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644706 Renegade Dolly Character 12/15/20 08:22AM 4 approved
644522 Renegade Dolly Character 12/14/20 07:46PM 10 approved
644451 New Character Character Again we have all the volume of the manga in here but no characters. 12/14/20 04:55PM 0 denied
644358 New Character Character I think we should add this due the volume being there with absolutely no characters. 12/14/20 03:59PM 50 approved
644341 Dolly Kill Kill Volume 12/14/20 02:39PM 2 1 approved, 1 denied
644207 New Volume Volume I mean why not? It a pretty fun manga with Interesting concept and a "doll" villain that I really like seeing around. 12/14/20 12:57PM 50 approved
640590 Kaoru Hanayama Character 12/08/20 06:44AM 4 approved
463134 Kaoru Hanayama Character just giving the character some love 06/17/20 04:04PM 16 approved
462597 New Character Character Well since In CV there is both Baki and Yujiro but not him which is kinda unfair since he is himself one of the main character and also cuz we don't have him in here, when I tried doing a list of Favorite characters he was no where to be found so imagine my disappointment so I want him here because we simply don't have him here in CV 06/17/20 01:14AM 50 approved
462377 New Character Character Well cuz u guys don't have him in ur wiki 06/16/20 03:24PM 0 denied
462374 New Character Character Well i was recently doing a list of my favorite character on comic, manga, and anime and I couldn't find him, so i didn't want the disappointment to happen to any one else u know. 06/16/20 03:04PM 0 denied