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Opening Remarks:

While reading his post I felt the need to point that my opponent seems to have ignored the fact that every single scaling I use indeed came directly from his own feats, those feats being him one-shot Gear 4 Luffy and Oden. And He also seems to forget that the two striking feats I provided were casual, one being a casual nameless attack from a weaken young Kaido while the other being an attack from a barely sober Kaido, you should pay attention when the word "casual" his being thrown around, it not just being thrown around for fun.

I would also like to take this chance to apologize for holding back some feat, I expect this to be a battle between country to Large country lvl being, didn't expect him to got full Multi-continental with his opener, so expect me to not hold back as much when it comes to my scaling.

Maintaining Advantages

I'll be using this section to correct and counter some of the things that my opponent said in his opening post, so I'll try my best to be as concise and to-the-point as possible during this part of the post.

Establishing Fundamentals

I want to take some time to establish the fundamental powerscaling of Fairy Tail, going through mechanics of Magic, geographical setting and hierarchy. Undoubtedly that scaling will be important here, as my opponent employed chain of scaling for his character, it’s fair I do the same.

Ethernano is the energy supply of magic (like Chakra or Nen or Ki) located inside every living organism and the atmosphere. As explained by Ultear, every person has a container determining the amount of Ethernano they have and the bigger the container the stronger they become. This is why after FT unlock their Second Origin they become much more powerful, increasing their AP and stats drastically. As potency and stats is directly tied to how much Ethernano you have. For more practical example: character X performs a feat, character Y has more Magic Power than character X, therefore character Y scales above the feat. It’s straightforward.

Well, why not.

The country of Fiore that serves as main geographical setting of FT is continent-sized, this is based on the distance from Hargeon to Magnolia being 370km, using the official map of Fiore we roughly get 6520km from east to west (934/53*370).This is larger than any country in the world except Russia and larger than Europe and Australia.

The problem with this scaling is the fact that you went a little overboard with your pixel line, Fiore stops at the line that goes through Cait shelter, Clover town, and Akane Beach, anything beyond that line is Seven and Bosco, You can tell that due to Seven having a curve which can be seen in the map of Fiore. So ur scaling should be smaller than that.

There are 2 notable feats shown to affect Fiore:

I really love the fact that you used the word "affect".

  1. Irene’s U1 shrank the landmass of Fiore and reduced it to 1/25 of its size. A continental feat.

It sure is a continental feat (not lvl) since it affecting something of that size but how does this exactly apply to her potency? Using magic to shrink something clearly doesn't give you the ability to destroy that thing, This is the same lady who hyped the heck out of a small building size meteor, and that despite stating turning into a dragon increases her power. We already know the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor a 17 to 20 meters size (much bigger than Irene) meteor going at around 69,000 km/h only had an energy of 440 kilotons of TNT, to put this into perspective it nothing more than town busting. Even Erza herself confirms that only she and everyone nearby will be affected.

So I'm confused as to how does this shrinking feat scale to her actual potency, which judging by her praise of that meteor, it definitely not continental.

  1. August’s Ars Magia melted the landmass of Fiore, though he deactivated the spell shortly after casting it; melting a continent the size of Fiore registers at multi-continent in potency.

Not really, the attack didn't really do much until it was stopped, better use of words will have been "about to".

Judging by the fact that the landmass of Fiore and reduced it to 1/25 of its size and the time it was taking to actually destroy the country which is at 1/25 of its size:

So, I doubt the potency of the attack is anywhere close to Country so let alone Multi-continental.

Both Irene and August are subordinate to Zeref, along with 9 other powerful mages known as the Spriggan 12 as well as an entire Alvarez Empire. Despite Zeref, an already powerful figure himself, having all these resources desperately needed Fairy Heart in order to rival Acnologia’s power. This means Zeref views Acnologia’s power and Fairy Heart surpass the entire Alvarez Empire, naturally scaling them higher than August’s Ars Magia and Irene’s U1/Deus Sema, which is backed up by August and Irene outright admitting inferiority to Acnologia and Fairy Heart, meaning they perceive their own power to be significantly inferior. Which makes sense, as Magic Power is directly tied to potency, and Acnologia's MP far exceeds Alvarez Empire. This extends to the Dragon Gods as well, as they are stated to be at least strong as Acnologia.

