for the character and quite a fun read.

Wolverine Vol 2 31 | Marvel Database | Fandom

5. Ablation Armor

I might be a bit of a hypocrite for this one since my disdain for Paul Cornell's take on Wolverine is quite known and still haunts me to this day as arguably the worst long term run on Wolverine ever. I could pull up some one shots or minis that were worse, but Cornell did one hell of a job at dismantling everything that made Wolverine, well, Wolverine. But...I will give credit where it is due, I really liked the Ablation Armor. Created by Kris Anka in 2014, this armor was for Wolverine when he was powerless. It is a suit of armor that could protect him from a nuclear reactor while he also carried a gun and with built in claws so he didn't have to cut himself. The design itself is rather simple, as it breaks away from the general blue and yellow costume Logan is known for. The costume itself tends to rotate between an orange or gold color with black X on it depending on the artist, but Stegman really took the outfit to a new level.

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4. Secret War

A very brief and I feel slightly underrated costume, the Secret War costume designed by Gabriele Dell 'Otto in Brian Michael Bendis' Secret War. To me, this costume is very similar in why I like Cyclops' Eve of Destruction costume in that it seems to fly by so quick, yet this one is even more under the radar. This outfit was meant to be more stealthy and sleek, with the darker shade of blue, almost a navy color, with the streaks of yellow being splashed in. It is very similar to the Ultimate Wolverine outfit, one I'm a very big fan of. This one in particular I got my first introduction to it back years and years ago when I was in high school and this was an alternate costume for Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

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3. Tan and Brown

A long time fan favorite costume for Wolverine is the tan and brown costume, originally created by John Byrne in X-Men 139, 40 years ago. I felt this costume works for Wolverine a little bit better than the yellow and blue, being of a slightly darker yet more...wild and animal like in color scheme. It's made some pop-ups in stories over the years, but recently made more of a comeback, being brought to light again during Rosenberg's Uncanny X-Men run, with art done by Salvador Larroca, who made the outfit look beautiful. It is also currently being used by Wolverine in Hickman and Percy's X-Men books. I'm glad to see it has made a comeback and is so far here to stay.

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2. X-Force

For a 5'3 or slightly taller, depending on who is drawing, assassin/soldier/ninja/samurai/animal unkillable, unbreakable, death machine, I think the X-Force outfit is the perfect representation of Wolverine. I give Wolverine props for being stealthy and killy(?) in the colors of the Swedeish flag, but this one does the trick. This costume debuted in X-Force Volume 3 issue 1, written by Chris Yost, Craig Kyle, and drawn by Clayton Crain, holy alliteration, Batman. The silver/grey and black are so simple in terms of color scheme, but in execution standout enough to make it bold. The red eyes also add another unique level to it. If it were up to me, this would be Wolverine's quintessential costume. I think as far as how he is a character, as a fighter, and what he is capable of, this captures him and suits him best as far as superhero outfits go. But I will say I'm also kind of glad it is a special occasion or "X-Force" only costume so the novelty of it doesn't wear off.

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1. Civilian

Wolverine himself is a loner at heart. His best stories, IMO, have been told when he's off on his doing his own thing, maybe killing some ninjas, sipping some whiskey, riding his motorcycle, that sort of thing. I think he is also great on a team because of his conflicting nature with a lot of his teammates and his own self. But, the bright blue and yellow to me is a nostalgic costume, but also very heavily influenced by who is actually drawing it. If I had to pick, Cassaday from Astonishing nailed a great modern take and so does someone like Dell'Otto, Deodato, Immonen, Bianchi, but they themselves are good artists. But there is something with Logan being in a tank top, some jeans, leather jacket and maybe a cowboy hat and dog tags that feel right. It's simple and it works.

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Welp, there you have it. My top 5 Wolverine costumes. Depending on how this one goes, I might make a part 2 but featuring other costumes from alternate universes or picking up some from 616. Like I said, I do not hate the blue and yellow, I think it's very dependent, so if I do it, it would be like a specific incarnation or volume. We'll see.


GS Review: The Joker (The other side of the fence.) Spoilers

Welcome to the latest installment of GS Review. Today I'm reviewing the newly released

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Just to start off if you want a much better review than this will be, go check out @theamazingspidey's review of the movie. It's a fantastic review, and I pretty much agree with everything he says, but I have a few view points of my own that differ. And I will link that review here. I hope you don't mind I linked it here. I'll take it down otherwise.

Anyways, onto the review. There will be spoilers ahead, so as usual, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read on. If you have seen the movie or don't care about spoilers, then read ahead.

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The Joker, directed by Todd Philips, stars Joaquin Phoenix as he portrays the former mental patient and aspiring comedian Arthur Fleck. Fleck lives with his mother Penny Fleck, played by Frances Conroy, as they reside in a run down apartment in the crime riddled town of Gotham. As events start to happen in his life we follow Arthur's decent into madness into becoming the titular character, the Joker.


Acting: Right out of the gate, everyone nailed every single role they were given in this movie. Frances Conroy plays the not so right in the head mother. Her chemistry with Joaquin was done very well. Brett Cullen played what I imagine most politicians would seem like in real life in Thomas Wayne, rich, powerful, saying the right things on TV but an absolute jerk in person. Zazie Beetz plays the love interest in Sophie Dumon, and her "interactions" with Arthur. Robert De Niro could really play a two faced talk show comedian if he wanted. But aside from everyone as a supporting cast, Phoenix was a spectacle.

Phoenix: Joaquin was absolutely incredible in this movie. I have a soft spot for him since he played Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, (big Cash fan here). I feel he is a very underrated actor. Every time he was on screen he stole the show. The subtleties of things like just how he carried himself in the beginning, walking hunched over, almost skiddish. Him truggling with his laughing condition that just caused him pain and something he seemed so insecure about. His disturbing dances and all that to help cope with his problems almost. And eventually to him practically not so much overcoming his issues, but embracing them to when he finally becomes the Joker. You see the glimpses in his psychosis, hallucinations and his breakdowns and all that. You just see that shift in character and swagger. And his dedication to the portrayal in becoming so thin and emaciated looking. Everything Joaquin did in this movie shows he was 100% dedicated to this role and absolutely killed it.

