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    Daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife, Maria Trovaya. After escaping from the Red Room, she decided to use the alias of the Wasp.

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    The All New Wasp, Nadia Pym
    The All New Wasp, Nadia Pym

    Nadia Pym is the daughter of Henry Pym (Ant/Giant-Man) and his first wife, Maria Trovaya Pym. Both Maria and Henry returned to Hungary for a honeymoon, thinking that Maria's past events had blown over. This was not the case and she was seemingly killed however Hank was unaware that she had survived and that she was pregnant with his child. She gave birth to a girl but its unknown what happened to Maria. The Russian's had hoped that being the child of the famous scientist Dr. Henry Pym that she would be as intellectual as her father. They named her Nadia, Russian for hope.


    Nadia Pym was created by Mark Waid and Alan Davis and first appeared in Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Civil War II) (2016). According to Waid, Nadia's creation was inspired by Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym's daughter from the live-action Ant-Man film. "Nadia" means "hope" in Slavic languages.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Wasp

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    Nadia grew up in the Red Room, a secret Russian training ground which also trained up Black Widow, she had no memory of her birth mother, only of a man with a star on his arm (the Winter Soldier). Nadia received combat training at a young age but as soon as she could read she showed a gift for science, her handlers used this and made her study hard, even going so far as to tell Nadia about her father and his work. Nadia used her fathers research to experiment on a black market Pym Particle and escaped to her father's home but as soon as she got there she learned that Hank had died in a battle with Ultron.

    Upset but not wanting to turn back, Nadia shrunk down to enter her father's lab, there she made a wasp suit and named herself "Ora", but in English, the Wasp.

    Her next trip was to the Avengers Hanger to meet Jarvis who was not impressed at Nadia stealing the Wasp name until she explained her heritage to him and the Avengers, at the same time however Vision was experiencing some after effects from when Kang the Conqueror sabotaged his inner workings, he was about to blow up but Nadia shrunk inside Vision to plant explosives to destroy any infected parts, saving him and the rest of the Avengers.

    Wasp meets Wasp

    Jarvis agrees to take Nadia to see Janet Van Dyne, Nadia's stepmother. Jarvis warns that Janet will be cautious as to why Nadia is taking the name of "Wasp" for her own however Janet is more concerned with a bomb threatening to destroy the East Coast and brings Nadia along with her.

    They manage to defuse the bomb and even meet the President who gives Nadia some American souvenirs, after which Janet takes Nadia sightseeing. Afterwards they have a talk, Janet explains that Nadia has more of a right to Hank's technology than she does but she also doesn't mind Nadia also taking the Wasp name, just as long as she upholds the name, which Nadia promises to.

    Janet then gets a call from Jarvis who tells her the Russian Consulate has shown up at Janet's home and they want to speak to Nadia.


    Nadia is shown to be a bright girl who wants to find out her heritage, she is shown to be visibly upset at the news of her father's passing but uses this as drive to continue his work.

    Nadia also enjoys life, having been stuck in the Red Room for most of her life, she is shown to love flying and finds simple things like souvenirs and doughnuts fascinating.

    Nadia has inherited her father's inventive skills and has a grasp of his work, even replicating his Pym Particle science to allow her to shrink and grow at will.


    Nadia has successfully unlocked the powers of the Pym Particles as she is able to shrink and grow at whim and has shown to be highly intelligent, especially as an engineer and mechanic, having designed and crafted her own suit, Nadia was also able to fix Jarvis' car when it broke down.

    Her suit allows her to fly and is equipped with stingers, much like the ones Janet Van Dyne uses. Its also shown that Nadia has combat training from her days in the Red Room.

    Other Media


    Marvel Future Fight.

    Wasp in Marvel Future Fight
    Wasp in Marvel Future Fight

    The Nadia Van Dyne version of Wasp is a playable character in the game.

    Her bio says: The daughter of Hank Pym. Nadia Pym never knew her biological parents, as she was raised in the Red Room until the day she used a Pym Particle sample to escape. She used Hank Pym's resources to create her own Wasp suit, adopting the last name "Van Dyne" because the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, was the only person who believed in her and inspired her to become a Super Hero.


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