Cool, but scaling above below country character isn't really relevant here.

I ask the readers to look to my opponent’s opener, and see the highest scaling he has for Kaido are ‘’country’’ level feats, whereas Aldoron is scaled from multi-continent at worst. Unlike Kaido who has 0 standalone feats supporting this scaling, I will expand on Aldoron’s feats that are multi-continent tier.

You don't need multiple readers to understand that I scaled Base Kaido as a casual country buster, He scales directly by feats to Prime Whitebeard's Quake who can passively replicate country busting attack. And I don't recall Aldo being calc at anywhere near Multi-continental, if you are referring to August feat, that thing ain't nowhere near Multi-continental. The feats where Kaido one-shoting Luffy and Oden, how are these feat not supporting the scaling? The scaling is all about how strong do u need to be to one-shot these two characters, so I'm falling to see ur point.

Size of the Dragon God

This section is important because a lot of Aldoron’s standalone feats rely on his size, so I must get this out of the way.

Aldoron is a big fella, easily in the hundreds of km in size or triple digit km range. To start off, I looked up on Komodo Dragon because why not? Aldoron is a lizard after all, who looks just like a Komodo Dragon. The average length of a Komodo Dragon is 2.6m and has claw length of 1.75 inches according to this site. Hold onto that cause it will become important later.


The first time we get to see his official appearance just his fingernail dwarfs the mountain range.

I'm not seeing any mountain range, these "mountains" (I would argue for hills) are so spread apart from each other, how in the hell are they a mountain range? This statement gets even more unreliable when you add an actual small mountain range on his was shown to be bigger than his finger.

The smallest mountain range in the world is Sutter Buttes, and is 16km, so if we were to base that number as Aldoron’s claw size and his body’s length scaling accordingly just like Komodo Dragon, his body’s length comes at over 900km. His width by eyeballing him is about quarter of that.

And the Sutter Buttes is bigger than the mountain range on his hand, which would mean the entire width of his hand is below 16km in size. Going with this his overall body's length would be much smaller 900km, I would suspect his length to be more along the line of 500km, I guess I can more or less agree with ur eyeballing.

And this is consistent with him holding 5 large cities on his body’s surface, with 1 city alone looking like this:

These 5 cities named Draseal are big themselves, not only by plain visuals but they are noted to be bigger than Crocus, which in itself is a huge city with mountain ranges scattered around its parameter. Any who lives in big cities knows that they span dozens of miles in length and width, and Aldoron’s palm can not only contain 1 big city but also a mountain range appearing like pimples on his hand.

Judging by the fact that the mountain range on his hand is bigger than Aldo's city and that mountain range is smaller than a 16km mountain range, meaning his cities aren't even close to 16km, so I doubt they are spaning over dozen of miles, below 10 miles would be a better guess.

Lastly, it’s stated his vast size surpassed the clouds, context here referring to his height which defiantly includes clouds like Noctilucent clouds that are 76km-85km in altitude.

Nope, it doesn't, this is the same guy who gets completely dwarfed by what seems to be cumulonimbus clouds, and cumulonimbus only peaks at around 21,000 m or 21km in extreme instances, so Aldo's height would be below 21km. I'm also curious about one thing, how in the hell do you get Noctilucent clouds as ur conclusion? These clouds are literally above the Earth's atmosphere, are only visible during a specific time, and The Dragon has been shown being below clouds such cumulonimbus, so how in the hell did you get to that conclusion?

All in all, that's enough to say he's hundreds of km in length/width and easily small country in overall size.

But sure, He is definitely in the low-end of a hundred km in length/width, so small country below places like the U.K in width.