Cinematography and Soundtrack: All the shots were great. The scenes and backgrounds done so well. And the music was near perfect for every scene. No complaints.

Writing: One thing I was very hesitant with this movie originally was the fact I didn't want to feel sympathetic and glorify the Joker. He is nothing to glorify. He's a monster of a human being if you can call him that. With that said, you do feel sympathy for Arthur and the world is just utterly shitting on him. Every one in this movie does something to him and you finally see that snap. And when he does these heinous acts you don't root for him. It's an introspective on "this could be anyone" after all the stuff he went through. Just one bad day away from being him. The pacing was well done, but I felt it kind of a got bit rushed at the end, which I will cover more later. Philips did a great job directing, and Joaquin did a magnificent job portraying that. And I loved the Dark Knight Returns reference with him killing Murray. So well done.

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With this movie, I didn't really have any major cons. What might piss some people off is I didn't think this movie was much a of comic book movie. It was just a movie portraying the psychosis of a mental patient that turns into a killer based on what happens in his life. It was very much like Taxi Driver and Kings of Comedy but they just had to throw in a bit of Batman lore like this movie just so happened in Gotham. And this guy just happened to become the Joker. And even then, I didn't really feel like he was the Joker. I get it's an origin film, but he never came across as being the real Joker to me. He seemed kind of simple at times and never completely in control of the room. Never came across as that mad genius that the Joker is. Like he could kill a few guys in the room, and do some heinous things but isn't commanding the space. And in the vain of it being a grounded film, Heath's Joker did command the room, but Joaquin's didn't despite both supposedly grounded takes on the Batman mythos. So I don't want that excuse, it doesn't fly with me. And I felt some of the comic stuff they threw in didn't fit either, like the Wayne's died in this movie too, even going so far as to show the pearl necklace. It felt kind of forced and a bit rushed to remind you this is a comic book movie. I just didn't see the movie as a comic book movie, IMO.

In Conclusion:

The movie is fantastic. The movie is a great introspective movie and very much a mirror up to society. It is thought provoking and I will say each person will respond a little bit different to it. But I think it is a little too general in the concepts used to really say it is a total Joker movie. Regardless, Joaquin is a fantastic Joker and really makes the role his own. Heath would be proud.

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Final Rating: 8.5/10

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GS Top 5: Favorite 5.Cyclops Costumes

I've been in an artsy mood lately, and in a day an age where comic creators just pump out new costumes like hot cakes, I sat down and thought, what are some of my favorites? So I'm doing that. Today, I go through my top 5 costumes of favorite character, tied with Wolverine who will be next, and picked Cyclops. As a disclaimer, this is all in my opinion of course, feel free to comment, list your own, whatever. But opinion. So let's get to it.

5. Eric The Red

Sexy, right? This is just a joke. I'm kidding.

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5. Jim Lee Design 2.0

I am probably one of the few Cyclops fans that does not care for the original Claremont/Jim Lee design. I always found it boring, just not aesthetically pleasing to me. I know it's THEE Cyclops design, but I never liked it. However, I do like the modernized take on it from Rosenberg's Uncanny X-Men that Larrocca gave us by mixing it with the silver visor and the longer hair. I think it worked pretty well for the gritty run and overall, looked pretty cool.

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4. X-Factor 2.0

I really liked this version in comparison to the first. I think it was a very big change from the classic blue and yellow that Cyclops is very famous in general when it came to his classic costumes. The white X and boots against the dark blue meshed really well and I think it's a really cool concept.

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3. Eve of Destruction

A very short lived costume for Scott. Post Apoc possessed Cyclops came back with a much more reckless and darker persona with a costume to match. A very big step up from his more famous decor by completely abandoning all traces of blue or gold. The silver and black really stood out on Scott with this outfit and I thought it was a very awesome step outside the box and definitely an outfit that was a pure reflection of the character at the time. One outfit I wished we had for a little longer.

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1st Place Tie. Astonishing/Utopia

I know the 2 have very minor differences, but I lump them together for the most part. I loved this outfit, and for a long time, it was my favorite. It is tied for 1st place, just kind of depends on the day. With that said, I love it. The darker blue, the gold trimming, the greaves, the silver visor. Going back to being a hero and an outfit given to us in my favorite X-Men run of all time by Whedon and Cassaday. It screamed superhero but also fit with Scott stepping out of Xavier's shadow and showing he could be the quintessential X-Man. Definitely was a nice change and one that stuck for almost 10 years. This was definitely my era of Cyclops.

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1st Place Tie. Revolutionary/Marvel Now

So I'm probably gonna get mixed opinions and some flack for it, but I love this outfit. I will admit I hated it at first. I really did. The X-Visor, the red, it was Bachalo, who at the time was in a drawing slump before Uncanny with Bendis. But overtime, and Bachalo actually doing well, and the occasional Immonen and Anka pop up drawing it, they really brought the outfit to life. It is such a stark contrast to Cyclops' original color pallet, but the crimson alternating with black while the ruby red lines and visor set apart the costume. It really gave Cyclops a presence whenever he was in the room and just shown to how he has grown from that skiddish 15 year old to being an early 30ish a leader and bold adult. It is a costume I miss as I felt like we didn't get as much out of it as we could have, but for what we had, I have to say it is hands down a top 2 for me with the Astonishing outfit.

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GS Review: Dark Phoenix (Spoilers)

Image result for alan thrall milk gif

Why hello there. Have you seen Dark Phoenix yet? Thinking you might want to? Well, then don't read this if you care about spoilers. If you don't read ahead and thank you for your time.