Physical Strength

Right off the bat Aldoron would absolutely destroy Kaido in H2H with casualness. Aldoron's feats of strength dwarfs everything Kaido has done.

I doubt that, but let see.

Aldoron’s first feat was when he dispersed a country-sized storm cloud with a shout:

The storm cloud is country sized as it was shown to dwarf Aldoron, whose size is already given. The speed it was dispersed in occurred in an instant, as we see his roar blast off the clouds across its diameter in one panel, meaning the timeframe was 5 seconds at absolute most, which makes the speed MHS range (diameter of storm cloud/time). The kinetic energy required to disperse country-sized storm at MHS yields anywhere from Large Country to Multi-continent (between 5 to 1 sec timeframe) I repeat again: This was him roaring, not a physical or magical attack.

I would argue more of small country base on the visual since the dragon himself is only like Large Island size, so ur scaling should be much smaller than that. Especially when a feat from Luffy that I establish to be fodder to Kaido rival this:

Skypiea Luffy while carrying a huge Golden ball on his hand punched away the clouds in skypiea which was revealed in later panels to have completely clear the sky of Skypiea, making a huge place like upper yard look like nothing, a place which would have taken Luffy and his crew about 4 hours to travel from Jaya to around where the knock-up stream was located (which is also around where Upper Yard was hit by it). Ships in the 1700s had a max speed of 20 knots which would about 92 miles or 148 km in 4 hours pretty insane stuff.

Here some scans showing how the clouds cover Skypiea or dwarfed Upper Yard:

So, Yea this feat isn't relevant to Kaido.

His other feat includes tapping around and crushing a landmass dozens of times his own size, with the residual force lifting the landmass kilometers high up in the air.

So basically a weaker version of Teach's Quake feat which can be passively replicated by Prime Beard that a Young Kaido directly scales to.

So, nothing too Impressive for Kaido here.

Aside from the already big disparity in striking strength,

Agree, there is a big disparity in striking strength, especially considering the fact the two striking feats you provided have been replicated by a character or feat that Kaido directly scales above says a lot.

an even hilariously bigger disparity is lifting strength. Kaido’s lifting strength feat is non-existent, and if you decide to scale him off the best in-verse you got is Jozu lifting a million+ ton iceberg. On the other hand, Aldoron can lift and moving his body, plus the 5 cities & mountain ranges on top of him making him a quadrillion tonner in lifting strength. You have to explain to me why he can’t grab Kaido and ragdoll him or rip him limb from limb with his gigantic lifting power?

I didn't know lifting strength would be a thing since their striking is already that high but Kaido is stated to be the strongest creature in the world over characters like Oars who can pull literally countries and Islands creating his own countries of villain and getting nickname the continent puller, so Yea that should tell you enough about Kaido lifting strength. So The really he can't rip Kaido limb from limb is because Kaido scale over a character who can lift as much as him and as tanked far beyond country busting attack inside of his body.


Aside from his colossal strength, an even more impressive physical trait is his unparalleled durability and resilience. Simply put it, nothing Kaido has will even tickle him.

I doubt that.

He no sold a huge blast that was about 1/3 of his body’s size:

Huh, no mate, each of these blasts are individual, so you can't scale them as one, Image being bulletproof being shots with multiple bullets, that by no means wouldn't make you or the bullet anymore durable.

For context, the explosion dwarfed his palm that can contain this amount of space. A large island level attack at minimum.

So basically getting hit by multiple city busting explosion, pretty irrelevant. I mean even Luffy has better feats.

He goes on to no-sell Natsu’s Demolition Fist:

Natsu’s Demolition Fist would be tiers higher in potency than his passive heat, which has feats like evaporating a huge lake; the lake in question here, Lake Scillora, is island-sized as it is shown be double digit km in size (distance to horizon puts it at 35.7km using a height of 100m) and author called it a ‘’huge sea’’; If you compare it to Lake Como (which is similar in size) vaporization calc places it at 12 Gigaton of TNT (island level). This was only accidental heat aura, his attack was targeted at Jacob who absorbed most of it logically placing his Demolition Fist at large island. And that was in Alvarez Arc, 100 Quest happens a year after and Natsu became a lot stronger.

Wolfen goes on to state that Natsu would need to use Demolition Fist 100 million times defeat Aldoron. 100 million times of large island is high end multi-continent to low end moon level.

Pretty Irrelevant as Natsu's attack got no-sold simply because of Aldo's size and not durability, This made pretty clear when Natsu himself state that trying to beat Aldo would have been a big problem due to his size not Durability, This even made worse due to Natsu's normal punches damaging the beast (this isn't a one time thing, every punches Natsu landed on god seed Aldo damaged him, you can check chapter 62 for confirmation) and I use the word damage because Aldo was actively blocking them, a character who is supposedly capable of no-selling one of Natsu's strongest attack due to his durability wouldn't even bother blocking Natsu's normal punches, let alone feel them.

Natsu was never bother by this man durability so ur multi-continental is definitely out of question.

Now despite Aldoron having lost an insane chunk of his power as result of his seeds loss and became very weakened, he still goes on to no-sell every single hit from Giant Gajeel (I put a spoiler cause lots of pages):

Nope he didn't, The dragon couldn't even move after the beating, the worst part is that this only happened after 4 visible punches, 1, 2 3, 4, 5 and out. Proving that this man definitely ain't close to multi-continental.

Gajeel got a big powerup from Brandish’ enlargement magic increasing his size to be comparable to that of Aldoron. A simple kinetic energy calc using the speed of Usain Bolt (which is laughable lowball as Gajeel is superhuman) gives you continental worth of KE. Gajeel basically hit Aldoron for 3 min straight (the transformation lasted for 3 min) with everything he got and still couldn’t hurt Aldoron in any meaningful way.

User blog:DemonGodMitchAubin/Fairy Tail: Big Boi Gajeel KE | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom

I should note in both case of Natsu and Gajeel, they were using Dragon Slayer Magic. As the name suggests, it’s a type of magic specifically designed to hurt dragons. Think of it as kryptonite.

The rest here doesn't bother me, especially when both slayer could hurt him without using any magic.

Also, Ignia stated human weapons cannot defeat a Dragon God. This would include widely known weapons like Etherion that has several statements throughout the manga reaffirming it possesses the destructive power to destroy an entire country with one blast (don’t start this daft debate):

Now one would naturally say ‘’countries come in different size’’ which is true, but the setting of the original series takes place in Fiore which is one of the very smaller countries in Ishgar, therefore we could use it as basis for Etherion’s DC, especially that Tower of Heaven Arc is where it takes place and the Magic Council were attempting to blow off Fiore. That at least puts Etherion at continental to multi-continent (assuming pulverization/vaporization for latter). Aldoron would no-sell it as Ignia noted.

This is pretty much irrelevant when there is nothing backing it up, Ignia was referring to those city busting Weapons and even Luffy can take that, This statement get even worse as Aldo stated that a human can't defeat a god dragon but was proven wrong pretty badly, and that even without using their magic, just pure physical.


Aldoron is fast enough to statue Natsu.

This man has no feat whatsoever of statuing anybody, the fact that he even bothered blocking Natsu's hit proves that he clearly isn't statuing anybody.

How fast is Natsu? He’s easily a nanosecond timer, I’ll explain. Back in Tenrou Island Arc, Mirajane displayed a nanosecond timing feat:

Sure, let see.

The roots were tightly attached to her body to the point she couldn't break them.

She reacted and dodged after the roots exploded.

She took no damage.

The epidermis, first human skin layer, has a thickness of 0.1 milimeter meaning Mirajane had to react at 291 nanoseconds to dodge the explosion before it could harm her skin.