The movie opens with Jean Grey as a child driving with her family. Her powers start to manifest over the radio with her mom, she causes her mom to sleep and they crash into another car with Jean being the only so they say. Xavier meets her, tells her that her parents are dead (I'm Batman), and he convinces her to go to the school. Fast forward, the to present X-Men time in their timeline, and the X-Men are popular and loved by all. Xavier's school is flourishing, life is good. They head to space to save some astronauts after a phone call from the president and while on this mission, the Phoenix Force shows up, possesses Jean, and now everything is turned up. She goes mad over the realization her father is alive and Xavier lied to her and this sets up the rest of the plot going forward. And there is a sub group of aliens that they barely touched on that are the main bad guys. Now its the X-Men, Magneto, and the D'bari chasing after Jean.


Fassbender: I'm just going to outright say that Fassbender was the only real good actor in this movie. I say that as a fan of Evan Peters and James McAvoy, but Fassbender really stole any scene he was in. He looked great when fighting Jean over a helicopter, he was all into it. It was great, because she wasn't. And even though he was in the movie, he didn't really do a whole lot, so he was pretty limited, but out of everyone, he was right.

Dazzler: We got Dazzler....that is all.

Final Fight: The final fight was very brief, but we see Jean start atomizing people, which was kind of cool. Aside from that, the rest of the fighting was lackluster or boring.

Xavier's Ego: While I am not going to put McAvoy as a pro in this movie for reasons I will state later, but they actually touched on the fact that Xavier at times is a douchebag, not the holier than thou, can do no wrong, mutant activist and will mess with people's minds. I get in First Class and DoFP they show him being young and all that, or depressed as all hell to the point of being broken, but they really drove that emphasis home in this movie before he kind of snaps out of that side of him later. Not really a major pro to the movie, but definitely a nice touch to see.


Strap in, here we go.

Sophie Turner: So, I wrote a review for X-Men: Apocalypse some years back and I ragged on Sophie Turner as an actress in that movie for having a serious case of Kristen Stewart Twilight Derp face. I can in this movie, say it really isn't better. She has an amazing ability to completely disconnect her emotions, voice, and whatever her body is doing all at once. When she is sucking in the Phoenix Force, she is screaming in pain, her face looks completely apathetic. When she is fighting with Magneto over a helicopter, she looks so nervous and out of place with this half-assed hand raise while Erik is straining and going all out. Then she looks at him and is like "HAHA 2 HANDS" and then he raises 2 hands. I can see like a cocky look and hand raise because she is that much stronger, or maybe some kind of strain. Nope, none of that. No emotion. When she sounds angry, she looks bored. When she is acting angry, her voice sounds bored. I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, so I don't know what Sophie Turner's ability as an actress is, but as Jean Grey in both movies, she has been nothing but an utter disappointment.

Mystique is a Mistake: JLaw just gave lifeless speeches, some "change the name to X-Women because the girls do all the saving". Really? From the character that betrayed her family and almost ruined life for mutantkind by going rogue and trying to assassinate world powers? Sounds good, Mystique. It's really disappointing that Jennifer Lawrence did, I think, a really good job in DoFP, to phoning it in Apoc and doing no better in this one. She just sounded like some person giving the generic after school special speech. I was glad she got Logan'd on a piece of wood. And then her be the reason everyone gets their shit straight or motives from? Really? Mystique? I said it in my Apoc review, Jennifer Lawrence just doesn't seem to care. She shouldn't have been brought back for this movie or given as much screen time she was given before her character was killed.

Acting: The acting in this movie was really subpar. The conversations between characters felt so forced, so rushed, so....lifeless. Nothing was allowed a chance to breathe until later in the movie, like it took awhile for them to warm up or something. McAvoy himself included. Evan Peters didn't get much attention, so he didn't do bad. Alexandra Shipp was ok. Sheridan's Cyclops was lifeless again. At least he said "Jean" a lot, if we want to get accurate enough. *Shrugs*. The whole cast was jam packed, but they all seemed like they didn't want to be there.

D' Bari: So the main antagonists in this movie were the D'Bari. You ever hear of them? No? Youz sez noh? Well, they were a (I believe) one time panel about how their planet was destroyed by the Phoenix Force in 1980, which is where the connection to the movie comes in, but were mentioned before that in 1964 in Avengers. With that said, I don't recall they mentioned as the D'Bari, they get shoe-horned into the movie, and all the actors playing them (aside from Jessica Chastain, who is a good actress) were terrible. They all either didn't speak or were monotone as hell, did these horribly over exaggerated runs, floppy arms and shitty fighting. Nothing was said about who they were, unless it was brief and I missed it, what they could do and so on. All that they wanted the Phoenix since it destroyed their planet, and they will destroy Earth and restart their world there. We could've had the Shiar, maybe someone like Cassandra Nova, nah. We get a literal, bottom of the barrel group of aliens, portrayed as crappy stereotype monsters. Their powers weren't explained, Chastain had telekinesis I guess, healing, some telepathy, shapeshifting, and strength. Such a little explanation and a total waste of time with them as a whole.

Fighting: The fighting was terrible, completely lackluster, and such a small scale. Magneto had trouble getting a subway car from the the tunnel, but could almost destroy the planet and float an entire stadium in previous movies. Why? Storm barely did jack and was having trouble with a dude with control over dreadlocks, and I've seen the argument, "there wuz ppl around", nothing was said so keep the excuses to yourself. Selene looked terrible, and just reminded me of the spike chick in the Last Stand. Cyclops missed a slow floating Magneto going over a bus or something from 10 feet away. The train fight was, again, just boring. Magneto had the best moments, but just completely forgettable. This movie had the weakest fight scenes in any of the movies. The Phoenix itself was such a low scale thing too, it was disappointing.