I don’t have to explain just how colossal the gap between 100 Quest Natsu and Tenrou Arc Mirajane is. I fact, a 3x difference would be an understatement. It stands to say Aldoron’s feat of blitzing Natsu comes at relativistic.

So basically a feat that was replicated by pre-Gears Luffy who is basically irrelevant to Luffy who was statue by Kaido? Sure. Also I could try to debunk relativistic Aldo but as we already know that is not needed due relativistic simply being too slow for Kaido.

This is consistent with Acnologia blitzing right through August. August himself can react to Fairy Glitter, which is a light spell confirmed to be natural light as it is made from the light of celestial bodies.

Are you trying to scale him to Acno? Not to mention when did he react to that? The man didn't even do anything.


Aldoron’s main power is Wood Dragon Slayer Magic, which allows him to create and manipulate wood. On top of that, it grants him bonuses such as immunity to wood-based attacks, as dragons are naturally resistant to their respective elements and consumption of their elements buffing up their power.


His element is highly durable as low tier spells like Leaf Tempest are capable of no-selling Natsu’s fire breath attack; in pre-timeskip a weaker Natsu’s same breath attack obliterated the landscape forming a burning canyon. I don’t see how Kaido’s elemental attacks are relevant in this case.

Come on man, even Skypiea Sanji was able to survive Enel's attack:

Attacks strong enough to vaporize island's without a trace with enough DC. And I hope I don't have to explain why Kaido's elemental attacks would erase Skypiea Sanji.

I'm the one who should be asking if changing the landscape is suppose to beat relevant to Even Skypiea Sanji so let alone Kaido.

He can also uproot enormous trees that dwarf mountain ranges with immense piercing potency:

Going through wooden ship isn't really immense piercing potency for Kaido.

His strongest spell is Thicket of Arms, which allows him to generate endless numbers of thorns of which he can increase their size if necessary. He used this to gut right through Giant Gajeel and straight up 1-shotted him. This is impressive because Giant Gajeel tanked a headbutt from Aldoron, which would naturally scale above his previous feats of cloud dispersing and stomp, as Aldoron intended to kill here in contrast to those casual feats of him flexing his power, establishing the AP of the attack at multi-continent+.

First of all this is by no means casual flexing:

This man is literally trying his best to perform this feat, he is stomping the ground with all his might and even roaring for that matter, that is by no mean casual enough to scale below a simple headbutt from a weaken version of him, that headbutt just doesn't hold a candle to the stomp or even roar for that matter. And I don't even get where do the hell does the multi-continental+ AP comes from, especially when his best physical feat doesn't exceed country.

This headbutt is at best small country and one-shoting a man with small country's durability isn't going to bother Kaido who tanked a ryou slash from Zoro who blocked a combine attack from him and Big mom.

Even more impressive is, after it gutted Gajeel which would have had its momentum drastically slowed down it still travelled immense distances and demolished a country-sized area (given the likes of Zoro and Oden having scarred Kaido, this one would straight up murder him.

Huh no mate, this attack never slowed down as it never actually gutted Gajeel who shrunk before getting gutted him, so no mate that the actually DC which judging by the Aldo's size being small country is only small country in area, and a small country busting attack isn't going to bother Kaido who is no-selling Luffy's hit with ease. Oden matched Prime beard and Zoro blocked a combine attack from Big mom and Kaido both feat that dwarf anything you have shown, so him being "scarred" (he wasn't) by them don't mean anything for Aldo.


I won’t be countering every single thing my opponent claimed in his first post because I don’t believe that would be fair (3v2 counter section), but I’ll address the fundamental problems of his arguments quickly.


The first glaring problem with your argument is you evaluated Kaido’s Striking AP through a very long chain of scaling.

I don't see this as a problem as the feat were connected.

A casual Kaido one-shot Gear 4 Luffy who can take a beating from a character stronger than him and Gear 4 Luffy is a character who can flex out of attack that held a character who can stop an energy attack from a character that accidentally slash through Ice that held a character who busted clouds far past a 92 miles or 148 km size Island.

You used the following characters:

  • G4 Luffy/Skypiea
  • Katakuri
  • Doffy
  • Jozu
  • Aokiji
  • Oden
  • Roger
  • WB
  • Shanks
  • Akainu

That is a whooping 10 characters used to scale Kaido’s AP.

I showed two scaling with two different feat, so you should split that in two, as Oden scaling as nothing to with finding Luffy's durability, plus Shanks and Akainu were example to prove that WB physical are not that different his striking, so they weren't even part of the scaling.

So I don't see any problem with this tbh.

I don’t think I have to point out to anybody that this insane tier of scaling is faulty and it kind of shows Kaido has absolutely no standalone feats whatsoever, especially if you have to scale him off in this manner.

You have to point it out cuz I don't see it, You means standalone DC feats? cuz his standalone DC feat aren't relevant to him, Also One-shoting Oden and Luffy are standalone feats.

The second glaring problem with your argument is your use of distance calc. Exauce is under the assumption that because Gura Gura quakes travelled hundreds, or thousands of miles that it means it’s outputting country+ level of energy.

Huh no, the Quake didn't "reach" thousands of miles, the Quake caused destruction on thousands of miles, literally anyone in the planet could have felt his Quake, but this isn't about feeling the vibration but experiencing it destruction.

This is rubbish. You don't understand what the term ‘’country level’’ means. It means the amount of TNT exerted, Teraton of TNT in this case. It does not mean how much distance the quakes covered because 1). Vibrations travel very far on any medium. And 2). It doesn’t tell me how much joules or TNT these quakes are packing in them.

Yea ur baseless claim is indeed rubbish. I do, like a character causing destruction on thousands of miles. Yea and the amount of TNT required is more than enough to be country, I mean a guy calc this feat while only using 2.5km as the distance yet the calc still came out as Large Island+ so let alone the thousands of Km the destruction actually reached.

A real life example of this would be the Tsar Bomb. The shockwaves created by the detonation of the Tsar Bomba, a bomb containing 50 Megaton of TNT (city level), were potent enough to actually destroys things such as wooden houses and blow away stone roofs at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, as well as break window panes at an explicit distance of 900 kilometer: They could even still be measured after their third trip around the world (tens of thousands of kilometers).

Irrelevant, as the Quake actually caused destruction on thousands of Km, next.


"Big Ivan, The Tsar Bomba ("King of Bombs")". 4 September 2007. Retrieved 12 June 2014.

Sublette, Carey. "Big Ivan, The Tsar Bomba ("King of Bombs") – the World's Largest Nuclear Weapon". Nuclear Weapon Archive. Retrieved 3 October 2016.

Taken from Wikipedia.

This is similar distance to that of WB/BB’s quake, and with far more noticeable effect, and the overall energy was only about city level, thousands of times weaker than small country level.

Yea the difference is that WB/BB's Quake actually caused the destruction and weren't just felt, unless you want to argue doing this type of DC on thousands of Km is city lvl.

You see what I mean? This whole distance calc thing is invalid for both Skypiea and Quakes.

I don't see what you talking about, both feat were direct the DC, Luffy punched away clouds and WB/BB just caused raw DC, how are both invalid? Lol.

This also applies to your durability section, since the same faulty arguments you used for his striking are recycled there as well. And I will address this point:

Sure, let see.

This isn’t true. Zoro doesn’t use Ryou/Internal Haki and he scarred Kaido. That should give you a basis of what his external durability is, and I’ll give you a hint: An army of Zoro are fodder to Aldoron.

Enma is a sword that literally forces you to use Ryou. so no that shouldn't be anyone basis of his external durability, momentarily block an attack from Big mom and Kaido is literally Aldo's output something Kaido can easily take internally.

On Speed

I gotta love you were using official English translation for your sections until this particular part. Fear not for I have it helping me.