Nightcrawler Went Full Azazel: It was kind of cool to see Nightcrawler go nuts, like stabbing these guys through the neck with his tail kind of nuts, but Kodi McPhee is just so cringey as Nightcrawler. He kind of got away with it in Apoc for being younger, but he just looked so awkward in this movie. Oh, and what set him off to go nuts? A soldier getting hurt, one that was attacking them, kidnapping and imprisoning his friends. It wasn't Magneto that did it, Jean going Dark Phoenix-lite, Hank joining Magneto, Mystique dying. No, it was the soldier that already did a bunch of crap to him and his friends. He had nothing on X-2 Kurt at all, that scene is still one of the best.

CGI: I will say, the visuals at times, particularly the space scenes, looked like cheap scifi movies. Again, lazy.

In Conclusion:

I knew this movie wasn't going to be the best. I didn't expect too much at all, to be honest, but I went with the benefit of the doubt and I have to say, it was garbage. Lazy writing. Lazy acting. Poor CGI. Weak villains. Waste of potential. Sophie Turner CANNOT lead a movie right now. It sucks that this is the last movie we have Fassbender and McAvoy in their respective roles, and this is how that ends. This movie could've been better than Apoc, which I didn't think was even that bad. I gave it a 6. This was worse than that. This was worse than Last Stand and I will say worse than Origins.

Final Verdict: 2/10


GS Review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Spoilers Ahead)

Oh, boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. I was super excited about this film. I was a big Godzilla fan growing up, and I've always liked it even into adulthood. And now we have a monster universe with amazing advancements in technology for amazing visual spectacles and experiences and opportunities for great things. With that said, Let's get into the review. There will be spoilers soooo....leave if you care, thank you if you don't or have seen the movie and are willing to read through my opinion.


We follow the Russells, Mark, Emma, and Madison, all played by Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, and Millie Bobby Brown. They lost a son in the original attack of 2014. 5 years later, Mark is a wildlife photographer, Emma works for Monarch helping in the titans experiment, and Madison is the kid...yeah. Anyway, Emma makes a device that can create sounds using the same frequency of the titans to control them. She is there at the Mothra awakening, some eco-terrorists invade, shoot them and kidnap Emma and Madison. Dr. Serizawa, played by Ken Watanabe, and his team get Mark and they embark on a quest to save his wife and kid. And Godzilla is there, and he is pissed someone is awakening Ghidorah, the eco terrorists, and it's an ancient rivalry and Ghidorah is awakened, and we get some epic fights from there on.


Monsters and CGI: So the CGI and visuals in this movie is absolutely amazing to me. The details of Mothra, Rodan, Godzilla, and Ghidorah on top of the sheer scope of them is amazing. We have some awesome shots of Godzilla and Ghidorah standing across from one an another and it was amazing. The kid in me was screaming the entire time. Rodan fighting the pilots and going after Ghidora was a favorite of mine given the aerial fight. Mothra was beautifully done, really establishing that queen and royal status of her. She was also just a straight savage in her few fights, I think she was a big take away for me. And Godzilla and Ghidorah's final battle was also well done. And we get to see Burning Godzilla, and how he finally finishes off Ghidorah was brutal. Remember the spiral ray into the Muto from 2014? They definitely one up it this time. I won't give that away, but I marked out.

Lore: I was happy with some of the nods they gave to the past movies. I was happy we saw a Mothra egg, and she was definitely represented by the twin sisters, which they also represented in past generations. They kept Ghidorah as an alien, which I was unsure if they would do, but I'm glad they kept it. We also got references to Final Wars with Burning Godzilla, and the oxygen destroyer. So it was some nice callbacks to all that.

More Monsters: We got more focus on the monsters this time around, instead of just that build up and only 5 minutes of Godzilla in the 2014 movie.

Side Characters: I don't go to a Godzilla movie to see humans, I don't. I know some of the humans may help set up the fights and such in Godzilla movies, but I don;'t go for them. So I will discuss the main characters in the next section, but some of the characters weren't bad. Serizawa was likable and played his role well. His teammates were also not bad. I liked 2 supporting cast characters we got were Rick and a soldier named Barnes, who were pretty likable, and at times I believe were the fan commentary to some of the things going on. Rick I can see being annoying to some with his sarcastic attitude at times, but I found him speaking somethings on my mind. And Millie Bobby Brown carried her weight as well. I just don't think she really added much.


Script: So the script was definitely very muddled. We start with a kidnapping, but it was Emma who set the whole thing up, and she wants to save the world by controlling the titans, Mark wants them dead, but they have to follow Godzilla. Ghidorah is awakened (by Emma) and she blows up the base, and leaves her husband for dead. Some soldiers die, but G and Ghidorah fight but he flies away and now Ghidorah is flying away, and now Rodan is woken up by Emma, and he fights Ghidorah. Godzilla shows up, and makes the save, but he is shot with an oxygen destroyer, and now Godzilla is dead, but he isn't. Mothra shows up and communicates with him. Humans go down and find an underwater vortex that takes them to an ancient civilization, and Godzilla is healing in there, but Serizawa takes a nuke down there and it explodes and Godzilla is juiced up and healed. He comes back, we get more monster fights, we get more humans in the way and yeah. Just way too many things going on, lots of human cut aways and scene injections. We definitely got more monster stuff, but the humans kind of still suck.

Humans: They suck again. It's been awhile since I've seen Godzilla 2014, but I didn't hate Olsen and Johnson's characters. At least they were decent people. In this, Emma is a genocidal maniac that got her friends killed willingly, blew up a military base in front of her ex husband and daughter. Apologizes, kind of, but then says humans are the infection and they will awaken the titans and then use her device to control them, literally gambling with billions of lives. Mark, or in this case discount Tom Cruise, is great at every thing. He is a sarcastic asshole with a response for everything, knows how to fix everything, wants the monsters dead, but eventually it kind of dies down to help Godzilla. But if someone asks him something, he has a sarcastic reply like when someone asks why to bring up Godzilla's territory patterns, and he makes some remark about "opening tour boats" or something like that. He immediately knew how to open the hangar doors when they were jammed. He came up with nukes to feed Godzilla. He managed to get in the military base, almost left some soldiers but went back. He's just an all around terrible person. He's a step below Emma because she is batshit crazy. Barnes makes the remark that if they were his parents, he would run away to. And Millie was a child in 2014 played by Lexi Rabe (3000), and now 5 years later, she's able to cook, drink coffee, and say shit...that time jump made sense where? The main family just sucked.