The famous "official scans" with no evidence arguments, man if you don't have an argument just accept this and move on, not to mention it still refers to as Kizaru's laser in this scan, so Yea still the same.

The Pacifista laser reproduced Kizaru’s attack power only. Not its speed. To say the Pacifista have the same speed as Kizaru is dumb, because Ussop, Franky and Brook dodged its laser and nameless fodder pirates destroyed it in Marineford Arc. Pacifista are fodder, Kizaru is not, and his greatest trait is his speed.

It replicated Kizaru's lasers simple, nowhere does it mention it didn't replicate it speed, that just pure headcanon. And where in the hell are they dodging this? They are literally just running away from an explosion, multiple supernova couldn't even physically dodge it, so makes you think that Ussop, Franky and Brook dodges it? And which nameless fodder are you talking about? Lol. Yea Pacifista are fodder that why they use Kizaru's lasers cuz they are fodder, plus Kizaru is actually strong on top of being fast, he doesn't just reply on a lasers.

I mean even Big mom (Kaido stalemated her in Base) can casually blitz Marco with a grab, you know the same Marco that intercepted beam from Kizaru himself:

No Caption Provided

I could even bring the fact that Old sick WB is literally flexing on these laser calling them "a little bright" (and Kaido is relative to Oden who relative Prime Beard) showing that Kizaru's lasers aren't relevant to Top tier like Kaido.

So Yea still FTL.

On Elemental attacks

as you may already know Kaido can spit fire hot enough to go through a mountain,

It only vaped the tip of a small mountain. Kaido’s breath attack is fodder to FT low tier dragons like Motherglare. Allow me to illustrate:

Kaido's Boro Breath destroys Oden's castle and vapes tip of small mountain:

Motherglare vaporizes a mountain range:

Kaido's attack is fodder here.

You still forget this "You should keep in mind that, as Irrelevant these ability seems, they are at least relative to his casual striking power, or else he wouldn't bother using them in combat at all." You know AP, I literally made that clear, I mean even Franky can take attack that can destroy mountain with it shockwave Lol.

Not to mention I don't see the mountain range in question, just looks like land.

His island lifting was done via TK which he hasn’t shown to apply in combat, and not like it’s relevant against Aldoron to begin with. Brandish did something similar as well:

Huh, I never said it does mate, but it is relevant since this man has no counter to being incap by these flames. I don't even know why she is being mentioned.

All of this is fodder.

No basis at all, all these attack are at least comparable to Kaido's normal striking, so Yea it relevant.



AP: Multi-continent by feats (cloud dispersion, Thicket of Arms), scaling to August's Ars Magia + Irene's U1/Deus Sema

Complete no sense as none of these feat come close to even continental, this man is country at best.

''Country'' level built on 10 character chain of scaling built on assumptions that distance travel = country level energy
Complete no sense again, I used two feats with two different scaling, one is talking about one-shoting Luffy while the other is talking about one-shoting Oden, and Yea scaling came out to be at least Large country something you didn't even counter.

Durability: No-sold attacks on his AP tier even with it being his kryptonite and a numerical statement (100 million of Natsu's DF)

No-sold that due to his size, and even normal Natsu strike power by no magic could hurt this man, so Yea Kaido is one-shoting him.

Scarred by Zoro whose small island at best
Lol blocking a combine attack from Kaido and Big mom is small Island at best? Lol, not to mention he casually tanked the attack.

Speed: Relativistc by feats + scaling

Which I won't even bother countering because it fodder to Kaido.

Should be relativistic but repper falsely argued him at FTL+ via false translation
You haven't even prove the translation was right Lol, and multiple other scaling still put him at FTL.

Strength: Has superior striking and quadrillion tons of lifting strength

Scale over character who can pull entire countries together.

Shared feat with Big Mom of destroying a small island & no lifting strength
Onigashima a small island Lol, and he has no lifting feat but basic scaling makes him above this man.

Experience: 400 years of experience