Tropes: The movie was pretty tropish. Lots of last minute saves, slomo monster jumps, etc.

In Conclusion:

The movie itself had some real highs. From a purely visual perspective, and the fights, awesome. I loved it. The world building with how many monsters there are also leaves a lot of potential, but it was brought down due to some constant tropes, last minute saves, and the human characters for the most part being absolutely terrible, which to me brings the rating down. I recommend it to see the fights, but don't expect much as far as plot goes, and tune the humans out.

Final Rating: 6/10


GS Review: Hellboy 2019 (Spoilers Ahead)

Now that I finished my Saturday morning protein shake and bowl of cereal because I'm a large man-child, let's get this under way. Quick disclaimer, most of my Hellboy knowledge comes from the old movies, the animated ones, and very few comics. I am by no means a masterful user of Hellboy, but since my first exposure with the Perlman movies, I loved the character.


David Harbour stars as the titular character, Hellboy. This is a total reboot, not a continuation. we are starting from scratch here, people. Movie opens up in a cringe kind of story telling scene of the first war of the Blood Queen, played by Milla Jovovich, where she is dismembered and sealed away by King Arthur and Merlin. Now someone is trying to bring the Blood Queen back and bring forth the destruction of the world so monsters may rule. It is up to the BPRD and Hellboy to stop the Blood Queen and prevent the destruction of the human race.


Special Effects: I honestly can't find many pros in this movie. The special effects for this movie and the costume designs weren't actually that bad most of the time. I thought David Harbour looked good in the make up. They had a pig like character (for all intents and purposes he was Bebop) that looked pretty good, you can see his emotions on the CGI really well and he was pretty fluid as a character. Definitely didn't look life-like, but he looked good, and the actor and voice really fit the character. There was a fight with some of these giants, and that fight I feel is hit or miss, but probably the best fight in the whole movie. And we also had Baba Yaga, who provided one of the most entertaining scenes in the whole movie, and she was definitely one of the better characters, despite having limited screen time. And the movie earned its R-rating, people were getting their faces ripped off, eyes gouged out, body parts being thrown from shadow silhouettes and splattering across the walls. Some not as good. Oh, and remember the big demons smashing through bridges and stuff from the trailers? Yeah, they looked good, but the length of them in the trailer was the length of time they were in the movie, except add 30 seconds. And Demon King Hellboy looked sick.

Alice: Alice is a psychic medium in the movie that Hellboy once saved as a baby when faeries and Bebop, who was impersonating her starting the grudge against Hellboy, She was played by Sasha Lane, who I never have even heard of, but really liked her character by the end. I don't know if she was played right, but she was good, she was believable, and she could soul punch people, which was kind of awesome.

Blood Queen: The Blood Queen was a weak villain, I will straight up say that she was powerful but practically did nothing of note since it was all on such a low scale. She just loved Hellboy and wanted to marry him. *Shrugs* And kill the humans. But Milla hammed up for this character and it was rather entertaining for the most part for me. But every line was like grand speech from her, and it shouldn't have been. She's a pro but not a good one.

Lucha Fight: There was a lucha fight in the beginning and it was my favorite part of the movie.

Ending Scene: Set up a sequel with this one, guys. They go and stop the Oannes club, find a giant tank, scratch some dust off and it says 'Ichthyo Sapien" and a giant webbed hand slaps against the glass. Kind of dope, but I hope if this gets a sequel, it is better.

Mid-Credit Scene: What's a comic movie nowadays without a mid-credits scene, amirite? It's Hellboy in a drunken stupor at his father's grave, and he gets confronted by Lobster Johnson, and he fanboys over the guy. It was actually pretty funny and the most Hellboyish moment we get from Harbour the entire film.


Script: The script was trash I think from anywhere after the first half hour to the rest of the movie at best. The pacing was awful, the story didn't make much of any sense. It was like they tried going for a 4-5 hour movie and comic lore, which did they did, condensed it into 2 hours, and what they used was just shot for the trailer. There was way too much exposition, showing us so little and having to tell us everything. They scene jumped so much and had a voice over about it, it made the movie feel like that scene in Ragnarok with Dr. Strange.

Yeah, that one. "We need to go there" (insert exposition) and we're there. (Insert random character) "OMG ITZ U!!!" and they never explained anything about them until we get....more exposition and a flashback maybe. There was a scene where Merlin brings Excalibur forth to Hellboy, but when he grabs it he has a vision of him ending the world, so he doesn't. Merlin dies saying it was Hellboy's only chance. But guess what? 10 minutes later, they're fighting Blood Queen and she slams Hellboy through the floor in a cathedral I think, and lo and behold, Excalibur is Arthur's Merlin died for nothing...literally. Daimio was in it with the Jaguar spirit, and he was yelling for Alice to run when he was about to turn, but it did nothing, he seemed to be in control the entire time, making that section of dialogue useless. Between the bad writing, scene jumps, character insertions etc, they really made it hard to care about the characters and what was really just happening in the moment of the movie.

Character Portrayals: From a lot of reviews I've seen online, I will be one of the few to switch things. A lot of people didn't care for Alice, I did, but a lot of people liked David Harbour, I did not. I don't blame Harbour so much for this....I think it had to do with the script. He lacked a lot of things Hellboy should have. He lacked the subtle and insightful intelligence moments Hellboy has, which is something Perlman's Hellboy actually had like when he invented his own bullets and such. Harbour was complaining about reading a book to stop the queen. He also threw a lot of tantrums in this movie because "he was confused about his upbringing". Broom had to tell him all the time to "stop being such a whiny shit". Hellboy in this movie was a brat. And Ian McShane's Broom is an assassin that didn't age...I don't know if that is right or not, but from what I know, it wasn't. He was also an asshole in this movie most of the time, not the endearing Broom that I've seen in what limited forms I have. It just didn't sit right with me with what was consistent, and then tried shoehorning in this quick "I always loved you and I'm proud to be your dad" kind of moment with them, when Broom had maybe one moment with Hellboy when he was dulling his horns that made him seemed like he cared. Aside from that, Broom didn't look like he gave a shit. The actors weren't bad, I just don't think the script helped them.

CGI: Some of the CGI was also Hellboy looked terrible, like we're talking 2000's Spawn level kind of bad. It's like they went over budget in some scenes and you can tell. I think the effects in the Del Toro movies were better.

In Conclusion:

This movie was bad. I came into this with an abandonment of the original series, and a slight hype from the 2nd trailer after the first one was bad. This movie did not hold up. The writing was sloppy from nearly start to finish, they shoehorned in so much with too much explanation and not even showing. Ian was just given a bad Broom. Harbour was a giant man-child version of Hellboy without some of the subtleties that Del Toro got right. Some CGI was good, some not so much. The R rating did not help either. You're better off rolling down the stairs, going to see Shazam by far, Pet Semetary, Us, or fudge, even Captain Marvel was more enjoyable than this. The only good things were the ending scenes, some CGI, and I liked Alice, and I liked some of the lore they used, but execution was terrible.

Final Rating: 3.5/10


GS Review: Captain Marvel (Spoilers)

And it's been awhile since I reviewed anything...again. But here I am, back at it again with Marvel's latest movie, Captain Marvel. Just a disclaimer, if you missed the title, I am warning you that spoilers will be ahead.


It's here, the greatest, most strongkerest force in the Marvel universe, Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson. Join her as we flashback to the greatness of the 90's and journey along with her as she uncovers her amnesia riddled past, exploring her powers, and prevent the evil Dragonball Evolution Piccolos, I mean Skrulls, from taking over the universe.

The Good

Fury- So I'll say that Sam Jackson being a lighthearted and young Nick Fury made his scenes enjoyable. He looked like he had fun, the CGI and make up or whatever they did looked really good at making him younger, I think he definitely carried a lot of the scenes he had. But I will say how lighthearted he was, was off putting to me. I know even in his old age he's still got his quips and stuff, but I feel they went overboard with the comedy with him.

Goose- Goose was funny and I like cats...but he was your stereotypical Marvel movie mascot. He had some of the better moments in the movie, that made a lot of the crowd in the theater laugh, and him and Jackson fed off each other pretty well.

Monica- Monica I found actually charming in the movie. I don't know the kid's name, but she definitely held her own in the interactions she was given.

CGI- So the CGI was good in some of the fights. I really liked the space fight at the end as far as visuals go, and how Carol's powers manifested themselves was pretty cool to see. That's about it.

Not a total SJW Propaganda Film: It definitely had it's girl power moments, but it wasn't bad. I'm going to mark it under good, because that is the last thing I can see as good.

The Bad

Brie Larson: I will start out by saying she wasn't bad. I don't think Brie Larson is a bad actress, not great, she's just ok. Now with that said, she just seemed very disconnected during a lot of interactions or just kind of being afraid to really give her performance more emotion. She seemed like she tried to play it very safe and would rather underperform than overperform. There was just no balance with her.

Skrulls: I was very disappointed with the Skrulls. I was happy with the make up and how they looked...sort of. They kind of looked like Demon King Piccolo from Dragonball Evolution, that horrible movie, so it left a sour taste in my mouth. What really ticked me off was the plot twist where they were actually helping Carol all along and the Skrulls just wanted a light speed engine to find their families. The Skrulls became good guys....even they were some of Marvel's first villains....what the hell and why? I didn't care for the twist and I thought it was terrible. It worked for the movie, but as a fan, no.

Kree: Just wasted cast overall. They turned into generic bad guys, Jude Law was wasted and I was really excited to see Ronan again, but he was in the movie a whole 2 minutes total and did absolutely nothing.

CGI: And some of the CGI was just rather poor at times too. Carol had some good shots in space and when she's glowing, but other times it was not good. There was a scene towards the beginning when she has to talk to Supreme Intelligence and she is strung up by this gummi looking goo stuff, it looked like a C-list SYFY channel movie.

Pacing: The pacing was pretty poor in this movie, I'll say that much. This movie really tried to tie a lot of different things together like Carol's past, her friendships, relationships with her mentors, coming to terms with her powers, her interactions with Maria and Monica, the twist with the Skrull and the Kree, the Kree home, her time on Earth. To me it was like this movie wanted to do so much, and with an already underperforming Larson, nothing really had a chance to breathe and flesh out. None of the threats or relationships felt important. It all just had to move from next point to the next and the next. And when it did take a ended terribly.

Fury's Eye. Got scratched by Goose...."last time I trusted someone I lost an eye" gets comedically scratched by a cat and is offered glass eyes. Again, terrible decision.

Captain Carol "Avenger" Danvers: Fury looks at photo of Carol at the end and changes "Protectors Initiative" to the "Avengers Initiative". Talk about a shoehorn out of nowhere. Again, terrible decision, made no sense, and was never even hinted at.

In Conclusion

Captain Marvel was overall....forgettable. From forgettable fight scenes, to no major villains, to poorly built upon relationships, character dynamics, pacing issues, and funky CGI, there was nothing about this movie that really made me go "awesome". Nothing was inherently bad aside from the twists they tried to do, but everything else was just kind of "meh". Larson was wooden at times and as I said seemingly disconnected, but other times seemed like she enjoyed herself. Jackson had fun but it was off putting for his character. Jude Law and Ronan were wasted. That's all I can really say is this movie was forgettable. Not bad, it wasn't a bad movie, but you'll walk out of there remembering nothing of value.

Final Verdict 5.5/10


GS Review: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (Spoilers)

And I just recently finished watching Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, which will just be referred to as UBW for the rest of this review to save my fingers and brain from having to type the entire title again. With that out of the way, I said I would be kind of working backwards in these reviews so here is number 2. There will be spoilers, so stop while you're ahead. And as a reminder, this is coming from a guy who has NOT yet played the VN but I'm working on it. This is all based the Netflix series and some wiki reading.


I'll keep this as short as possible because A LOT happens, a little less than Fate Zero, but a lot nonetheless. So, we fast forward 10 years after the original series and we are reunited with the kids that are now in their late teens and prepping for another Holy Grail War. The story follows Rin Tohsaka and Shirou Emiya and their heroic spirits while they must battle for the Holy Grail and unravel the mystery surrounding it and whatever the heck is going on their town. Last warning for spoilers.

The Good

I have a lot to say here. So I'll probably break up a lot of the characters into their own sections.

Integration of the Spirits: One thing I felt was a big difference between this series and the prequel in Fate/Zero was that the human/mage characters in Fate/Zero were one of many subplots that just went along with the main plot. You can take the humans only and get rid of the spirits in Zero and have a really good series with a few alterations. The servants and such just added another layer to an already great show. The plot in this series I felt there was more of a connection and integration with the spirits. They were all necessary for plot progression and I don't think either way that is a bad thing. They managed to weave the spirits more integrally into this series and I felt they managed to have more connections between the spirits and their respective masters in the plot for this series. So I felt a little more invested in the summon spirits in this series and the plot because of it.

Plot: The plot is awesome in this series. The plot has a good balance of fights, twists and turns, sweet revenge, character interactions, and mystery, deep philosophy and meanings too. The stories that it tells I felt invested in, it makes you think a lot and I managed to get behind it relatively quickly. It's not a mindless show and you have to pay attention to mostly everything that is going on.

Mages: The human characters. I think the voice actors do a really good job at making you invested in the characters and you feel for them. I found myself really getting behind Rin as a character and I enjoyed watching her progression. Mela Lee does a phenomenal job making her seem totally bitchy and stuck up one second and then you feel for her with her motivations. I kind of found Shirou irritating at first but I did enjoy his progression overall. His contrast with Archer and their philosophical differences and I understood his importance and I also liked his power progression as well because it took time and they explained it all. He was also voiced by Bryce Papenbrook, sooo, that helped. Shinji was made a cowardly dipshit. Kuzuki was awesome. I liked we got more with Sakura this time around and Kirei was as despicable as ever. The human cast for the most part was done really well and they had a really good voice cast to go along with them.

Servants: I will go and just straight out and say that this series also holds my all around favorite batch of servants. I'm a huge UBW Archer fan, Kaiji Tang made him a straight badass, he hit his tones and quips and his anger and frustration. He is my favorite servant period. Cu Chulainn was a fantastic lancer. I loved Berserker in this series. Saber is always badass and Kari Walhgren is a gem. Gilgamesh being a full heel was great. Assassin was also straight badass and I'm glad they made the assassin class into something powerful this time around. Caster was cunning and intelligent and I think she was a good villain for the first and into second half of the seasons.

Animation: One thing I have given so much credit to Ufotable is the animation in this. They upped the animation a bit from the 2012 Fate/Zero series, which already has beautiful animation, and it is amazing. All the characters look amazing and smooth. The backgrounds are beautiful. The fights are really well done. Kudos to Ufotable for what they did here. And the noble phantasms are just jaw dropping to look at.

Fights: Just piggybacking off of the animation section, one thing I really like what they do here with the fights is the fights are intense. They are bloody. You hear the impact of the blows and feel the weight behind the strikes. The fight scenes are really intricately done and from visuals to noise is all covered and meshes incredibly well.

Soundtrack: And credit to the soundtrack for this series. I think the music was done very well and blended well with all the moments. It captured the intensity of the fights, it captured the solemn moments when needed.

In-depth: I will say I've seen some people complain about the dialogue and stuff and a lot of the characters talking, but I will say I think it did well to explain things. The show went out of its way to explain noble phantasms, mana, spells, reality marbles, summonings and all that. With how big the nasuverse is I'm glad the show actually explained things.


Fujimura: I know anime usually has a character like this, but I hated her. I found her irritating, annoying, and added virtually nothing to the show. So I didn't care for the scenes she was in.

Wasted Characters: I will say one of my biggest cons in this series is that the cast seemed a lot smaller in scale than Zero. And they wasted some very important characters and did little with Kirei, Illya and Berserker and Rider. I felt with how important they were to the series, they would have done a little more with them.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

So my final rating is 8.5/10, and maybe even 9/10 with my own personal love of the series. But objectively speaking as much as possible, I think the show was amazing. Where some people might find flaws with too much dialogue and such, I found there to be purpose behind them. And when there was longer discussions I still found myself invested. The plot is great. I think it was a good mix of twists and turns, deception, redemption and good character progression. I found the ending satisfying and I loved how it ended with Shirou and Rin. Accompanied with rich characters, amazing animation and music, I give UBW an 8.5/10.


GS: Review Fate Apocrypha (Spoilers)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I have been on a big anime binge lately and have been going over a universe that I have really loved over the last couple years. So I will straight up say, I HAVE NOT read the novels or played the VN. I really want to, but I have not had the time to invest in it. I will eventually. But I plan on reviewing the Netflix shows, starting with the one I completed latest before I return to re-watch Zero and UBW. So let's get to it!


2 factions, one of red, the other black, summon heroic spirits to fight for the Holy Grail. It's a story of mystery, deception, mystery, twists and turns and has some pretty badass battles. It follows Ruler and Sieg and Rider of Black mainly as they try and save humanity. That's it in a nutshell.


The Premise: Overall, I really liked the premise. Based off my previous experiences with the series and what I've read up on wikis and stuff, I thought it was pretty cool. You have two factions, twice the amount of summon spirits, and they fight for the holy grail. Shirou fights for world peace and saving humanity, while Darnic wants to kill the Association. Sounds cool. I'm down.

The Spirits: I'll actually break this off into individual sections because I actually really liked some of these servants.

  • Dracula: I really liked Dracula. I thought his design was badass. His powers and concept were fantastic. I absolutely loved his legend of Dracula noble phantasm as well. The fact the series played on that was awesome.
  • Achilles: Probably my favorite or second favorite spirit. He was played up as badass, boastful, and incredibly powerful. I really grew to like him towards the end and his interactions with Atalanta were some of his true characteristics coming through. I thought it was awesome he was strong enough to take on Siegfried and Frankenstein's Monster at the same, and kinda went "whoa" when he stopped Siegfried's attack with one hand. His lance was of a cool and simple design and it was fun watching his fight with Chiron when they were punching each other squishy.
  • Chiron: Keeping this one short. Overall, kind of boring at first, but I respected this character as a chivalrous and wise teacher, yet he was incredibly skilled. He was a pretty simple character but you couldn't help but like him. Oh, and his noble phantasm was awesome in theory.
  • Mordred: I liked her attitude, her design was great, her attacks were cool as hell and she was badass. I think there was little done in her motivation, but I liked her. She also had the best relationship with her master out of the series.
  • Shakespeare: He was just fantastic. So well done. That is all.
  • Karna: My dark horse favorite. At first I thought his design was a bit much, he just seemed too stoic, stereotypical anime badass in the beginning. But after finishing the series and watching his fights and his motives come through more, he was a good guy and just wanted a good fight. His noble phantasms were badass as all hell, too. Vasavi Shakti was amazing to see. He also had the best battles I think.

Kairi: Kairi was the only master I actually gave a shit about. The dude wanted a kid and was so different. The fact he was going around using heart grenades, fingers as shotgun bullets, and throwing human eyes. He also hit crippled Doc Ock chick with a car and that was great.

Battles: I think the battles were awesome. Chiron vs Achilles was brutal. Karna vs...everyone he fought was great, Vlad and Siegfried and his fight with Sieg was fantastic in animation. The actual army and against army was great. Overall, I think the fights were the best part. They were great. Though I think episode 22's battles could have been broken up and shown more. As cool as they were, that episode only showed what seemed like bits.

First Half: I think he first half of the series was a lot better than the second half. I think the pacing was pretty good the fights were great, and overall had the most consistency in terms of quality.

VA: The voice acting was solid. I'll give it that. I thought the English dub was done well. I didn't have any problems with any of the voices.


Execution of the story: Remember, this is from my POV of the anime, I can no way shape or form compare this to the novel. BUT, I think the execution of the story and selection of main characters was terrible. I think the second half things got muddled, the pacing of the story really switched gears and started slipping. I think it was just too overall the place. Nothing really dragged, but things felt rushed at times and certain points felt useless. They just made too many unnecessary decisions or ones that made you go "wtf?" in a bad way.

Forgettable Masters: The masters were pretty bland. I think Kairi was a really good one, and Darnic had potential but he went full heel. Aside from that, Yggds....Yeggemeprfffft....Yggdmillenias were boring. I gave zero craps about them. The characters were stereotypes, : weird uncle asshole with chip on his shoulder used as comedy relief brother and sister who I didn't care for and they played on sympathy to maybe pass her off as likable. I don't know, I didn't care about that whole family at all. The sex crazed lunatic. I didn't care the cousin or youngest one that got sucked into Adam?. They were cookie cutter. Zero and UBW at least made you care for Rin, Shirou (maybe), Kiritsugu, his partnert, Iris, Illya, (butchering names here but not looking them up because they are complicated as hell) etc. Even the fodder ones like the Archibalds were given some purpose and you hated him.

Wasted Servants: They really wasted servants here. Spartacus was given no explanation, even as far as his powers went. Frankie was wasted too early, but I at least liked their take on the character. Avicibran just kind of died. The servant selection in this series was really cool but execution wise, some were done pretty bad.

Sieg: I hate Sieg. Cookie cutter character. Little actual personality progression. Homonculi weren't supposed to have feelings but he clearly did before Siegfried dying. Another thing, Siegfried was badass. His design and Balmung were awesome, but they did little in explaining Sieg becoming possessed and being able to transform into him. He becomes a dragon later to transfer the grail....? He somehow had Frankie in him the whole time so he could combat Shirou...? What? Then Leticia somehow found him and they lived happily ever after? He was boring. He had little depth, he had little reason for me to care about and Ruler falls in love with him in like 3 days? No. He was a crappy character. Shirou in UBW had more depth than him and his whole "Hero of Justice" thing.

Jack the Ripper: WHY!? WHY!!? They turned one of the world's most deadly killers into a damn loli. Her character and master were terrible. Her concept was crap. She was a disgusting waste.

Astolfo: Really a man, looks like a girl, constantly surviving somehow despite getting ass kicked and annoying as shit.

Ending: Again, I hated the ending. The pacing was rushed, Sieg became a dragon to carry the grail away, and he lived somewhere that no one should find him and Leticia comes in, puts hand on boob, and they live happily ever after. The hell? Reiterating this as a section because it was awful.

Final Rating: 6.5/10

The show overall wasn't bad. I think the first half had a lot of promise and I really enjoyed a lot of the summon spirits. The fights were good and while animation was UFO-table pretty like Zero and UBW, it wasn't bad. I think this is definitely the weakest of the series but that was because things just fell apart in the second half. It became boring. The protagonists were boring. They wasted a lot of characters and the remaining few only gave you a few characters to really care for. The ending was trash though. So the final rating definitely drops the final rating. I'd say watch it, and you might like it. It was tolerable, but overall, very disappointing in comparison to the others. Especially since UBW and Zero were fantastic.